BoyNextDoor The Incredible Week Day One


BoyNextDoor : Day One Of The Incredible Week :

I am BoyNextDoor my name is Rob. I’m here to share my incredible story with you, so I’m going to tell you about the first days of the first week that changed my life forever.

I’m white twenty years old, I have blue eyes blonde hair, and I’m slim and weigh just twelve stone. I have a slightly muscular build but at six foot I am really quite slim.

Today is the first day of my incredible week

Getting away from my girlfriend driving my car around I decide to sit in gay car park hoping for guys to pull up next to me, flick there lights to show they was interested and follow them into the most darkest places, so I could suck there juicy cock before they bent me over to fuck my ass hard or that was just what I was hoping for.
So today I got lucky whilst sitting in my red ford fiesta. I pulled up at Dover docks car park sitting enjoying the view when a car pulled up next to me, The guy parked up next to me flashed his car lights and my heart started to race thumping in my chest, this was the first time I had done this, I didn’t know what to expect. Could it be someone that would just laugh at me? Could it be a younger guy with his mates ready to beat up a queer? Looking closer into the interior of the car I could see the guy was about fifty slim with grey hair, looking I presumed I was stronger than him so I let my guard down to find out where this meeting was going.

The guy got out of his Orion walked round and strolled towards my window; I rolled it down so to initiate conversation. ‘You looking for a bit of fun?’ the man asked. Immediately my heart jumped and skipped a beat, my cock although still limp started buzzing to his words.
‘Yes I sure am’ I replied with confidence but inside my body felt buzzing with fire and my cock growing to a semi at his question, but seeing as I have never taken this approach to meet people before, I felt a nervous wreck.
‘Follow me and we will go back to my place’. With that the guy turned around headed back to his car, jumped in the driver seat, then drove in front to lead the way with me driving close behind.

Soon after following this guy for half a mile his car stopped at a car park in a apartment building, I parked next to him and readily jumped out, in my thoughts I was wishing for a good fucking and to suck a long hard cock in my mouth deep and hard. I parked and jumped out so did he. ‘ follow me’ the guy didn’t seem to want to say many words but I felt fine, my heart was thumping, my cock had such an electric buzz it made me feel like it was the first time I discovered my own erection all over again.

I didn’t say anything as I joined this guy into a lift, he didn’t say anything either, looking down I saw a bulge in his pants and had a sneaky proud thought to myself that this guy must think he pulled good tonight as I was skinny muscular, handsome blue eyed blonde fit guy, so I reckoned he was in for a treat and I was going to give it to him.

The lift took us up eight floors on exiting he said ‘after you’ leading the way with a gesture of his hand. I took a step out of the lift first, suddenly a firm hand gripped my right buttock, he squeezed my right ass cheek tight and I felt an electric bolt rip all the way through my body, In my mind I was picturing me dropping to my knee’s unzipping his semi-hard cock to put in my mouth, but patience and sense made me walk onwards. As we exited the lift, the guy put his arm round my waist and pushed slightly forward to indicate which way so my body moved the direction he was hinting, heart pounding every step, going down a hallway which seemed forever, he took his arm away, drew keys out of his pocket ‘ here we are’.

I followed him into his flat, darting my eyes about to try to find his bedroom ,as, by now my cock was ready to jump out my pants, heart beating out loud. ‘Sit here’, the guy had lead me to his bedroom and asked me to sit on the edge of his bed. ‘One moment I will be right back, make yourself comfortable’. Looking around into his magnolia colored bedroom I noticed a fantastic sea view, he had porch doors In his bedroom leading to a balcony, it was magnificent views, but I had no time for that my heart was thumping so I got myself comfortable, I ripped my trousers and boxers straight off and threw them to the floor, pulled my shirt over my head and then layed on his bed naked.
‘ Why aren’t you keen’ the guy replied when he walked into the room, my thoughts had been racing thinking about his cock and what I wanted him to do to me, I took no time to rip of my clothes and wasn’t going to waste time with his. I immediately grabbed for his fly button undoing it, zipping him down and pulling his jeans to his ankles, I didn’t want to rush but my body was buzzing so much, my cock twinging and my mouth eagerly awaiting. I couldn’t help myself. Pushing my fingers through the black slip of his boxers I pulled out his semi hard cock, already it was six inches at least and very fat, that’s why I liked older men as there cock’s are often a lot bigger, as soon as I had his cock out of his boxers I enveloped it all semi hard into my mouth, the taste excited me as I took in a bit of pre-cum that tickled out, gulping that down whilst thrusting my mouth forwards and slowly backwards enjoying every inch of his tasty thick cock licking up the pre-cum, I especially liked it being semi, enjoying every moment whilst his semi cock was growing hard in my mouth.

Placing one hand on his balls I flicked my tongue around his japs-eye whilst sucking up and down his soft shaft, ‘hmmm suck my cock you little bastard’ he said, I could feel my own cock react to him calling me names whilst fucking my mouth, he took both of his hands placed them around the back of my head and pulled on my hair, his cock fully swollen and erect. ‘Take this big fat daddy cock’, my mouth fully accepting his whole eight inches, he pushed it deep into my throat until I gagged, even when I gagged he pushed it in further. ‘Dirty little bitch – you like a good face fucking deep throat don’t you’. I just nodded and carry on sucking , taking my new masters humiliating comments whilst I stroked his balls.

