Breakfast In Bed-On Your Birthday

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It is dawn, and the cool morning air drifts in through the window. Your clothes and mine are strewn all over the floor, an untidy reminder of the urgency with which me made love the night before. You are wrapped in my arms, snug with your back against me. I awaken before you do, watching you, savouring the sweet perfection of your body next to me. I inhale the light but heady scent of your hair deep within me. Clad in just the wispy red thong that you bought for me, I climb up on the bed and kneel by your side. I pull your panties down to your feet just as you awaken. I toss them aside, smiling almost innocently as I bend down to take your big toe in my lips, sucking on gently as my tongue runs over the tip salaciously. You’re still sleepy, and everything still seems just a little hazy.

I linger for a while; letting you protest, then lick my way up your calf softly. Slowly, my tongue works its way up to lap at your thighs. Pausing there for a moment, I look up at you and smile lovingly. I lean down, parting your thighs and place my mouth close to your wetness, watching you squirm as I gently blow air on your clit. You feel my lips encircling your clit, my tongue running softly over your moist clitoris. You quiver and protest for a moment, then lie back and surrender to the pleasure as it flows through you.

The tip of my tongue makes light and gentle circles over your clit, softly arousing you. Your clit grows firmer, and your moistness becomes wetness. I savour the creamy nectar of your love. I moisten my of my index finger, then slide it gently into your wetness until the fingertip reaches your gspot…

I pause for a moment, smiling and seeing the need in your eyes, and then begin to tongue your clit faster and faster, fingering your g-spot with my fingertip in unison. My other hand moves up your body and catches your nipple, rolling it in time with my caresses. You remain passive, letting me gently awaken your body and mind. Slowly but surely, you respond; your moistness becomes wetness; you put your hand on your mound and pull up gently to allow me to get at your clitoris more readily.

I lick at your clit faster and faster, and you tighten uncontrollably on my finger. Confident that I have your full attention, I thrust myself deeper within you, my finger caressing your g-spot more urgently. I tongue-tease you, holding your clit in place with my lips while my tongue chases it around in my mouth.

You writhe on the bed, tortured by the pleasure that builds within you. Your nipples are hard, your back is arched. Your breath quickens and you know the moment is close. You resist for a while, trying to deny the irresistible. I urge you on, lapping at your clit with wild abandon. You feel me curl my finger inside you, pressing upon your g-spot with just the perfect pressure, exactly right where you like it. You endure for just a while more, until your body submits to the demanding yet gentle tip of my tongue and the small but sure strokes of fingertip upon your g-spot.

You spasm on my finger, screaming as the climax invades your body and mind, my fingers and tongue driving you higher and higher with relentless strokes on your clit.
You gasp, your head tilted back, your hands clutching at the sheets.

You begin to come again as your wetness floods onto my lips and I lap it all into me, swallowing your gift as you come once again. Your thighs press against my cheeks as you clamp your legs together, and you trap my finger inside you, squeezing it hard with your wetness. You find me relentless, for I tongue-torture your clit and finger your g-spot and nipple wickedly. Inundated by pleasure, your whole body resonates as you cry out my name. The climax endures, continuing wildly as your body cries out for respite but your soul demands more as you come, and come, and come one last time.

I move back up the bed, lying behind you and hugging you close to me. I run my fingers through your hair, soothing your long silken curls back into place. I take you in my arms, rubbing your tummy with one hand and caressing your cheek with the other as you close your eyes and surrender to that sleepy feeling. I pull the blanket over us to encapsulate our warmth. You feel my lips on your neck as I kiss you softly and soothe you back into dreamland.

Engulfed by my love, you feel warm, safe and secure. I feel you drift back into a light slumber. And just as you fall asleep, perhaps you heard me whisper “I love you, Happy Birthday”.

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