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Red red wine…

Friday night fun

You shouldn’t have made me do it. I put on my fav black dress as you asked and went downtown but could not see anyone I knew. The old guy was not at his usual place so I walked around for a bit feeling so naughty for not wearing any knickers then after about half an hour I saw him in a doorway all balled up like an old sack of clothing, God! I my insides started tingling I stopped myself and was about to go back home and thought ‘Oh! what the fuck’ my legs were trembling and I started to get wet down there, I could feel the dampness I move closer to the bundle.

Standing next to him and he looked up at me for a while, then he must have remembered me because he started to grin and said ‘hi pretty girly I remember you, you’re the one who took my photo and you let me feel your little titties aren’t you’ I said ‘yes, how are you tonight.’ He said ‘oh! you know, what are you doing here, are you looking for another feel hun’ he was so crude about it. At that moment a younger couple went past us and I said in a whisper ‘can I touch your cock, I told a friend I would.’ His face light up and he said ‘sure hun, but first I want to see those little titties of yours.’ I said ‘gosh, no we’re in the main street’ he replied with a smirk on his wrinkled face ‘well then you ant touching my dick’ I replied ‘ok but just a look’ at this he grinned, god! his teeth were bad and he smelled of cheap wine. I slipped the shoulders down on my dress and showed him my tits and he made a grab for them and I stepped back and said ‘your turn’ at that he opened the front of his pants and let his cock fall out it was so big but soft and it looked dirty it must have been eight inches soft. I stepped forward and he put his two dirty hands on my tits and then pincher my nipple with his finger, his nails were so dirty and broken then using the nail he pinched until it hurt, the pain felt like sharp needles being shoved into them but god, it felt so good.

I let out a loud whimper then from nowhere I said ‘oh god! that cock of yours is big’ he grinned and said ‘come over here and pull on it and it will get bigger.’ Well, I just couldn’t contain myself I took a step closer and held it in my hand, just then it started to get hard. Oh fuck! I wanted to get down on my knees blow him but just couldn’t do it. Then he shoved his hand up my dress and felt my naked pussy, I was so wet I almost fell over and steeped aside opening my legs for him. The next thing I felt was him shoving his finger up into me, then I felt a second finger push in they were rough and he started shoved them in and out about six times until I pulled back. It was at that moment I noticed a couple on the other side of the street looking at me and what I was doing, I felt like running and as I turned to look at the old guy again he was sticking his dirty fingers in his mouth and sucking on them.

I said ‘I have to go’ and in reply he said ‘what’s the rush hon! let me see your cunt and ass I want to stick my tongue in there.’ I went all wobbly at the knees and lifted my dress up to my waist and turned around facing away from him. I felt his dirty hands on my bum spreading my ass cheeks and his breathe on my ass, his drooling mouth on me then I felt him lick my cunt lips, then my ass hole. He continued doing this for what seemed like forever I was going to cum. I stepped forward I pulled down my dress running down the street. I left him sitting there with his semi-hard dick sticking out for passerby’s to see.

Saturday night I logged of the Internet chat room, I was so wet and horny from talking to you on-line I just had to go out and find him again. the first thing I did was pour a large glass of red wine and drank it down and about three gulps, then I poured another drinking it while I got ready. I put on my white lace top, if your close enough it’s see through, next I slipped into my light blue silk mini skirt, and as usual no bra and no panties. I did my make-up and grabbed my bag as I headed out the door. It was a bit colder tonight and my nipples went hard as the cold air hit them. I turned down the road toward Main Street it was still quiet for a Saturday night but then it was only seven o’clock and still light out things would pick up in an hour or so.

As I headed up towards the gardens I noticed him sitting on one of the park benches with a bottle of wine by his side. There were a few other younger looking guys hanging around, they all looked like they had not seen a bath in years so I headed across the street and want in to a store to duck out of their way, I did not want any of them coming near me. I bought a pack of gum, comming out of the shop I cut around the corner and walked down towards the lower side of the Uptown crossing the road I cut across the market and back up the garden from the other end of the park. I could see the other guys walking off in the opposite direction from me and thought good I’ll try now. As I came up the path I could see him look my way and that sickly grin showing on his face, displaying his black and missing teeth. As I came level and he ‘said hi hon! you want a drink! sit here and have a drink with me.’ I looked around and did not see anyone so, I sat to his left side and he picked up his bottle and took a drink and then he handed me. I took it from him and thought what the heck! I need this to do what I’m about to do, and took a large swallow and handed it back to him. God! it tasted like vinegar it must have been cooking wine or something.

