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Since I moved to Houston over a year ago, it has been hard trying to find my true lover. I began to train as a bus operator and meet my trainer. I was a little nervous and hugged me and assured the training would go easier and he would be my side at all times. I got so excited. He agreed to work with me one on one. Later that night he came over to my apartment and showed me exactly what one on one meant. We undressed and he began to kiss me from head to toe then back up to my awaiting hot and wet pussy. The second his tongue touch my clit I screamed. He licked and sucked and my body began to buck and I screamed again. My new lover turned me over and started to lick my ass. No one has ever done that to me. He said, “I love it up the ass and after I finish you will love it too.” I was scared. He licked and sucked my ass hole until I screamed then he lube me and slowly penetrated my ass with his eight inches until I felt his balls touch my pussy. It was a little painful, but felt oh so good. He began to pump slowly at first, but it felt so good, I said faster. He moved faster, than faster. I felt him swell and then explode in my virgin ass. Oh it felt so good. We laid there and rested for a little while and talked about what happened. He told me I was the best ass he’d had in a long time. We began to fondle each other and I sat on his eight inch dick and rode him like a horse. I heard something in the back ground and turn to look and there stood the other trainer holding his dick in his hand and as I was riding my horse below to bend over. I was afraid because I didn’t know what was going to happen. That’s when I felt his dick touch my ass. Wow, that felt so good. One dick in my pussy and another pushing into my asshole. We began to pick up a rythm and oh, it felt so good one in one out. We started going faster and faster. then well all collasped. Both my trainers got up and left to go home to there wives.

If you know of anyone that wants a good fuck, come see me anythime day or night. I live in Houston on corporate in bellaire in the rubicon apartments #924

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