It was early August and I went camping with some friends. I set up my tent closest to the nest campsite over and far from my friends. I was the only one who didn’t have someone at the time. By the time we got camp set up it was dusk. Everyone left to go skinny-dipping and I set off to go for a walk. I ended up down the shore on a dock by myself listening to my friend laughing and having fun. Then I looked up to see a boat about to dock. It was one of those party boats, and on this boat were two men. One looked to be a little bit younger than I was and the other was about 10 – 15 years older. Both were very nice looking. The older of the two jumped off of the boat and loosely tied the boat to the dock and then walked towards me. I looked away as he approached not to seem nosy. He stopped right next to me and squatted down looking at me and saying hello. I stared into his eyes not saying a word. He took my hands in his standing me up and led me to his boat. I say in the back of the boat by myself. I waved to my friends as I left. We sailed across the lake, it looked so great as the sun set. We pulled into a remote corner of the lake and stopped. From what I could see there were no houses or boats around. They dropped anchor. Then the younger of the two came back and set next to me. I smiled at him. He told me his name was Jay and then he told me his friend’s name was Will. I introduced myself to him. Will then Jumped into the water and swan up onto the shore and disappeared into the trees. Jay touched my face and pulled me close into him and the only thing I could do was to smile so shyly. I pulled away slightly. Jay then grabbed me and pulled me onto his lap facing him. He then brushed my hair out of my face, resign his hands on my hips. I moved leaning down, my face against his shoulder. I didn’t understand why I felt this way trusting this man I didn’t know. As I laid there he rubbed my back. Jay set me up and old me that we had to go now. He jumped into the water and I followed.

As we walked through the trees I saw the lights from a camp and as we came out into the clearing I saw how beautiful and big this camp was. Jay took my hand and led me inside. I stood just inside the house at the bottom of a set of stairs shivering from the cold night air on my wet body. Will appeared from another room and handed me a towel and had me follow him into the living room. He told me to have a seat but I wouldn’t. I told him I didn’t want to because I was wet but he insisted. But before I say down I wrapped the towel tight around me. I say down and got comfy. Will told me he was going to bed. So I told him goodnight and sat there waiting for Jay. A few minutes later Jay appeared with a set of clothes and a dry towel. He set them down on the other end of the couch and then set next to me. He stood me up in front of him and took off the towel dropping it to the floor. He then slid his hands up my legs sending a chill through my body. He smiled as I trembled to his touch. Jay then grabbed the sides of my shorts and started to pull them down. I took his hands and pulled them away and before I could mutter a word he put a finger to my lips tracing them. As he pulled his finger away my eyes met his and I couldn’t look away. He slid my shorts off, then my panties. My body trembled more. He moved to the edge of the couch and started kissing my thighs as his hands caressed my butt. I closed my eyes as he touched me. Until I felt him move back. As I opened my eyes he pulled me onto his lap facing him. He ran his nails along my legs. He leaned forward and kissed me and each time he kissed me after was longer and deeper. I felt myself getting wet as he removed my shirt and top. After he was finished stripping me he laid back against the couch smiling. He reached up moving my head to look down. Then I saw why he was smiling. I had soaked his lap where I sat, but I didn’t care. He sat back up kissing me again and then he lowered me onto the floor. He stood up between my legs and undressed himself. My stare never left his. He gently lowered himself onto me. He kissed me just once. Then grinded himself against me. I couldn’t believe how big he felt. He teased me for several minutes until finally he slid the head in. I grabbed the back of his arms tightly preparing myself for him to enter. He stopped completely. I looked into his eyes reaching up to kiss him, and that’s when he slammed his cock into me with a full hard thrust. I let out a scream of ecstasy. My nails dug into his arms. He held it inside until my body calmed. When it did I opened my eyes to see him staring back smiling adoringly. Then he moved in gentle fast strokes, my moans started off soft and grew louder and louder. He stopped and pulled away from me slowly. He reached out for me standing me up. He led me upstairs both of us completely naked.

