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It’s mid afternoon, Saturday night and Hugh was dog tired after a long day at work, so he decided to take a nap, before going anywhere. As soon as he lies down, the doorbell rings. He answers the door and it’s Gary with his girlfriend, Fiona, and some other unknown girl. “Hubie, what’s up, man, can we come in?” Gary asks. “Come on in, I’m tired as hell right now though. I’m not really up for anything too wild tonight.” “That’s cool” said Fiona. As soon as everyone is in, Hugh asks “So who’s this?” nodding to the stranger. “Oh, uh Eve, this is Hugh, Hugh- Eve.” Eve has a look on her face like she’s just bored out of her skull and has a lit cigarette dangling from her mouth. This girl was hot, too. She looked to be Latin with long, black, silky hair, full lips, exotic eyes, perfect skin, and some huge tits for being all-natural. She shook Hugh’s hand almost with a look that said “That’s nice, whatever” and asked if he had anything to drink. This girl was already getting on his nerves and he had hardly even spoke to her yet. “You like Ice House?” Hugh said. “Whatever” she replied. “By the way, no smoking inside, either put it out or go out onto the porch out back.” She rolls her eyes. “Fine.” She heads outside by herself. “Don’t pay her any attention, she’s just like that sometimes.” said Gary. “Ya’ll want any?” Hugh asks as he heads to the fridge.

“Nah, but we need to ask you a favor.” Gary said. “We wanted to drop Eve here off long enough to grab some smoke. We don’t want her to know about it. Is it cool, man?” “Where am I supposed to tell her you went?” Hugh asks. “Just say we forgot to grab something at the store and we’ll be right back.” said Gary. “How long do you think the two of you will be?” “Not too long. Look, we’d owe you for this big time, man.” “Alright, no problem.” So they get to going on their way. Hugh walks out to the porch to give Eve her drink and when he tell her that her friends left, she puts out the cigarette, moves face-to-face with him and asks “So, how do you want to kill time?” “Girl, you need to take a cold shower.” He was tempted, but he was weary of women, period after his last relationship. Hugh headed back inside with Eve following him. “Look, I need a place to stay for a few nights. My boyfriend just booted me out, are you sure we couldn’t come to some arrangement?” She curls her finger circling toyingly with hic chest. “Damn”, Hugh thought, “This girl is nothing but a spoiled brat. She’s probably used to using her looks to get anything she wants from men. She doesn’t want me, just to use me for a place to stay for the night.” He pulls away from her. “Look, I’m fixing a TV dinner, do you want something to eat?” “You know what I want to eat.” she smiles. After a few minutes, Eve gets irritated at being ignored goes into the living room to look around.

Hugh sits down to watch the boob tube while he eats and after a short time, Eve said “I think I will grab something to eat.” It’s been a little bit of time when he figures out that his friends are probably not coming back. He went in the kitchen to confront Eve and had taken off her pants and top. She was only wearing her bra and sucking a banana like she would a dick, as her huge tits were squeezed out over the top of her bra. Damn, her tits were even bigger than he imagined. “Eve, what the hell are you doing?” he half yells. “You do realize that they won’t be back right? I just thought I’d try to make myself at home. Come on, I know it’s been a while.” As she sucks on the banana with those slutty, full lips and rubs her own crotch staring at his, he can no longer hold back. Hugh walks up to her and starts to unzip her pants. Eve throws the banana to the ground and gets to her knees. She grabs a hold of his pants and pulls him to her. In a flash, she has his hard cock out and is slobbering all over it and sucking hard. He hadn’t realized her pierced tongue until now. And, fuck, could she could use it! He was in heaven as she kept sucking with her stud rubbing against his veiny shaft, making the experience that much better. And making him even more insane was the fact that she kept talking between sucking.

She would pull off of him with a wet, salival, smacking sound every time. She was just toying with Hugh, but he loved it every bit. “*smack* So…*schlup schlup schlup*…*smack* how was work? *schlup schlup schlup schlup* ..” “Long and hard” he replied jokingly. “*smack* Mmmm… just how I like it” Eve cooed. She then looks up, smiling, and says “Mind if I smoke?” as she kept rubbing up and down his massive erection, slowly. She grabbed for her cigarettes in her pants and lit one, holding it in her mouth. She then exhaled as she went down on him once again, with the smoke curling out of her nostrils and the edges of her mouth around his rock hard member. “*smack* You about ready to cum…*schlup schlup schlup*..*smack* I want your hot fuck.” Eve mouthed. She took a drag and exhaled once again. Hugh stopped in time, as he realized as he realized she was trying to get him to cum before he actually fucked her. Now, Hugh was determined to rid her of that smug, cocky smile if it killed him. He grabbed her as she dropped her cigarette, and instead of returning the favor, slung her over his shoulder. Hugh stomped into his bedroom and slammed her down hard onto his mattress.

She backed up temporarily and he grabbed her ankles, pulling her hips to his hard. He entered her hard and fast, making her cry out. “Wait a minute…OH!” she screamed. He was pumping her as hard as his muscular legs and hips would allow. He picks her up, still going at it as she wrapped her legs around his back. She cums almost immediately, but he isn’t about to stop. He slams her hot body against a wall, nailing her rough with every shot. “OOOoohh goodd, yeeahhh!” He continues to the living room where he drops her writhing body onto the couch as they kick everything on the inn table over. *slam slam slam!* “Fuck!” Eve yelled as she grabbed the cushions, almost tearing them. He grabbed her thighs and leaned in heavily, pounding as hard as he could with each thrust. He then moves her to the floor, upside down, with only her shoulder blades and head touching the floor. “Oh-oh-Ow!-uh-uh!” After another minute, he cums hard, filling her up as she smiles and cums a second time. Hugh thinks to himself “She probably expects me to be done. She was just using me for a place to stay. But, I’m still hard and I’m gonna make this slut pay her rent hard.” He slipped out for a second, but as she got up and bent over for a second, he grabbed her from behind and slammed hard back into her juicy snatch from behind, grabbing her waist and pushing her back down onto the couch as he ground her like a machine. “God, you’re a damn animal!” Eve screamed.

He twisted her nipples hard between his fingers as he bent her hips over an armrest and used the extra leverage to pound her into submission. This was a pure, good ol-fashioned hate fuck. A minute of this and she has a third orgasm. He then got up still in her and told her to try to walk to the bedroom while he kept inside her. After moaning and waddling to his bedroom, slightly painfully, Hugh continued his hard assault. Once at the foot of his bed, he pushed her down on her stomach and fell on top, making slapping sounds as he kept stuffing her sore, wet vagina. After her fourth kinda weak orgasm (she was getting worn out), he finally cums again, as his cum pours down Eve’s legs in streams. He finally cums again, as his cum pours down Eve’s legs in streams. Hugh would cum twice more that night, fucking this tramp in more rooms and positions than she could ever have fathomed in one night. After, the third time, she was all cummed out and too tired to even enjoy it. But he made sure to see to it that she earned her night’s rent. Hugh thought “I haven’t had this good of a time in a long time. Funny, though, Eve never came back…..

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