cary's frustration

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Cary’s Frustration
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Part One
“I give a great handjob, all my boy friends have said this” whispered Lalani “The difference with Cary is I don’t let him cum.” Lalani walked into the bedroom where Cary was lying on the bed as ordered. “Poor Baby,” crooned his lovely wife “Is your poor wee-wee still in pain from all those bad crops?”
Earlier that morning, Lalani’s hairdresser, Mike, and his friends from the Leather House had beaten Cary’s poor cock, making him dance at Lalani’s pool party. “Yes, Mistress, said Cary miserably. Alyssa, Lalani’s college friend, was sympathetic. “Jesus, Lalani, his dick has whip marks all over it and what’s that weird red blotch?” Lalani chuckled. “Oh, this morning I was finishing a Lucky Strike, and all the ash trays were full, so I put it out on his dick.” Lalani paused, chuckling “Cary, baby, you’ll remember to clean the ashtrays next time, won’t you? she asked in honeyed tones. “Yes ma’am
Cary responded, through his tears. “Let me put some lotion on this poor cock of yours.” Taking a bottle of baby oil off the nightstand, Lalani poured some into her right hand, and began rubbing it over Cary’s damaged member. Cary watched Lalani’s red nails working over the head of his penis and rubbing the underside of his shaft. He began to moan, shifting his pelvis into her grasp; but his clever wife in turn began stroking with only one or two fingers. “Poor thing” she said in honeyed tones. “Look at him, Alyssa, watch him trying to get friction in my hand. “Maybe you should get him off “suggested Alyssa. “Make up for the drubbing of his poor dick” Cary looked hopefully at his wife-mistress, who was now tickling his scrotum. Lalani began laughing, which caused her pointed breasts to jiggle in the small black bikini in a way that hypnotized her poor husband. “Cary, tell Miss Alyssa how long it’s been since Mommy let you have an orgasm.”
“Forty-two days, Mistress Alyssa” responded Cary in a kind of breathless voice. He was holding his thighs very still, and precum was pouring out of the head of his now purple-ish member, as a nail flicked a big vein. “Forty-two days?” asked Alyssa disbelievingly. “What?” What kind of a sex life do you two have?” “Oh, I have a great sex life!” laughed Lalani, as she gripped Cary’s meat, baby oil seeping around her knuckles.
“I’m dating two different guys-one that Michael introduced me to — you gotto see him, Lys, he’s so cute, and besides them, I just gave Fernando, our pool man a blowjob lastnight.” Lalani casually took off her bikini, and stretched before returning to the tortured penis. “I promised Fernando that I would blow him if he could make Cary cry by razor-stropping him, and boy did that hispanic hunk deliver.” Cary looked like he was going to cry. “Yessir, Lalani get’s laid but Cary, on the other hand, wears a chastity belt when he isn’t in the house. “Lalani stroked faster and Cary moaned louder. “He’s allowed to jerk off with his own little hand once and spurt his seed every sixty days, unless I get pissed, and add a week or so.”
Lalani suddenly let go of Cary’s thrashing penis as if it were a hot poker. “Which is eighteen days from now.” “Lalani!” protested Alyssa, “The poor guy was about to cum. Look he’s so frustrated he’s, Jesus, crying.” Alyssa pulled one of her strawberry curls. “To think he was captain of the Rugby team at Stanford.” Cary lay back on the bed weeping harder from Lalani’s cruel tease than he had from being beaten with the faggot’s crops.
The veins in his schlong looked as if they might burst. Lalani looked at Alyssa, covering her mouth with beautifully manicured fingers. Allysa could tell that Lani was trying not to laugh. “You mean to tell me” said Lalani, her voice rising, “That while I was trying to soothe his bastard’s miserable beaten-up dingle with a nice massage, he was AROUSED?” She snarled viciously, but it was clear that her 34DD chest was heaving with mirth. Lalani picked up her riding crop and began thwacking her poor husband’s now stiff penis as hard as she could.