He led me into a room filled with candles. He laid me down on a huge bed that was so soft I thought I would be lost in it. He sat next to me and opened the nightstand drawer. He then pulled out a blindfold and some scarves. He took my left arm and tied my hand to one corner of the bed and then the other. As he bent down to put the blindfold on he kissed me once. I felt him get off of the bed. I was curious to what he was doing I felt him crawl onto the bed in between my legs Jay started at my knees and kissed his way up my legs. He slid his hands under my legs and pushed them up over his shoulders. Then I felt him take his tongue and lick from my hole to the top of my clit. My body shivered. I then felt him kiss my clit and then he went at it. Eating me so fast. His strong hands holding me still as much as possible. I moaned louder and louder. Jay moved himself into a 69 position. Sliding himself close to my mouth. I touched my tongue to his cock and licked the tip. I felt him move his fingers inside of me. My moans became even louder and louder. I felt him sit up and turn around rubbing his cock against my lips. He teased me for a while. I kept my mouth open. I teased him circling the head of his cock with my tongue round and round. As I was doing this I felt a pair of hands on my feet I pulled my head back startled. I knew this wasn’t Jay touching me

I pulled against the restraints trying to get my hand free when I felt Jay slide down my body a little. He pinned my arms against the bed and bent down. He whispered to me and told me to relax and that he wouldn’t let me get hurt. I felt Jay move off of my stomach and he moved in behind me untying my right hand I felt him hold me as he say there I went to reach for my blindfold as he reached for the other restraint but Jay quickly grabbed my hands. I felt the other person moving up in between my legs rubbing his cock against my pussy. I closed my legs. Still worried I felt whomever it was pulling my legs up against his chest. He slid his cock into me little by little. I squirmed and whimpered he was bigger than Jay. I raised my arms up and around the back of Jay’s neck. It felt so good as I got into it more and more. Jay removed the blindfold but my eyes were still closed as I moaned my nails sunk into Jay’s shoulders. I felt the motions slow down and it was at this time I opened my eyes to see who else was there. It was Will. I watched him. He looked so serious and determined. I lay there catching my breath. Jay sat me up as he moved from behind me. Will grabbed my legs and roughly turned me over forcing me into doggie style. We were sideways on the bed I moved as he wanted me to. Jay moved around the front of me and slid under me with his face buried into my pussy. I buried my mouth onto Jay’s cock sucking, teasing, licking, and nibbling. I felt him tensing up I pulled away for a min and that’s when I felt will enter me again. Will fucked me nice and slow and every time I felt Jays mouth leave me I knew he was licking will. It turned me on so much Jay moved back to me as Will moved away. Then I felt Will’s lips licking my asshole. My hips were squirming against the two of them. I hit climax. I screamed out and felt both of them licking my
pussy juice all
up, then off of each other’s faces. Then I felt both of them move again.

Then they both moved again. Will laid on the bed and forced me on top of him, pulling me down on his cock hard as he reached up grabbing my hair. I shivered fearing him a little then I felt movement behind me. I felt Jay sliding his hard cock into my ass. I tried moving away Will just held me tighter. After Jay was all the way in he pulled me up to him sliding a collar around my neck with a long braided leather leash which I followed to Will’s hand. Will pulled me by the leash to him. He kissed me deeply ad he petted my hair, like I was his little kitten. Both of them started moving in me. I closed my eyes and laid on Will. He pulled on the leash lightly. They moved harder and faster. I moaned with them. My body tremble. I could tell they were both close. I reached behind myself with both hands. He grabbed both of my wrists and held them with one hand. And just as Jay climaxed he pulled out and cam all over my back. As Will heard Jay he came in me. Will slid me off of him. I lay there trembling with both of them holding me. As I lay there shaking I fell asleep.
When I woke up I was on the dock again. I lay there wondering if it was all just a dream. Until I felt the choker still around my neck. I wandered back into camp finding it hard to walk and fell back asleep.

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