Caught and Fucked

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Liz and Marty were married for just a little over a year when they had to move in for a few months with Marty’s father Allen. Allen’s second wife Amy had been killed in a car accident and he needed them to come help him get things organized and he needed their comfort as well.

Allen was a nice, but shy, reserved man. He was attractive, but average-looking, slightly balding, a bit of a belly, though he was a tall man so it did not look too prominent in his clothes, he wore glasses and he was humble and quiet, sort of a non-decript kind of guy. Whereas his son Marty was wildly attractive and a take charge kind of guy, he favored his mother, Allen’s first wife, Barb side of the family in looks and personality. Liz was very pretty, red auburn hair that hung down to her mid-back in curls, big, bright green eyes, a wide, generous smile, just a really sweet face.

Allen was understandably upset and Marty and Liz tried everything to cheer him up. They decided that after the house was cleaned up, and Amy’s affairs were put in order, and all the paper work taken care of they would send him away to a fishing lodge that he used to frequent between his two marriages.

They sent Allen off and he looked very happy. “Well, well, well Liz I believe “daddy” has gone now, so we young-uns can misbehave.”

Liz giggled and soaked her panties. They had not fucked at all for the four weeks they had been there, first off Liz had a phobia about fucking when any relatives were in the same living quarters of her, and plus they were usually tired after tending to Amy’s things and comforting Allen and on top of that Marty had his business to run, so sex was out of the question. Now they were horny as hell. Liz told him she wanted to wait just one more hour to be positive Allen was not coming back, Marty said ok, but he had a plan. They sat on the couch, he was reading the paper, she was reading her book. Marty started coughing and lifting his paper Liz looked and saw his big hard on revealed sticking up and out of his opened pant’s zipper under the bottom of the newspaper, he put down the paper looked at her and said, “Shit Liz see how excited I am I cough and my hard dick pops out of my pants!”

She giggled and smiled hornily. “I’m not falling for it Marty, I said an hour.”

So Marty started stroking his cock up and down, his fist wrapped around his shaft, his knuckles all red and he rubbed up and down on his rigid member. Liz tried to ignore him, but she couldn’t she loved his cock, her pussy was practically begging her to do something to that gorgeous cock, touch it,lick it, suck it, slide right on top of it, anything at all, damn her pussy was getting juicier and warmer by the second.

“Hey Liz….Liz I think he wants you.” Marty said as he held his cock and pointed it in her direction.

Liz couldn’t stand it, so she walked over and tugged on Marty’s pants and underwear he stood up and she yanked them down to his ankles. She pushed his knees wide apart and just looked at him, his cock was so sexy and hard, his balls draped under him hanging down over the seat cushion since Marty was sitting on the edge. She took his balls and held them, she released his balls and lifted his cock back toward him, allowing her easier access to his balls then she licked straight across them, back and forth her hot, pointy, wet, velvet tongue gave his balls a nice tongue bath, she took one ball in her mouth and sucked while she squeezed his cock head rhythmically. Then she released that ball all wet from her saliva and she then sucked on the other while she squeezed his cock right under the head, she had her ass pointed out from behid her and in that angle her pussy was soaking wet. Marty stood half up and reaching around and behind her he pulled her shorts down revealing her bare ass and coochie, he pulled her shorts to her knees which were on the floor. He sat back down and she proceeded to suck him off while she swayed her hips and ass making her pussy salivate. She sucked Marty so good and lustily that he came fast and he was making a lot of grunting sounds; she almost gagged on his cum as it shot inside her mouth, but she swallowed and looked up at him with her brght green eyes and smiled.

“Damn Liz if they gave out awards for best head you’ld win hands down, or really mouth and lips and tongue down.” Liz just laughed.

She stood up and he looked at her red-haired covered pussy and got all horny again. She went to pull up her shorts and he said, “No baby, leave them off, take off your top too, I want you nude all week-end for me.” That turned Liz on and she complied and got completely naked. Marty removed his pants from his ankles and took off his tee shirt. He pulled Liz close to him and just hugged and swayed with her kissing her on the top of her head. She loved that feeling when their bodies were moving in unison.

Marty pulled her over to the couch and they just laid nude against each other and drifted off to sleep. Liz woke up and Marty was gone, she saw a note on the coffee table and it read, “Liz, I went out to see about a job, I’ll be gone until 9 pm tonight. Love ya, Marty”

Liz was disappointed, she rubbed her pussy thinking of him and she had an idea, she was going to shave all of her pussy hair off. She went in the kitchen and got a big bowl of warm water and put it on the floor, she got a smaller bowl of warm water and put it on the table, she had a hand held mirror, she got a razor and some moisturizing shaving cream, 2 fluffy towels and a little washcloth. She put one of the towels on the armless kitchen chair, she sat on it and spread her legs, she rubbed that cream all over her pussy, up on the mons pubis, on the lips, all over where her red hair was. As she sat on the towel completely nude she dipped the razor in the small bowl, delicately shook off any excess water and proceeded to shave her pussy hair off in strips while looking in the hand held mirror. After each razor line of hair was gone she took the washcloth and dampened it in the little bowl and with just two fingers wrapped in it she carefully and tenderly wiped away any cream and hairs being sure to leave the cream on the unshaved areas. With red hairs and cream combined on the washcloth she rinsed the cloth and razor out in the big bowl and started the process all over again until she was as hairless and smooth as her own ass cheeks. She was getting turned on seeing her puusy lips being revealed, such white skin now turning pink with horniness, she saw her slit and inner pussy looking sexy too, she was just looking in the mirror admiring her pussy caught up in her horny thoughts over what Marty would think, so she ran her finger in her slit and moaned. She put the mirror down and spread her thighs and started rubbing her clit, she laid back on that chair her ass near the edge, her breasts with their hard nipples pointing skyward, and she closed her eyes feeling her pussy. She was startled by the door opening, she opened her eyes and as her opened legs and pussy were aimed at that door she was shocked to see it was Allen, her father-in-law. He just gaped at her, her clean shaven pussy lips opened revealing her clit and inner lips.

