Brandi was a 22 year old college student. She had long blonde curls and a skinny waist, and she had soft juicy DD cup breasts. One day she was walking home from a Halloween-themed club. She was wearing a tiny black dress that barley covered her perfect ass and made her tits almost pop out, showing a tiny bit of her nipples. She also wore a cat tail, cat ears, black high heels, a collar and long black fishnet stockings with a garter belt attaching them to her tight red thong.
As she was walking back she realized the attention she was getting from men who passed. They shouted things to her and one man slapped her ass hard. She whimpered. She began walking fast because she just wanted to get home to her boyfriend. As she approached a street corner she panicked because she knew she was in a rough area. She stopped and tried her cell phone for signal. A man in a fancy black car pulled up next to her and opened the window.
‘Come here’ he said in a stern voice.
She walked over and bent over leaning into his car.
‘How much?’ He asked her.
‘Oh no, you’ve got it all wrong i’m not a-‘
‘How much!?’ he shouted, interrupting her.
‘I don’t have time for this’ She said walking away.
He got out of his car and began walking after her. She tried to run but her high heels were stopping her and he soon caught up.
‘Do you want my money or not?’ He shouted grabbing her arm roughly.
‘I’m not a prostitute let go of me!’ She shouted back and tried to wriggle away.
He spun her round and slammed her face against the wall.
‘If you don’t want to be treated like a whore don’t dress like one’ he said.
She felt something on her wrists and then realized he was tying them together behind her back.
‘No please, stop’ she begged.
He laughed loudly then dragged her to his car.
He shoved her into the back and then put tape over her mouth.
She was squealing and moaning but he paid no attention and drove away quickly.
They pulled up out side a small abandoned house. He dragged her inside and threw her to the dirty ground. A tall dark figure was stood in front of her.
‘How much was this one?’ He asked.
‘Nothing’ The kidnapper replied.
The figure then lifted her to her knees and examined her.
‘Good’ he said ‘take her to the dungeon, she will have to be done tonight.
The kidnapper dragged her down a set of dark stairs.
She then looked around and saw three different girls all being whipped and they were chained to the wall, some by their ankles while laying on their backs, while some on their fronts with their ass high in the air exposed. A man soon rushed over and grabbed Brandi away from the kidnapper and threw her is a dusty cell in the corner. He locked it and walked away.
She waited for an hour or two watching the other girls being forced to suck on each others breasts and bite each other.
A man then returned and took her to a damp dirty room where she was alone and removed the tape from her mouth. He then chained her loosely to the wall by her ankles, but their was enough room so that she could walk around. He rammed his hand down her dress and pulled out one of her breasts. He bit the nipple hard and she whimpered and moaned loudly. He laughed at her and squeezed it. Then he put it back in her dress.
‘You’re going to have to earn the private room, slut’ he said.
He then left and shortly after another man apeard. He used a knife to rip of her dress.
‘Stop please!’ she begged.
He laughed and spat in her face.
‘You worthless slut, you’re going to pay for being a dirty whore’ He said then slapped her ass hard.
He then pushed her to the ground and layed her on her back and began tugging on her breasts. Then he pulled out two clamps and put them straight onto her nipples and pulled them hard. She moaned loudly and tried to free herself. He then hand-cuffed her hands behind her back. She was moaning with pain for a few minutes. He then took away her shoes and stockings leaving her just in her tight thong. He forced her over onto her knees, with her ass in the air and her face pressed against the dirty floor. He hit her ass repeatedly with a whip while she moaned and screamed with pain. He then did the same to her already sore nipples. When he took the clamps of her nipples they were very hard and erect.
‘You make me sick you whore’ He said then he took as much of her breast in his mouth while her squeezed the other hard. She moaned in an arousing way and felt ashamed as her pussy became wet from the sensation of his wet tongue rubbing all over her tit and sucking on her nipple. He slavered all over her tit like a dog and then done the same to the other one. He tits were shiny and wet and slippy. He decided that slaver wasn’t enough. He was naked and hard, and held her breasts over his hard erection and began to hump her tits. She moaned and became wetter. He eventually came all over her big sloppy breasts and then he un-cuffed her hands and ordered her to rub it in. She did what she was told and rubbed the cum all over her breasts, loosing grip a few times because they were so wet. He then bit her nipple hard and pulled it with his teeth. He did the same to her other and she begged him for more.
‘You love it don’t you, you filthy skank, i’m going to hurt you’
He slapped her ass repeatedly and slipped of her soaked panties. He then lightly whipped her dripping vagina. She then came to her senses and begged him to stop.
‘Please sto- Ohhhh yeah’ He clit was throbbing.
‘No more please stop’ She said.
He slapped her across the ass hard again.
‘Tell me you want it slut! Tell me you need to be fucked by your hard master!’ He shouted.
‘Oh master fuck me, please fuck me’
‘Beg!’ he shouted
‘Please master let me take your hard dick please let me feel you inside me!’
He then shoved his hard dick into her tight ass hole. She screamed with pain.
‘Tell me you love it!’
‘I love it please more’
He humped her hard. She began to cry from shame, and pain.
As he humped her his balls slapped against her clit and she moaned, become wetter again. It became less painful and she began to moan, this time from pleasure. He fucked her harder and harder until he spilled his hot cum inside of her.
He then shoved his dick down her throat and she choked. She began sucking and gagging and choking. As she tried to suck him, another man entered.
‘She has been bad and needs a hard fuck in her tight pussy’ The man said to the other man who had just entered. He immediately walked over to her and pinched her nipples a little. She moaned as he entered her dripping wet pussy and began to hump her. As she went backwards she got the mans dick deeper into her pussy and as she went forward she got the previous masters dick deeper into her throat and she began to love it. She came many times and began to get tired and achy. Her master then came all over her face and tits, while the other man filled her pussy with his hot spunk.
After the fuck she was chained up by her hands as well as her ankles and left on the dirty floor with mud stains all over her naked body and dry cum all over her huge tits, her face, her legs, her pussy and her ass.

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