Boy with blue jeans and boots

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My dad had friends over from work. As I sat at the dinner table I couldn’t take my eyes off this younger man from my dad’s company. He looked great in his blue jean overalls and dark brown work boots. He was covered in mud and all I could think about is how badly I wanted to roll around in the mud with him. . . Naked. Eventually, dinner ended and the flirtly looks were no longer one-sided. We then started to talk and our conversation lasted the majority of the night. I then suggested that he come up to my room to check out my new shotgun. As he walked into my room I closed and locked the door. We went at eachother right away, we couldn’t worry about the other hearing us because we were so engrossed with eachother. Eventually he bent me over my bed and started doing me from behind. If felt great at first, but as he pounded harder I convince myself that I was no longer turned on. Then I turned around and told him that I wasn’t turned on anymore. He then pulled up his pants and walked out. From that moment on I knew for a fact that I wasn’t gay.

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