Bri was my daughters best friend. We knew her since she was 6 yrs old. I watched her grow up with my daughter. She spend many a nite at our
house, and took some trips with our family. Her father was an alcoholic, so it was not unusual for her to come over Fri nite unannounced and spend the weekend while he was getting drunk. It got so common we gave her her own key. We watched them play and listen to them giggle many a niter as they grew up.
This story takes place at my house, Bri’s senior year in school. My wife and daughter went out of town for the weekend to visit her family, her mom’s birthday. I had to work, so I stayed at home. It was a hot Sat. morning, and I stepped out on my deck after I got up,I was naked, as I often sat out there when I was alone.I had shrubs growing all around the deck, so it was sort of secluded. I had a corner lot so no neighbors were behind us. I sat for several minutes, looking and listening to the neighborhood. I laid back on my chair and Begin stroking my cock, thinking about someone at the office. In a few minutes I cam, shot my load on my
stomach, and down to my balls. I got up to go take a shower as I stepped in the house and made my way to the bathroom, Bri stepped out of the bathroom. I stood frozen, I did not know she was in the house. Bri stood looking at me, her face turned red. “I’m sorry Mark”
I am so sorry” Her eyes were on my half hard dick, but I suspect she saw the cum on my stomach too. “when did you come in?” I asked, “I did not hear you”. “Last nite, you were already in bed. Dad came home drunk, and began calling me names, so I left” she explained. “I’m so sorry Mark, I did not mean to embarrasses you” “It’s ok, my fault, I just thought I was alone” I stepped by Bri and stepped in the shower, I was only in for a few minutes, after drying off, I realized I had no robe or cloths. I went out with a towel around me, still had a half hard cock too.
Bri was standing in the kitchen, she offered me a glass of water. I paused, thinking I should get dressed, but walked over to her and took the glass.
“Thanks” I replied. “you ok over this?” “Yes, it was a bit startling but im ok” Bri replied. “Can I tell you something and you wont get upset?” “Sure” I said.
“When my dad gets drunk we walks around naked a lot, and maked rude remarks to me I interupped her and asked “did he try anything with you?” “No, not realy” Just makes remarks accuses me of fucking everyone” Calls me a slut, that is what he was doing last nite, so I left” I’m not a slut Mark, its just he saw me rubbing a boys pants once, so he thinks I fuck around” “Well, you can stay here as long as you want, just as always” I assured her. I was still standing, one hand on my towel, my cock getting harder,and holding the glass in my hand.
Bri walked over and kissed me on the forhead. “Thank you Mark you have always been so good to me, I think of you more as my real dad, and thats a problem for me”
“Thank you Bri, but you dont have to feel bad about that, I can be your dad if you want, sort of.” I replied. I was looking her right in the eyes, I could see she was trying to tell me something. “What is it” I asked. “Well, if your my dad, then I could not, I mean, it would not be” she was funbling for words and her face was getting red again, like when she saw me naked. “just tell me, its ok” I said.
“Well, I have always loved you, the way you care about me, the things you do for me. I know from Karen you and your wife dont always agree on me being here.” Bri leaned over again and kissed me once more, this time on the lips, now Bri has kissed me befor, but this one was different. “Im glad I saw you naked Mark, I always wondered what you would look like. Now I know. Your bigger than my dad” Bri smiled, and looked at the floor. “Bri, I’n not sure if we should be talking about this” Just then Bri stepped forward again, and took my hand holding the towel,and pulled on it. I did not resist her, letting her take the towel. She tossed to to the side, and kissed me long on the lips. I stepped forward and pulled her to me, pressing her boobs against my chest, my cock was rock hard now, and pressed against her hip. Bri reached my cock with her hand and patted it with her fingers, then held it in her hand. “you know what to do with that?” I asked.
“sort of” She replied. I gave Bobby a hand job, only I rubbed his pants, he did not take it out” she was breathing heavy now, blowing out of her nose fast. “That it?” I asked. Bri nodded as we kissed again. “was that sperm on you when you cam in? she asked. I nodded. “A few of the girls we know have had sex and talk obout the amount of sperm their boyfrinds have, don’t worry, Karen is not one of them, she is like me” Suzzy says she likes giving blowjobs, can you teach blow jobs me”
I lowered my head to her chin, and looked at he floor. I thought for a few seconds. “if I do, you cant tell Karen” “I won’t” Bri assured me.
