Cheerleader Amber 2

As the final seconds ticked off of the clock, Keevan Jackson looked up into the stands and he could see the scouts there. He knew they were there and he knew they were watching him. He was still a long way from the NBA, but at least he had a shot.

The mood in the locker room was jubilant as it usually was after a win, and with Keevan on their side, the team was winning a lot. Keevan basked in the glory. He knew he was good. He knew he was really good.

“Hey, Keevan, you and Janice going to be at the dance next Friday night?”

Keevan Jackson’s features clouded over. “Doesn’t look like it, man. Me and Janice, we broke up again.”

“Again? What was it this time?”

“What do you think? That girl just doesn’t want to put out.”

His friend just shook his head. “You can’t force her, you know. The girl just wants to see a little commitment on your side. She just wants to see you puttin’ out a little effort, you know.”

“I know, I know. But hell, I’m a star. I shouldn’t have to do that crap. I’m sure there are lots of girls that would love to be in Janice’s shoes. Hell, the bitches should be paying me.”

Keevan’s friend grinned. “You’re not NBA yet, buddy, so you can’t say stuff like that.”

Keevan grinned back. “I know, man. I know. It’s just so damned frustrating.”

“Speaking of getting paid, though, I think I’ve got something you might be interested in. You know Amber Zee, right?”

“Hot, little, stuck-up cheerleader. Yeah, I know her.”

“Well, she’s not quite so stuck up anymore. From what I hear, she’ll let anyone stick his dick in her for just twenty bucks.”

“You’re kidding.”

Keevan’s friend shook his head. “I’d been meaning to try her out myself, you know.

“Twenty bucks? Hell, that’s cheaper even than dinner and a movie.”

“You got it. So you can patch things up with Janice, and you can let her string you along, and all the while, you can be dipping your wick in that little, white pussy.”

Keevan grinned back. “I’ll let you know how it goes,” he told his friend.

It was too late to catch up with Amber after he got out of the locker room, but he caught up with the girl the next day. “Hey, Amber,” he said, “can I talk with you a minute.”

“I’m kind of busy,” she told him.

“It’ll only take a minute,” Keevan told her.

Amber looked at the friends she was with. “You guys go on ahead without me, okay?” Then she turned back towards Keevan. “What do you want?” she demanded.

Amber never thought of herself as a racist. It’s just that none of her friends were black, and she didn’t hang around with blacks, and she never, ever thought of letting a black guy stick his cock in her pussy, but then it really wasn’t the color black that turned her on. It was green.

Amber looked at the twenty-dollar bill in Keevan’s hand and her pussy started getting wet and she licked her lips. She wanted that twenty. She needed that twenty, and she would do just about anything to get it.

Keevan Jackson still wasn’t sure this was on the up and up. “Do you want this?” he asked.

Amber looked at the bill and she nodded. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

“And what would you do to get it?” Keevan asked.

“Anything,” Amber murmured.

“Even if it means having me stick my big, black cock in your little, white cunt?”

“Anything,” Amber assured him. “I’ll do anything.”

That was how Keevan Jackson found himself being ushered into Amber Zee’s bedroom. He wasn’t the first school boy that Amber had let into her room, and Amber was sure he wouldn’t be the last. It was just that it was a lot more convenient to bring the tricks she turned back here because then she could go back to school when she was done and turn even more tricks.

Keevan Jackson looked on in amazement as the young girl opened the clasp on her skirt and then let it fall to her feet. He watched the girl step out of the skirt even as she pushed her panties down and then the girl was pulling her cheerleaders sweater up and over her head. The girl stood there in just her bra for just a moment as she fondled her tits and then her hands were moving again, and soon, even her bra was gone.

Amber dropped to her knees in front of the basketball player and her hands quickly found their way to the front of his pants. One hand found its way to the basketball player’s belt even as the other one worked the zipper, and then Amber was pulling the boy’s jeans down his legs, and then she was pulling down his underwear, too.

Amber wrapped her hand around the boy’s big, hard shaft. She might never have had a black man before but she was going to have one now. She’d been paid her twenty bucks and that was all that mattered to her.

Keevan Jackson groaned as that girl took his cock in her mouth. All he’d really wanted was someplace to stick his cock. Getting his cock sucked was even more than he could have hoped for. Certainly, Janice would never have agreed to do that for him.