“This (strike) is (giggle, strike) an insulting (strike) outrage. And he’s been staring at my breasts too! (strike)” She tossed Alyssa a ruler, and her friend joined in mauling the tumescent toy, its owner now screaming, in a fresh burst of tears “PLEASE,STOP, I’LL NOT COME FOR ANOTHER MONTH!” He looked miserable, but his cock was never harder…
Part Two
“Did you know those mashed potatoes are made
with horseradish?” Lalani, spoonful of Herb Roast
Chicken and mashed potatoes en route to glossed
burgundy lips, looked around casually. A short
man in an ugly plaid jacket was smiling at her.
He was a regular at Lenny’s.
She remembered him telling one of her
girlfriends that he owned “five gas stations”.
Lalani sighed, her chest heaving in the white
cashmere sweater. Alyssa chuckled. This wouldn’t
be the night for Lalani’s hubby to earn his
“squirt”…Sorry Cary, I’m not bringing this one
Cary moved again in the clothes closet…his
legs were aching. His hands and feet bound behind
him, he’d been trapped on his knees for seven
hours now, and his penis was swelling against the
chastity tube God it hurt, though the precum
seemed to lubricate the tight area around his
frenum…And there was this horrible fox coat
that belonged to Lalani’s bitch of a mother right
in his face! It made him sneeze, repeatedly.
While serving his beautiful wife eggs
Florentine in bed that morning, Lalani had
informed Cary that he should leave work at noon,
and return home, and clean the living room and
all the bathrooms…the company would have to do
without its Creative Director today.
About three that afternoon, John Wells, a
former golf caddy of Cary’s, now dating Lalani,
had come over, and apologetically asked Cary to
strip. “What?” Cary asked, stunned. “What the
fuck’r you–” “Sorry, Mr. Moore, but Lalani told
me that I’m supposed to tie you up naked in the
closet. Man, she says if I don’t, she’ll cancel
our trip to Cancun this spring.” Oh, yes…Cary
had seen the charge for two tickets on his Visa
Undressing before the kid and getting tied up
was horribly humiliating,watching the little
bastard smirk at his tube… usually Lani put him
in the closet and then went out, but from three
p.m. to one a.m.? The usual closet stay was only
four hours or so… and Johnny really knew how to
tie those knots!
Last week was worse in a way, though, Lalani
had given him an assignment to eat laundry soap
chips out of a dog bowl filled with water (hard
to bend down while bound) and when he only ate
half of them, gagging and then throwing them up,
Lalani’d blistered Cary’s bottom with his
father’s old razor strop…Oh! Cary heard
footsteps outside the closet door. Was it her?
His cock swelled, painfully.
The door opened, and Cary shut his eyes tight
against the rush of electric brightness…it’d
been dark for a long time. “Out!” Her purple
nails grabbed Cary’s hair, and he shuffled out
on his knees…As his eyes adjusted to the light,
he gazed lovingly at his wife/mistress.
Five seven, large breasts pushing against a
tight cashmere turtleneck, tucked into a micro
leather miniskirt he’d given her for her last
birthday. “Look at your dick, I can almost see
veins pulsing through the tube, Jesus.” Lani
towered over her prone, nude husband in high
heeled sealskin boots purchased a week ago at
Neiman Marcus by an out of town lover, a cocaine
dealer, who kept his bitch in style.
Lalani bent down, showing more of her net
stockings, and pulled her charm bracelet off,
using the little key on the end to open the
tube…Cary’s cock sprang free!
Cary q
uaked with joy. Lalani was alone
tonight…in the past few months, she had only
let him wank off after he’d cleaned the house,
done a few hours in the closet, and then
off one of her many pick-ups…even the most
hetero man would allow a blowjob from poor Cary,
for a couple hours with his fabulous wife!
“Oh, Mistress, thank you…”Cary was
puzzled. Where was the guy? “I know what you’re
wondering, Cary. I only let you whack off once
every sixty days after you’ve cleaned the house
PERFECTLY and sucked off one of my bar
pick-ups…you hate that don’t you?” Cary winced.
He did, but the terrible, terrible need to cum
came first, Two months was a long time to be in
the tube.

