Cheerleader Amber 1

Amber Zee hated Gavin Doyle.

Well, perhaps hate was a bit strong. After all, the girl didn’t even know the man but Amber’s daddy knew him and Amber’s daddy hated him and as far as Amber Zee was concerned, that was good enough.

Bill Zee and Gavin Doyle were accountants and they were both good at what they did but they differed from time to time on what they considered to be professional standards of conduct. Time and time again, events had conspired to bring the two men into conflict and over time, those conflicts had become deeper and wider.

Cheerleader Amber only knew Gavin Doyle by sight, but she did know him, so perhaps if as soon as she’d laid eyes on Doyle, if she’d just turned and walked away, she might have been all right, but she hadn’t done that, and that was her undoing.

The line at the Stop ‘n’ Gas was tediously slow and Amber didn’t realize that the man in front of her was her father’s arch-enemy until she had already gotten in line, but what she did notice was what the man held in his hand as he waited to pay for his gas. What the man was holding was a crisp, new, twenty-dollar bill.

The man hadn’t noticed the young cheerleader at first, either, but when he did notice her, what he did notice was her staring at the bill in his hand. There was no way the man could have known that the girl had been hypnotized, that the once confident cheerleader had been transformed into a money-hungry slut, a twenty-buck fuck who would do just about anything for only twenty bucks.

“What are you looking at?” the man demanded irritably as he twisted the twenty in his hand.

By then, Amber had recognized the man in front of her but by that time, there was nothing that could save her. She just licked her ips nervously as she stared at the twenty in the man’s hand. Her mouth was dry as she licked her lips again. “Nothing,” the girl replied sullenly.

“Nothing?” the man asked as the bill moved again. “You want this bill, don’t you?”

Amber couldn’t help herself. She just looked at the bill in the man’s hand and she nodded her head.


Amber licked her lips again as she looked at that bill. “Because,” she replied, “I need it so bad.”

Gavin Doyle looked at the girl again. “You’re Bill Zee’s daughter, aren’t you?” he asked. “Your name is Amy, right?”

“Amber,” the girl corrected the man. “I’m Amber Zee.”

“Yeah, that’s right, Amber. Okay, Amber, so what’s the big deal? Why do you need this bill so bad?”

Amber knew why, but she couldn’t tell him. It was part of the persona that had been imposed on her. She knew she’d been hypnotized but she could tell no one, no one except John, the guy who’d hypnotized her. “Please,” the girl pleaded, “I need it bad and I’d do anything to get it.”

“You’re not on drugs, are you?” and the girl shook her head.

“And by anything, you mean–“

The man gasped as Amber snuggled up next to him, and then he felt the girl slide her hand down the front of his slacks and he felt the girl’s hand squeeze his cock. “I mean anything,” the girl told him as she looked in his eyes.

For once, Gavin Doyle found himself at a loss for words. “I-I-I don’t know,” the man stammered.

They were almost to the front of the line and Amber hated herself for what she was going to say next. Her hand squeezed the man’s cock. “I know a place where we can go,” she told the man as she squeezed him yet again.

Then it was Doyle’s turn to pay, and Amber couldn’t help noticing that he held on to the twenty he’d meant to use even as he fished some more cash out of his pocket and Amber groaned. She knew she had him. She knew she was going to get fucked by Gavin Doyle and she didn’t want it, but at the same time, she knew she needed that twenty so bad.

Then, it was Amber’s turn to pay and when she had, there was Gavin waiting for her. “You know a place where we can go?” he asked.

The girl nodded her head. “Follow me,” she told the man.

It was a non-descript motel, the kind of place where they charged for rooms by the hour, and it was a place that Amber knew well. She’d been there a lot more often than she cared to admit. Gavin Doyle wasn’t the first man she’d brought here, and Amber was sure he wouldn’t be the last.

Amber led the middle-aged accountant to a room and then she led him inside and then the door was closing behind them, and when it did, Amber held out her hand. “I need that twenty,” she pleaded.

The man held onto it for just a moment longer and then he handed it over.

He’d seen that look before in his clients, but never in someone so young. It was an almost reverent look as Amber closed her hand around that twenty, and then she was holding it and almost caressing it before she finally pushed that twenty into her purse.

And only then did her attention turn back towards Gavin.

The young cheerleader undid the catch on her short skirt and then she was letting it fall to the floor. Her hands were pulling her cheerleading sweater up and over, and then, there she was in just her bra and her panties.

But she wouldn’t stay in that semi-naked state for long. Her hands were reaching behind her and then she was undoing her bra. Her hands slid forward again and they squeezed the cups against her tits even as the straps fell free and then she squeezed the cups one last time moments before she pulled the bra free from her body.

And then there were only the panties. She locked eyes with her john as she hooked her thumbs in the waistband and then she was pushing the panties down her legs and finally, she was naked.

The man had just stood there and gaped as Amber undressed herself but she’d seen it all before. It didn’t take her long to get her hands on the man and then she was undoing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. Her hands lifted up his tee and then she was kissing his chest even as her hands moved down to his slacks. One little button and one zipper was all it took and then the man’s slacks were down around his ankles.

Amber grinned at the man as her hand found the cock inside his boxers and then she was dropping to her knees. Her hands tugged on the boxers and then they, too, were down around the man’s ankles, and again, Amber grinned up at Gavin Doyle just moments before she took his cock in her hand and then thrust her mouth down on his rigid pole.

Somewhere deep inside her, Amber knew she should resent it but the truth was she always loved stuffing her mouth full of cock and hearing men groan, and this time was no different than the rest.

