Breakfast Can Wait

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Jack woke when he felt a kiss between his shoulder blades and stayed still while they continued down his spine. After the last one he slowly raised his head. “You’re very affectionate, can’t it wait? I’m still achy.”
“Oh, you are awake.” He got a nip on the bum that made him yelp. “If you want to stay in bed I’ll be bumming you wretched.” They were both still sore and naked from the previous night and Jack wanted to stay in the warm, but James was very insistent and he was sore. He reluctantly fought his way out the sheets.
It was the reaction James expected, but not the one he’d wanted. He stayed in the bed for a couple of minutes, trying to wake up properly before joining him in the kitchen. Jack’s flat was always warmer than his own, and it took nowhere near as long to warm up here than at home.
Jack’s flat was as different from his own as it was possible for two one-bedroomed flats to be and it could take him a couple of tries to get to the kitchen if his mind was still asleep. This morning he was awake enough to get it right first time, grabbing Jack round the waist and biting his neck. He gasped and leaned back into his embrace. “James… I’m busy…” he protested weakly. Sex had always been behind food in Jack’s list of priorities, which was how he’d got so portly, and he was now trying to cook bacon.
“You can top if you’re too sore.” It was certainly a tempting offer and Jack hadn’t topped for a long while. While his mind wanted it his body still wasn’t quite in the mood.
“If you can convince me, I will.” James hadn’t moved from holding his boyfriend but his hands did – one went from his waist to his chest and his other arm held him closer. He nibbled and licked at his neck, pressed his own insistent hard-on into his back while he groped at his chest. His other hand was just begging to hold his lover’s cock and make him come, but that would end the fun far too quickly. That was what he missed about women; they could come multiple times.
“James…” Jack turned off the hob. James let him go and they inched away from it, along the worktop. “I’m holding you to that” he said, twisting to face him. They kissed again and switched places, James bent over the worktop and Jack pressed his hard-on between his boyfriend’s buttocks. He even held him the same way, one arm holding him close but the other went below the waist and rubbed and squeezed his balls.
There was Vaseline just out of his reach and even James had to stretch to reach it, batting it backwards. James twisted his fingers in the jar and moved back a little to make space – after a fortnight or so he didn’t expect James to be ready for buttsex the way he was.
Jack played with his hole first, relaxing him before attempting to penetrate him. James moaned and arched his back, getting another kiss on the neck. “You’re wonderful” Jack told him, sliding one finger into him and waiting for him to get comfortable around it before inserting a second one and slowly working his way up into him, all the way to the base of his fingers. He wanted in so badly, wanted to fill him and cum in him, but he was pretty thick and any partner needed to be ready for him.
“Ready baby?” he asked, kissing him on the shoulder again. James nodded and moaned, waiting to be filled by him. Jack coated himself with the Vaseline, in addition to the residue from his fingers, and eased himself in. “Oh Jack…” James moaned, clinging to the worktop and easily accepting him.
Jack continued playing with him, working his shaft and balls as he thrust ever deeper into him. He’d not been on top for a while and James’ tightness sucked and held him place, even with the generous lubrication. “Jack…” he moaned again, his boyfriend’s other hand holding him by the hip to give him a sturdier base to push into. He’d never been so completely in him before. Fucking over the kitchen worktop was so different to fucking in bed, physically obvious but the different feelings and sensations between and inside them were unimaginable.
Jack came first, leaving claw marks on James’ hip. He didn’t pull out until the other had achieved his own messy completion and he felt it on his hands. James collapsed over the counter and Jack leaned over him, stood on tiptoes and enjoying how his warm body felt. “I love you so much” he eventually said, standing up and kissing him on the back.
“I love you too.” James was still incapable of standing. “Do you think you could finish cooking that breakfast?”

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