Lalani undid Cary’s legs, and pulled him to
his feet, picking up her Licorice Whip, a springy
crop made of dyed red leather, from the coffee
table. Whack! Ooh…right on the head of his poor
penis…”What kind of a job did you do on the
house, pig-boy?”
“Mistress” Cary whined. “I cleaned
everything–the living room, kitchen dining room,
all the guest rooms, the bath–“Whack! “Shut up”
Lalani looked at her sniveling husband, his tears
dropping on the head of his tortured cock. “You
look ridiculous standing there…Lalani took
Cary’s bulging, violet penis by two crimson
tipped fingers, leading him into the first floor
bathroom. “There are three bathrooms, ma’am” Cary
said “I tried to…” Whack! Lalani hit him on the
cock again. “If you don’t shut up, I’ll beat your
ass and your dick!”
She looked over the bathroom, most of it was
sparkling. Cary had done a good job. That weekend
with his head locked in the commode had convinced
him. “What’s this?” Lalani asked, as she lowered
her compact into the toilet to see the inside. to
view the inside of the toilet. “There’s a spot.”

Lalani began beating Cary’s penis in earnest,
and he buckled over, and then she began hitting
him on the back with the Licorice Whip. Then she
paused, giggling. “Wait, there’s no spot, I
forgot to clean the mirror.”
The next hour was very painful for Cary, as
Lalani took him through fifteen rooms of their
large suburban house, punishments rained for real
and imagined mistakes in the cleaning.
Finally, Lalani took Cary to her bedroom, and
after she’d worn his bottom out with her
hairbrush, paddle, razor strop and buggy whip,
she turned him over so he was lying on his
scorched rear and manacled wrists. Lalani began
massaging Cary’s penis with her soft hands.
“Well, you know our rule, sweetie–” Lalani
rubbed the tip of Cary’s cock. “I want you to
really appreciate your very rare orgasms, so I
usually make you blow some guy who I bring
home…but there wasn’t anyone in the bar.”
“You…you didn’t find anyone, Mistress
Lalani?” Cary looked sadly at her, though he was
tremendously aroused. His bruised cock hopped
about in her enthusiastic fingers. “Well, you’re
always complaining about having to suck off men,
I heard you telling the neighbor fag jokes,
Lalani rubbed her forefinger up and down the
thick vein on the outside of Cary’s throbbing
member. “You looked kind of sick back in November
when you serviced those Marines I brought home.”
She began quickening her pace, rubbing her
fingers up and down the shaft quickly.
Taking the thumb and forefinger of her right
Lalani gently pinched the base of the penis
just below the head and began twisting it back
and forth, as if she were unscrewing a
child-proof cap. “Sweetie, I don’t want you to
suck off men if you don’t want to…” Lalani
smiled gently and fluttered her eyelashes at
Cary, while she gently twiddled the head some
more, and then took her hand off and began
scratching the tip. Cary moaned, and began
shifting his hips “Oh, but Lalani…it’s been
sixty days, I-I”
Lalani parted her lips and protruded her
tongue slightly…”You’re a big, strong,
ex-Marine captain…”Her long fingernails played
around his foreskin “…Cumming isn’t as
important as maintaining your hetero honor is
it?” She began tickling the underside of the
“Oh, please, Mistress Lalani…could I just
come anyway?” Cary begged. “I cleaned the entire
house, and eaten you to orgasm for the past sixty
nights…even after you were with your lovers…”
Lalani smiled and slowly rubbed her forefinger
against the vein again. “You’re used to the taste
of male cum now, aren’t you, sweetheart? Licked
semen out of my quimmy too many times…and
sucked it out of how many dicks now? Twelve?”
Lalani began lightly brushing the tip of his
cock with her fingers again, and chuckled as his
hips began moving feverishly. “I know you must be
sick of the fellatio; and you’d like to just
whack off without a dick in your mouth first,
baby; but that’s what the plan is…you have to
EARN your orgasms…”
“But couldn’t you just-” Cary took a deep
breath, he felt his cum rising from the
testicles. He knew if he squirted without
permission, Lalani would make his life hell.