“Oh shit,” the man groaned, “you do that so good. You do that so good.”

Amber just kept on sucking even as she let one of her hands slide between her legs. She needed to make this man cum. That was all that mattered to her.

Keevan stroked Amber’s hair even as he pulled her mouth down on his cock and he continued to moan. Oh shit, he thought, that’s good. That’s so fucking good.

He was going to cum if he didn’t watch out, Keevan realized with a start, and even as he realized it, he knew that was exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to fill this little, white girl’s mouth with his cum, and yet, as much as he wanted to do that, there was something he wanted to do even more.

Amber moaned in frustration as the man pushed her mouth off of his big, had cock. She had wanted to make him cum. She had wanted him to cum in your mouth.

“You really are one hell of a cock sucker,” Keevan told the girl, “but now we’re going to find out just how good you really are. We’re going to find out whether you’re ready to take it in the pussy or whether you’re just a cock sucking whore.”

Amber just looked up at the black man and grinned even as her hand stroked his shaft. “If you think I won’t take this in my pussy,” she told the man, “then you just don’t know me.”

And then she was lifting herself up and letting her body fall back on the bed. She spread her legs as she looked back at the black man standing over her. She slipped a couple fingers between her legs and then she moaned as her fingers strummed against her clit and then she moaned again as she pushed a finger inside her. “Come on,” she taunted the man. “Show me how you do it. Fuck me with that big, black cock.”

That was all it took. Keevan moved forward and then he pressed his cock up against Amber’s cunt and then Amber moaned as she took the man inside her.

Amber loved the feel of that big, black cock as it moved inside her. Of course, Amber loved the feel of any cock as it moved inside her, just so long as she’d been paid for it first, but there were some cocks that she loved more than others and this one was one of those. She moaned again as the man fucked her with his cock. Fuck, she loved that cock. She loved it a lot.

Keevan pushed his cock even deeper inside that little, white cunt. He wondered for just a moment if Janice had a pussy as tight as this one, and then he didn’t worry about her anymore. He was finally getting his cock in a cunt and that was all that mattered.

Amber looked up at the black man as he stroked the inside of her cunt and she moaned again. “Come on,” she murmured. “Do it. Fuck me. Fuck me harder.”

Just a little bit more, Keevan thought. Just a little bit more, and he’d be cumming in this little, white cunt.

And yet, somehow, that thought disappointed him. He thought about that
again as he drove his cock into the moaning girl’s tight, little pussy.

Yeah, he knew what was wrong, Keevan decided, and he knew how to fix it, too.

Amber moaned as she felt the b
lack man pull his cock out. “No,” she pleaded, “don’t stop. I need you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me even harder.”

The black man just laughed as he continued to pull his cock back. “Get up on your hands and knees,” he told the girl, “and let me see that little, white ass of yours.”

Amber couldn’t turn herself over fast enough and then there she was, on her hands and knees, offering her pussy up to the man behind her.

Amber felt the man’s ass as he fondled her ass and then she felt the man slide one of his big hands between her legs. He was fondling her little, wet pussy and then his hand was fondling her butt again. “Yeah, this is what I want,” she heard him say.

And then she felt the thrust of that cock as the man pushed himself deep inside her cunt, and she moaned again. Oh geez, her little, white cunt sure did love that big, black cock.

Keevan watched his cock move in and out of that little, white cunt. His hands stroked that ass, and he spanked her bottom from time to time, but what he really wanted, what he really needed was to see his cock sliding into that little, white cunt.

The man groaned again. He wasn’t going to last much longer. He wanted to last but it wasn’t going to happen. That little, white cunt was just so tight.

The man grunted even as he buried his cock in that little, white pussy and then he grunted again even as he sprayed his cum all over the insides of that cunt.

Amber knew the man was cumming and as soon as she knew it, she started to cum, just as she had been programmed to do. Amber just kept cumming as her little pussy soaked up all that black cum, and all the while, she kept berating herself for it. How could she have let this happen to her, she wanted to know. How could she have let herself get fucked by a black man. But most of all, what Amber really wanted to know was how come she liked it so much and how long would it be before she got it again.

to be continued …

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