“Oh my gosh Allen, I am so embarassed!” and Liz quickly stood up, she turned around revealing her lily white tight ass and then she turned back not quite sure what she should do. Allen just grinned and proceeded to unzip his pants and pull out his cock.

“Allen, Mr. Jerkins, Allen what are you doing? I am your daughter-in-law.”

“Yes you are, but that pussy needs my fatherly-in-law attention.” He smirked and said as he started taking off more clothes. Sooner than one would think was possible he was fully naked except for his awful black knee socks. He stood there grinning like the horniest man on earth, his hard bluish red cock pointing directly at Liz’s pussy almost like it was saying to her pussy, “You! I want you! It’s just you and me baby!”

Liz’s pussy was puckering and
swelling at the same time, she was turned on and repulsed. She fel
t the inside of her pussy heating up and filling up with her juices which were sliding down her inner pussy walls and spreading out over her outer pussy lips, that lust juice was making her pussy hole slippery for his cock. Her lips were so filled with blood that they had completely spread apart, revealing her inner lips and nubby clit. Her hearbeat was in her clit as she looked at Allen’s big, hard, filthy thinking cock. Her mouth was watering, Allen’s was too, as well as his dick was starving for her pussy. They stood there motionless and quiet just eyeing each other. Liz felt so fucking horny, but she knew it was wrong to be fucked by her father-in-law. Allen started stroking his cock squeezing below the head making more pre-cum, knowing he wanted to add his lube to her already soaked pussy that he could see was drenched with passion by the sight ofthe slick shininess that that cleanly shaved bare pussy was showing him.

“Bend over the table, Liz I’m gonna fuck that pussy like only a Dad-in-Law can. I’m gonna let you know just what your pussy needs. Come on bend over let me shove my big hard cock in your little naughty honey hole.”

Liz, caught up in the lust and desire that was totally dominating that kitchen, did just that. She grabbed the table’s edge across from her and bent over, showing her ass and silky hairless now extremely dark red pussy lips to her father-in-law. She kept her legs closed, thigh to thigh pussy lips squished in between those thighs, but revealed, ass cheeks closed in that long dark crack revealed. Ass cheeks high and arched up sexily. She was trembling with lust, guilt and still some repulsion. Allen got behind her and holding his cock down at the base he rubbed his blood filled large cock head up and down her slit it was silky soft and practically bubbling with her sex juices. “Ohhhhhh shiiiit…yeaassss yeaasssss.” he whispered slowly and determinedly as his cock massaged that super slippery slit, up and down his cock felt her forbidden pussy, it felt so good to both of them. Liz wanted him in her hole, but since she felt guilty she said nothing, she only moaned and gasped feeling his hardness rubbing her sensitive bare hairless pussy. Allen pushed her lips open with his cock and snooped around with his head until he found her hole, it was steamy hot and tiny, he just pressed his head there feeling her wetness and tightness. “Mmmmmm mmm mmm.” he said as he knocked on that hole, finally he couldn’t stand it so he practicaly raped her hole, he was fucking her wildly slapping hard against her, his ass muscles tightening with each thrust, his belly was spanking her ass, his long wiry pubes were ticking her super sensive hairless pussy lips, it felt fantastic. He slam-fucked her until his dick gave up and just spit his cum iside her honey tunnel, a very tight, hot, horny, honey tunnel, he came but as he pulled the head out his cum was dragged onto her lips, those lips were so red and swollen that his white glob of cum looked sexy on them. Liz’s pussy was pulsating, she had not orgasmed yet, so Allen reached under her from behind and rubbed her clit, hard and furious, while he licked her pussy from beind, “Oh Oh oh oh ohhhhhh shit ohh ohh fuck!” She yelled as she orgasmed, her clit throbbed with that orgasm and her pussy squirted on her father-in-law’s face. He just bit lightly on her pussy lips plunged his tongue in her hole and wiggled it. Her knees wobbled and she thought she was going to faint, Allen sensed that as she was bending at the knees and slowly coming off the table, so he stood up and pressed his groin against her ass and steadied her. He humped her over and over. They shared that amazing carnal fuck and they just got dressed and acted like nothing happened. Marty came home 15 minutes later shocking all of them, they were shocked to see him since he was not supposed to be home until that night, and he was shocked seeing his dad. “Dad, what are you doing here? Wasn’t the fishing any good?”

“Well son, I saw and caught a beautiful red snapper, I ate it too this afternoon as a matter of fact, real tasty it was. And I’m hoping I might get to catch and eat another red snapper real soon.” and he smirked as he walked into his bedroom.

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  1. sexy little sister

    great story, hope for more soon!

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  2. creameater

    love the story, gives us more details about that sauce that was in that red snappper.,, I love creampies and you eluded to one, but did not give us the juicy details

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