He leaned over and said ‘do you want to suck my cock little girl.’ I said ‘no way you pervert!’ and he laughed, ‘do you want to play with it then.’  I said ‘sure but we need to meet somewhere, not here.’ He said ‘where do you want to go then’ and I replied ‘let’s meet in the alley behind the market in half an hour’ and made a moved to get up and he said ‘do you have your knickers on’ then he put his dirty hand on my skirt hem and lifted it. I moved closer so he could see that I did not and he said ‘good girl give me a feel of your tight little cunt.’ I again looked around and seeing no one opened my legs slightly and let him put his finger into me. Oh! Christ, this felt relay good, here I was standing in the middle of the Uptown garden with a dirty old man finger in my cunt. He started to shove his finger in and out and I stepped back saying ‘not here later, when we meet.’ Then stepped back and walked away he was grinning like you would not believe.

I did not know what to do, my mouth tasted disgusting from the cheap wine and I was wet from his fingering me I walked across the road and past a pub where I could see the guys he was talking to hanging around outside begging from passersby. I walked around for the next thirty minutes then headed up the street to the ally at the back of the market. I thought to myself, ‘is this a good idea.’ Then I thought of about the size of his dick from the other night and what you had said. Talking loudly to myself I said ‘go for it gal, you only live once.’ I took a deep breath and turned into the ally. There he was sitting drinking the last of his cheap wine grinning. As I got up closer to him he opened the front of his coat and started to untie the rope holding his pants in place then, he half stood and pulled down his zip and then his pants as far as his dirty knees. I just stood there, looked at him, his bug semi-hard dick. His balls were like wrinkled a sack with golf balls in it. Reaching down he started to pull the skin back on this dick and said ‘come over and do this for me and let me feel that wet cunt of yours.’ I stepped forward and took his cock in my hand and started to slide the skin back and forth, he just shoved his hand under my skirt and then roughly shoved two of his fingers into my cunt. He told me to get down on my knees and suck his dick, I said ‘no way’ he said ‘then what do you want’ I said I wanted him to lick me again and he said only if I removed my top so he could squeeze my tits while he licked me.

I asked him for a drink and he lifted up the bottle taking a long swallow and then he spat a mouthful back into the bottle and handed it to me. I drank what was left in the bottle throwing it down I started to lift my white top. He said ‘take it right off and give me it’ I did as he said and he wiped his mouth with it then threw it down in the dirt. At that he told me to turn around and he moved behind me again pushing me over into a bending position, I could feel his hands on my bum pulling the cheeks apart I felt his whiskers on my ass and then his tongue slide into me, oh! it felt good, then he grabbed my right tit and pinched the nipple relay hard as he licked me. I felt like I was going to cum right there and then, he stopped and removed his head. Still pinching my tit he moved me to the side and I then felt him shove his thumb into my ass hole and then his long finger into my cunt, as he moved them in and out I thought how good this felt. He said ‘pull my cock little girl and do it now’ as I lifted my hand I noticed he was hard now he must have been twelve inches long and four inches around, he was like a long fucking Red Bull can. I grabbed his dick and started working the skin back and forth as fast as I could. Then, I felt his fingers come out of me then I felt the whack on my bum. God! it hurt, but in a good way.

I screamed ‘no don’t’ he pinched harder on my tit  he said ‘keep pulling on my dick girl I want to cum on you.’ Backing me up to the wall  he grabbed me be the hair and said ‘open your mouth little girl and let my dick go you going to suck me now open that mouth and dont bite.’ There was nothing I could do, he was pulling my hair and pinching my nipple so hard I just let his dick go as he moved in front of me and shoved his dick into my mouth. He began pushing it in and out and with each push he want a little deeper and I began to gag and back up form him I was being spread wider and wider. I could feel his cock go down my throat and before I knew it I was holding his ass, his balls slapped against my chin, then I felt him stiffen he was shooting his cum down my throat. He was coming in globs and it was so bitter and salty I could not take all of it and it began dribbling out of my mouth. He let my hair go and pulled his now shriveling cock from me. He tool a step back and said ‘next time I’m going to fuck you girl and don’t worry there will be a next time, your my slut girl now.’

My makeup was running down my face from my tears and he picked up my top and wiped his dick on it and said ‘put it on girl.’ As I slipped it over my head I could see the white lace top was all stained with cheap wine, dirt and cum. I pulled my skirt down my cunt was hurting and felt like it was wide open. He said ‘I want you back here tomorrow, this time wear a dress and nothing on underneath you hear.’ With my head bowed I said ‘yes’ at that he replied, ‘and bring me a bottle to replace the wine you drank, now go before I make you bend over and I fuck that open cunt of yours.’