“Stop for a minute please, Mistress…I’m
about–” Lalani stopped immediately, and folded
her hands in her lap in a ladylike way. “Couldn’t
I suck someone off tomorrow, since you haven’t
brought anyone home yet?”
Lalani smiled. “I never said I didn’t bring
anyone home, did I?” She looked at the straining
organ. “Is it still too close to cumming?” Cary
nodded weakly. Lalani picked up her glass of iced
tea and drained it, dropping the ice in her
hand…”I just said I didn’t find a nice guy at
the bar for you.”
She then rubbed the ice briskly up and down
the organ, and Cary shivered.”That doesn’t mean I
didn’t find anyone outside the bar-still hard?”
Lalani picked up a wooden ruler from the night
table (they’d played Schoolmarm the night before)
and WHACK! WHACK! hit now-wet penis, and Cary
“Please Mistress…don’t hit me anymore. If
you don’t (sob) want me to cum, I can wait (sob)
til–” Lalani smiled, and began again stimulating
the now limp, sore penis. It was quite bedraggled
with the welts, scars, and cigarette burns of
seven years of femdom marriage. Still, it surged
at Lalani’s touch…She stroked with two fingers,
then squeezed the base with her hand, and began
playing with the foreskin, as Cary
gasped…”Don’t worry, my prince. I do want you
to cum tonight…if you’ll agree to the terms.”
“Terms?” Cary gasped, and closed his
eyes…Sixty days…of nightly milkings, his
penis surging in its prison watching young girls
walking down the street, seeing his beautiful
wife in her lingerie, teasing him, twiddling his
exposed testicles…unlocking the tube to play
wiggle the wee-wee for a while, then
re-imprisoning it, poor Cary unsatisfied, hours
A former varsity fullback, it’d taken time for
Cary to accept cocksucking, but he’d learned that
the desire to cum was more, much more important
than heterosexual male pride… though he was
completely, completely straight… Between
Lalani’s vicious beatings and her torrid
stimulation, and the agony of chastity…
Cary had finally collapsed, training his
mouth on Lalani’s gay friends before moving on to
bar pickups, who would do anything to sleep with
a girl as beautiful as Lalani…Sometimes, to
insure that the guy would allow the blowjob,
Lalani would bring home fairly average guys, who
had never been with a former model…
Lalani’s fingers were brushing the shaft just
a bit more, and the long red nail of her middle
finger was drawing tiny pictures just below the
cockhead…”Well?” Lalani smiled. “What–what
terms, Mistress?” Cary begged. Rubbing his left
testicle gently, Lalani l
ooked into Cary’s eyes.
“It took a lot for you to suck your first cock,
baby…I had to whip your ass every night for a
week, and come into your office for afternoon
ass-whippings, and keep you chaste for nearly
ninety days…”
Lalani bent over, and blew a little sweet air
on the top of the purple cockhead with her g
burgundy lips. Cary sighed, and remembered her
blowjobs from their first few years of
marriage…Oh God…”But now, we need to take it
to a new level…you need to change.” Lalani
rubbed his penis vigorously, and Cary began
undulating his hips…Lalani removed her fingers
swiftly,leaving the poor guy humping thin air.
“So I brought someone home for you, and if you
suck his pee-pee, I’ll let you wank!” Cary looked
up. “I thought you said you didn’t…” Lalani
looked up from the penis vein she was now
tickling. “No, I said I didn’t bring home one of
my regular middle-class bar pickups…but I got
someone. Let’s get up.” She untied Cary, and led
him into the living room on tottering legs..
“Here he is!” Lalani pointed into the living
room…The old black homeless man who
spare-changed in front of Cary’s office building
was relaxing on the Naugahyde sofa with a cold
brew. He gave the naked ad exec a toothless grin,
and unzipped his stained bluejeans. Cary looked
at Lalani, who smiled…He looked down at his own
dick, which looked as if it might burst…Cary
licked his lips and shuffled into the living

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