Gavin Doyle groaned as the girl sucked the entire length of him into her mouth. He’d only had his cock sucked a couple times before and never by his wife, but no one had ever sucked his cock like this. The man groaned again as Amber sucked him harder. Damn, this girl sure did know how to suck a cock.

Amber pulled her mouth off the man’s cock so she could give the man a good tonguing and then she slid her mouth down so she could suck on the man’s balls and then she slid her mouth back up and she grinned at the man moments before she sank her mouth down on that cock.

The man moaned again as the girl sucked on his cock. His hand stroked her hair as she moved her mouth up and down on his shaft and the man moaned again. Damn, that girl’s mouth was so good on his cock and it seemed as if she really, genuinely, wanted to make him cum.

Amber did want to make him cum. It was a now familiar part of the persona that had been imposed upon her. As always, as soon as Amber was paid, she was consumed with an overwhelming desire to make her client cum. She knew she would cum as soon as this man came and she wanted to cum, but she also knew that she wouldn’t enjoy it, that as soon as he started to cum, she would be consumed by feelings of self-loathing, but she just couldn’t help herself. She sucked tha
t cock hard. She needed to make this man cum.

Gavin Doyle groaned again. This girl was going to make him cum. He was going to cum so hard.

mber had sucked enough cocks to know it, too, and that just made her suck him even harder.

The man groaned as his cock filled the girl’s mouth, and then he was groaning again as his cock shot even more of his spunk into her mouth.

Amber moaned as her orgasm overtook her. She felt so ashamed of herself. How could she have let this man, her dad’s worst enemy, have his way with her. Deep inside, she knew she had no choice, but that didn’t keep her from berating herself as the man filled her mouth with his cum, and it didn’t keep her from swallowing his cum even as she waited for more and more of his cum.

It was incredible, Gavin Doyle thought. Bill Zee’s daughter was sucking him off and there was no way he would have ever thought that would happen. In fact, Bill Zee’s daughter had just given him the best cock sucking of his life, and even as the girl continued to suck on his waning rod, the man felt the passion stirring inside him again. There was something more he wanted.

Amber knew it, too. She could feel his softening rod begin to harden again and she groaned to herself. As she pulled her mouth off the man’s cock and looked up at him, part of her was hoping she wouldn’t have to do that again, and part of her was hoping that she would. She grinned at the man. “How was that?” she asked in her little, perky voice.

The man shook his head. “That was great, Amber, absolutely great. I’ve never been sucked like that before, but–“


“I want more. I want to fuck you”

“Then it’s going to cost you,” the girl told him.

“How much?” the man asked.

“Another twenty bucks,” Amber said. Please, she was telling herself, please don’t let him have that on you so I won’t have to fuck my dad’s worst enemy.

The man looked relieved. “That’s all,” he told the girl. “I thought it’d be a whole lot more than that.”

The girl moaned as the man retrieved his wallet and then he was handing her another crisp, twenty-dollar bill, and then she was taking the bill, and then she was lying back on the bed and spreading her legs for this man, spreading her legs for him even as she fingered her clit. “Come on,” she moaned, “fuck me.”

The man couldn’t believe his luck as he stood there and stroked his cock. Even when the girl had named her price, he thought there would be a catch, but there she was, lying on the bed and begging him to fuck her.

And then the man was moving forward, and he was slipping between the girl’s thighs. The head of his cock pressed up against the young cheerleader’s little hairless twat, and then he was pressing himself inside her tight, little hole.

Amber moaned as her cunt took that cock and then she was moaning again. She didn’t want to get fucked like this, and yet, she did, too. She wanted to be fucked so bad.

The girl moaned again as that cock moved even deeper inside her and then she let out a little half-whimper and half-gasp even as her hands went to her tits. “Come on,” she moaned, “fuck me. Fuck me harder.”

The man pulled his cock back and then he drove it even deeper into that tight, little cunt, and the girl moaned again. Gavin Doyle couldn’t believe he was getting a girl like this, and for only twenty bucks. What a deal.

Amber moaned again. She couldn’t help herself. She had to have that cock. She had to make this man cum.

Amber groaned as the man pulled his cock out of her and then he was turning her over and then she was kneeling on her hands and knees. She felt the man coming up behind her and then he was between her thighs. She felt the head of his cock touch her slobbering pussy, and then she moaned again as the man shoved his way inside her.

Gavin Doyle stroked the girl’s young, compact ass even as he pushed his cock into her cunt. Damn, the man thought, he sure did love this girl’s little body.

Amber just kept on moaning as she took that cock. The man felt so big inside her and in spite of herself, she loved the feel of his cock inside her cunt. She knew she needed to make the man cum. She knew she needed to make the man fill up her cunt.

Gavin Doyle gave the girl’s ass a playful slap and then he gave it another. Damn, this girl was good, he realized. She was going to make him cum. He wanted to make it last but she was going to make him cum. She was going to make him cum.

Amber felt the man bury his cock inside her cunt and then she heard the man grunt. Amber felt the man’s cock swell inside her, and even as she heard him grunt again, she felt his cock squirt his cum inside her, and even as the man started to cum, so, too, did she.

How could she have let this happen to her, Amber kept telling herself even as Gavin Doyle filled her cunt with his cream, and even as she herself continued to cum. How could she have let herself be fucked by her dad’s worst enemy, and how could she have let herself like it.

Amber knew the answer but the answer did little to comfort her. She was a cock-hungry whore, and that’s all there was to it. She moaned as the man continued to cum inside her. Yep, she was a cock-hungry whore, and that’s all there was to it.

to be continued …

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