Sunday afternoon I was thinking what the hell am I doing here I am, eighteen, no boyfriend, dressing up and putting on makeup to go meet an old homeless wino, what is wrong with me. Then I looked over at my green summer cotton dress I had laid out on the bed and thought I hope he likes it I just bought it today, just for him. I remembered he said not to wear anything on underneath and I thought ‘I wonder if people can see through it when the light is behind me.’ It was still only two o’clock and he said tonight but he did not say what time, I will have to find him and ask him. I did as he told me and got him his bottle of that cheap wine the guy in the store looked at me funny when I went to the cash with two of the liter bottles of the cheapest wine in the store.

I unclipped my bra and pulled down my panties and stepped out of them standing in front of the mirror nude I looked at my body and slipped my finger between my legs to feel my newly shaved mound a tingle went all through my body. I turned and lifted the dress pulling it over my head, turning again to face the mirror I could see my nipples standing as hard as I have ever seen them they were aching, I remembered him pulling and pinching them till the hurt, god! I hope he does it to me tonight I thought.

I picked up the bottle of wine as I walked out the door ‘just on the off chance that we meet’ I thought, but in reality hopping we would. As went up Main Street to the gardens as I entered from the west end gate I could see him laying across the bench begging to passersby for some change. I walked up to him and stood with the sun at my back he looked at me squinting his eyes and then realizing who it was he said, ‘hi hon do you have any money I can borrow,’ I handed him the bottle of wine and some cash he said ‘thanks you look nice today little girl come here till I give you a hug.’ I replied ‘no way’ and turned to leave and heard him say ‘thanks hun, and that’s a real pretty dress your wearing be sure to wear it at seven o’clock tonight, same place you hear.’ I smiled and walked off down the street then home to take off the dress so it would stay nice for tonight. I slipped on my leggings and t-shier and headed up town I knew people could see the shape of my cunt and my bum from behind when wearing the leggings. Leggings are like that, but it was fun watching the older guys trying to sneak a look at me and the old women looking away as if they didn’t like the show. Yea! right.

Around five thirty I went back to my place to get ready and grab something to eat. As I picked on the salad I made, I poured a large glass of the cheap wine from the second bottle and took a drink yuk! it was just as bad as the other night but not having eaten anything made it even more revolting but it did make my head swim a bit so I picked up the glass and finished it in one gulp, then poured another full one and quickly downed it. god it still tasted bad but it had a kick to it and now my head was now in a spin. It was six fifteen I stripped and sat down to fix my hair and poured another glass of the cheep stuff I thought I’d better watch or I’ll be pissed. I pulled my new green dress over my head and straightened it with my hands and drank the third glass of the stuff as I headed out the door I was feeling no pain.

I walked down to the market and around the back this time I knew what I was doing and what to expect. Sure enough, there he was with the bottle in his hand and a shit eating grin on his face. I walked up to him knowing the light was behind me and he said ‘my do you look nice little girl, turn around and let me see you.’ As I did this he said ‘good girl here have a drink’ I said, ‘no thank you’ but he replied, ‘I said have a drink girl.’ I took the bottle and drank a mouthful. Wow! that stuff was strong, at that he lifted himself up and dropped his pants I think he must have been playing with himself as his dick was semi-hard already. Then he said, ‘take that pretty dress off I want to see all of you.’ As I unzipped the back and removed it he said ‘give it to me girl.’ I handed him the dress he said, ‘now turn around so I can see all of you hon! and do it nice and slow.’ Turning, I could see him lick his lips and pull on his cock, then he told me to come closer and open those nice legs. As I did, he said, ‘good girl now pull apart your pussy lips I want to see your clit.’

Oh fuck! here I was standing in a back alley naked and showing my cunt to an old wino and I didn’t even know his name. He said, ‘shove two fingers pretty little fingers in your cunt and play with yourself until I tell you to stop.’ I did as he told me I don’t know if it was the cheap wine of the need for his attention or the need to degrade myself like this but is sure was good, for once in a long time I felt needed by someone and this old bugger would do. The night continued very much like the one previous until about thirty minutes later and two of his buddies from the park the other day came into the ally, I am sure he had this all planed. What happened next is for another story.

I’m 19 and love to write about my fantasies and the things I get up to. I have really just started writing and hope someday to publish a book. At this time am not sure what it will be about but I think it would be a fun thing to do. I hope you like my stories and drop me a e-mail if you want. I think it would be cool to hear from anyone who reads my stories.

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