Pulling his big eight inch cock out of my throat, he thrust me onto my back on his bed. ‘Have you ever taken it up the ass before?’ he asked whilst wanking my hard erect nine inch cock. ‘No’ I lied hoping to make him more excited. He took his mouth over my cock and started sucking it, I felt alive with a massive pounding erection, his hands uncapping the lid to a tube of lube, the heat from his mouth around my cock felt fantastic and all I could think of was his saying’ who’s the daddy’ whilst he fucked my ass, I was hot horny and without noticing my hips were starting to make a bucking motion.

Taking his mouth away from my hard pre-Cumming cock for a second ‘ You want my hard cock in your arse?’ he asked whilst putting lube on his finger, I look at him smiled and nodded, I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted more. Slipping a lubed up finger into my eagerly awaiting asshole he pushed it in as far as it would go, making a circular motion he added a second finger’ hmm your nice and tight you little bastard, im going to fuck this juicy little ass of yours’. At this point my cock head was swollen hard I was so excited I didn’t know what to do with myself; the feeling of having his finger up my tight asshole was making my waist buck up and down.

‘I want to be safe though put a condom on’, I managed to say to him through my drawl. ‘Ok, get on all fours I’m going to fuck your sweet tight ass – nice and hard’. I got onto a doggy position in the middle of his bed; felt him getting closer holding onto each side of my waist from behind. The warm feeling of his hands was soon matched by a warm feeling at my asshole; I felt the round shape of his helmet pushing against me, pinching at my rectum. He pushed forward slowly at first, the warm protruding feeling at my ass felt nice but as soon as he pushed in a little further a serge of pain wisped up my spine, determined to take whatever he gave I put my face into the pillow and took a bite.

‘Your ass is so fucking tight’ his bell-end had pushed right into and up deep into my asshole, I felt split in half, pain was searing but so was pleasure. ‘ I’m your fucking daddy now’ he said at the same time as pushing slightly harder, I felt his knob and shaft pushing in my ass filling me up through past my rectum deeper into my bum hole, ‘ You dirty little barstard’ pushing even harder into me, deeper and deeper his cock penetrated me- his swollen hard cock in me felt great, him holding my waist with both of his hands pushing his cock up my ass as far as it would go, I felt my ass tear, his shaft pushing all the way into me. I felt ecstatic when I felt his hips pressed into my bum checks, and his balls slapping against mine, ; he was all the way deep inside me. He kissed my back and in a slow motion pulled out three quarters of his dick length then back in fully till his hips hit my checks and his balls slaped against mine, it felt fucking wonderful , pleasure and pain seared through me as I was bent over on all fours in doggy style, he was fucking deep into my ass. Thrusting back and forth deep in me, I felt the skin of my asshole being pulled out then pushed in with the shaft of his cock as he rammed in and out again and again whilst he held on tight to my waist. I was his dirty little bitch now and I loved it. He leant over me pushing his cock deeper in me then bite into my neck and pushed his cock in me extra hard ‘you little cunt, your ass is so tight’, I loved the feeling of my ass being abused whilst I was verbally humiliated. Fucking, humping, thrusting back and forth into me for over twenty pillow biting minutes. Pulling my hair holding my waist I felt every inch of his cock penetrate me deeply, I loved being buggered by him and wanted more and more, thrusting really fast in and out of me he declared ‘I’m going to shoot my load right into your sweet little ass’, this made me incredibly horny I knew I didn’t have to worry at that point because he was wearing a condom. Fucking me as hard and as fast as he could pumping my ass deeper every second ‘you little cunt, you little bastard you going to take all my cum’ he shouted at me whilst thrusting his tremendous cock pounding my tiny hole.

‘ Arghhh’ he screamed whilst shuddering deep in my ass ‘ I’m coming’, biting my pillow loving the fact he was coming I came also underneath myself as I wanked off to the same timing as he was fucking, suddenly I felt my ass heat up, I felt a warmness filling my ass deep as he was thrusting and fucking me forwards. ‘Shit – your coming in me’ I managed to say as soon as I took my mouth off the pillow. ‘You love it’ he thrust himself again forward as I felt another shoot of hot juice spill deep into my ass. He shuddered again vibrating his cock in my ass with one last shoot of cum straight up me. He hadn’t been wearing the condom at all, thoughts raced through my brain but on feeling his hot sperm juice up me I couldn’t help but be happy and horny that he never bothered with the condom, I did for a moment think to call him a bastard, but, that thought slid away, now I was his horny little bitch.

He pulled out suddenly which made a bit of cum drip out my ass onto the bed sheets. ‘I’m going to wash myself up’. Still in a doggy position I felt the warmth of his load up my tight little asshole, I loved it, I felt whole and happy, he totally used and abused me just like I wanted and it was great. Whilst he was out of the room, I got my clothes on and left the apartment without saying a word to him, I got back into my car drove home. ‘Where have you been’ my girlfriend asked at the front door when I arrived home. ‘ Out’ I said , got undressed and straight into bed, as I lay on my back I felt a hot trickle coming out of my rectum and just smiled, that dirty bastard didn’t even wear a condom he just came up me, I grinned, I didn’t really mind and on that happy thought I feel asleep.

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