I took her hand and lead her to my bed. I kissed her sofly on her softly and pulled her shirt over her head.
She begain to breath heavy now. I reached around her and unsnapped her bra, she held it for a few seconds, then tossed it from her. I stood staring at her breast.
“Your the first man to see these” she whispered softly.
Her nipples were now getting hard. They were small breast, just bigger than a champane glass firm and nice. I put one hand on a boob,and ran my finger around her nipple, she closed her eyes and her shoulders fell as she relaxed her body. I leand over and kissed each breast one at a time. My tongue circled each nipple and I gently sucked each one, I did this for several minutes. Bri tried to gather her breathing, she was breathing real fast and hard and giving out low moans of pleasure.
“no one ever sucked these befor?” Bri shook her head. “one boy I went out with grabbed them thou, I had my shirt on thou, so it did not feel like this. You make them feel so good” Bri and I kissed for several minutes, my hands were kept on her breast. I slowly began to kiss her body, working my way down to her belly. I unsnaped he pants and began to pull them down. Bri stood still as Pulled her pants and panties to her feet. I leaned back and looked at her pussy. It was trimed but still a lot of hair. She stepped out of her cloths, and I sat her on the bed. I kissed her knees, and worked my way up her thighs. I could smell her pussy now, she was already getting wet.
I spread her legs, and licked her pussy from her ass up to her clit. She gasped, “God” I continued to lick her, poking my tongue inside her. Bri laid back now, and I slid my tonge deep inside her. She began to moan and cry softly. “You want me to stop?” I looked up at her. She shook her head, “no, God no, that feels so good, keep doing it” she screemed and I ate her pussy for a few more minutes, using my tongue and softly kissing her pussy lips. I slid my finger inside her now, she was soaking wet now. Bri let out a loud gasp when my finger entered her. I slid my finger back and forth, fucking her with it, and licking her pussy between strokes. Bri’s body was shaking now, her hips quivering, and I could feel her twat muscles tighten around my finger. I kept this up for a few more minutes. I stood up, and knelt on the bed next to her. I put my finger next to her lips. “Taste your pussy juice” I told her. Bri took my finger in her mouth, sucking on it with ease.
She looked at me with her brown eyes, and smiled. “can I do this to your cock now?”
“A few rules first” I whispered to her. “No teeth, dont take too much at one time, and take your time, this is not a speed contest” Bri nodded. I laid down on my back, and Bri sat up, over my cock. She took it in her hand and lowered her head. “Use your tongue,lick it first” I told her. Bri’s tongue was stimulating on the tip of my cock. A small amount of pre cum was ozzioozing. “Is that cum”? Bri asked. “No, not yet. That is just from stimulation and anticipation” Keep on what your doing” I was breathing heavy now. Bri licked my cock for a few more seco
nds. “Use your lips now, and take the head
in your mouth” I urged her. She put her lips around my cock and sucked gently,she kept her hand stroking my cock.
As she gained a bit of confidence in what she was doing, she began taking more of my cock in her mouth.
“Just a little at a time dear, don’t want to gag on it” I whispered to her. Bri kept on sucking, and took about half of my cock in her mouth now. I wanted to thrust my hips up, ramming my cock in her but I knew she would gag on it. Bri took most of my cock now, and I could feel her gag. She stopped, looked away and made a few retching noises. I sat up with her, and hugged he from the back. “take your time” I told her.
“I can do this” she told me, I was doing so good” Just got over zelouse.”
“lay down Mark” I can do this”
I laid back down, and Bri begain to slowly suck on my dick. She was very careful about he amount of cock she took in this time. I could tell I was ready to cum.
“Bri, Im ready to cum, you can stop and jackme off then go back and suck, or keep sucking, but if you do, I’ll cum in your mouth. Its up to you what you do”
To my supprise, Bri kept my cock in her mouth, and when I told her I was cumming, she paused, I shot my cum in her mouth, she just held my cock to her mouth, and let me cum. I felt her swallow once, then she let go of my cock and began to spit on the bed. I just laid still and rubbed her back. Bri sat up and caughed a few times. “you ok Bri”? I asked. “I never expedted that. Suzzy told us it was fun to swallow sperm.”
“It will get better the next time. Next time, let it cum, then go back and lick it up. You wont have to worry about swallowing it, or gagging.” Bri nodded. “I’ll do that, how soon can we do it again?”
Part two cumming soon.

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