Cabbie Truth or Dare

Part Two…
The night was young and the cabbie was no where near her fill. As she lay looking at the sky light…it was Jasmine’s reflection in the glass that had her attention. She was on her back…Jenna couldn’t take her eyes off that dick…and she finds herself taking the soft head into her mouth. As she sucks it down into her throat she flicks her tongue all around and the response is immediate…the once flaccid shaft is stiff and with each throb grows bigger and harder. It is in deep throat…Jenna swallows causing Jasmine to cry out…
“Oh my God…that feels so fucking good. That’s it suck my dick…swallow it whole.”
As Jenna works her magic she backs out until just the head is held by her lips she begins to flick the underside of the shaft with her tongue and gently tugs on the sack. Jasmine moves her hips thrusting them up off the bed. Jenna swallows then releases letting her teeth faintly touch skin and with that the first stream of cum shoots out hard and as it begins its final journey…another…then another and yet another blast the back of her throat. Jenna can still feel the throbbing even though she milked it dry. She relaxes her throat and pulls away and is surprised that it is still rock hard.
Jasmine’s cock is quick to turn its attention to Jenna’s pussy. She probes with just the head inside…pulling out but still touching the lips. Then again she slips in just the head pumping several times…then eases out…relentlessly teasing. Then as she thrusts with long hard strokes she pops into her cervix and for the first time Jenna has a full vaginal orgasm as Jasmine fills her with more cum.
They collapse into each others arms and as they drift off to sleep Jenna says… “There’s someone I’d like you to meet.”
Ryan has been Jenna’s friend for a long time. When they were much younger they experimented with sex and it was at that time she had realized she was bi and he didn’t understand he was gay. They bonded and have remained close.
Jenna introduces Jasmine to Ryan and they hit it off…like she knew they would. She watched as they grew comfortable with each other. She joked and teased with each and soon they teased each other when she purposely left them alone. She hopes that what she has planned doesn’t backfire…
Jenna walks into the room and Jasmine and Ryan are both laughing as they continue in their conversation.
She takes a deep breath and says…”Truth or Dare!” This gets their attention. Jasmine claps her hands giggling and Ryan laughs as he rolls eyes saying “Come on Jenn…truth or dare?”
She shoots back saying “Chickshit!”
Well thems fighin’ words so Ryan says ” Ok bitch
Jenna lets out a sigh of relief and starts with “I dare you to lick jasmine’s earlobe!” And so for a while they played the game with silly requests til Jenna said “Ryan truth…do you like being fucked in the ass?”
“I couldn’t say I haven’t tried it
…Jenna truth…do you?”
“Oh hell yes…Jasmine truth…do you?”
“Yes I do…Ryan truth…would you like to try?”
Ryan was totally caught off guard and was feeling uncomfortable. But said… “I have thought about it but you ladies aren’t equipped so…”
With that Jenna stood walked over took Jasmine’s hand…and as they moved to stand in front of Ryan…Jenna began undressing Jasmine saying ” Truth is…” and as her fully erect dick bounced up and down in front of his face…Ryan had a wet spot forming on the bulge in his pants. When Jenna reached for his hand he took it as he stood and when he was next to them both he whispered…”Truth?…Fuck me!”
Jasmine dropped to her knees and began stroking his dick and Jenna was going to go behind her when Ryan caught her arm and pulled her close he looked into her eyes as he cupped both hands around here nipples…he looked at them as he turned each like a dial. He gasped as his cock was surrounded by a pair of hot lips. He kissed Jenna whispering …”Thank you.” Then he slowly sunk down to the floor to find out what pleasures awaited him.
Jasmine knew he was about to cum so she backed off and beckoned Jenna to take her in her mouth. They did this as Ryan watched…pre come oozed from his member…it was rock hard the head was purple and gorged with blood.
Jasmine now moved in front of him and Jenna pushed him down on all fours having him take her cock into his mouth…then slowly she pumped…Jenna got behind him and began to lube his ass when he could take three fingers she inserted a thin dildo and worked it gently…they worked in tandem bringing him to the edge then backing off…time after time.
But the time had come for the three of them to share in the unrealized pleasure. Jenna sat back…her legs pulled up and placed on Ryan’s shoulders as he was poised to enter her. Jasmine took him from behind as she fucked him he fucked Jenna…slowly at first but the fire drove them into a flurry of deep hard jabs…they” exploded one after the other…Jenna shot out her juices and it sprayed all over Ryan and Jasmine causing then to continue cumming even though their sacs were milked dry. Jenna ground down for that one last full body orgasm…then they all collapsed to the floor…beyond satisified. And that my dear reader I…
“dare” say is the…”truth!”

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