chrismas party ill never forget

It had become a Christmas party that I will never forget I worked for a company that decided to have the party at a local hotel ballroom in a very nice hotel.
The wife and I was there having a great time drinking and dancing as friends of mine from work came up and joined us at the table I didn’t realize that Steve’s wife was so hot she was wearing a very nice short red skirt and gold top that was silk. Steve introduced her as Kathy she was about 5’8 or so 120 lbs with red hair just past her shoulders and was very sexy lady
As the night went on we all was drinking quit a bit and being of good thinking we got a room there at the hotel so we didn’t have to drink and drive. Kathy was getting pretty drunk and wanted to go home but Steve did not want to leave just yet was having fun there well my wife asked me to take Kathy up to our room so she could lay down for a bit and she would stay there as I took Kathy up to the room we got into the elevator and pushed the button to the floor that we was staying on. Kathy was leaning up against me and oh she smelt so good I started to get a hard on but this was a co-workers wife I didn’t know what to think as we was alone in the elevator it seemed like it was taking a long time to get to the 11 floor. When I saw Kathy start to unbutton her blouse she got three buttons done when she realized what she was doing she stopped and told me sorry as I was sneaking a peek of her cleavage I could see that she had a red bra on. The elevator got to the floor and I walked her to our room as we got inside she finished the job and took her blouse off right in front of me and then the skirt she reached around and unbuttoned it and then the zipper I couldn’t move as I watched her she turned around and saw that I was still there she asked me if I minded and of cause I did not, she was wearing thigh high and a garter belt nothing else on underneath. She then told me that the drunk was just an act that she was not really drunk at all just wanted to get me alone with her as I could do nothing but stare at her she had shaved her pussy for the night as I walked over to where she was I took her in my arms and softly kissed her lips as I felt her hands slid to my pants and unbutton them and slide them off me as my hands found there way to her bare ass that was so firm and tight as she felt my ass pulling me closer to her as our bodies grinded into each other as she pulled off my shirt and moved me to the bed and pushed me down on to it as I layer there watching her take off her bra as she moved to me placing one foot on the bed and then the other as she moved over the top of me as she slowly moved her self down on top of me not letting my hard throbbing cock slide into her great looking bold pussy as she placed her pussy lips over the top of my cock she was soaking wet as she moved back and forth on top of me I couldn’t help but to reach and feel her legs with the stocking on they was like silk and I rubbed them as she worked on my cock as my hands worked there way up to her ass I couldn’t help my self I needed to taste her I wanted her pussy in my mouth not on my cock now as I grabbed her hips and with one thrust I moved her up to my mouth wrapping it around her sweet bold pussy wrapping my hands over her thigh opening her legs so that I could get my mouth between them as I licked her pussy tasting her sweet juices as she started to rock back and forth on my face now letting me lick her pussy darting my tongue in to her love hole working her to orgasm I could tell she had never had a man eat her like that by the way she rode my tongue now as I licked the inner walls of her pussy grabbing her ass as I sucked on her pussy and flicked my tongue around her pussy lips as she started to cum I opened my mouth and cupped it over her pussy and started sucking her pussy wanting every drop of her cum in my mouth as she finished she fell flat on the bed next to me looking at me then smiling and tell me to fuck her now as I moved her back on top of me as she opened her legs and moved her pussy over the top of my hard cock letting it slowly enter her pussy it was still so wet as she leaned up and started to bounce up and down on my cock working me over letting me see her tits bounce up and down the faster she would bounce the faster they would bounce couldn’t take my eyes off them as I felt her jerk and cum again I leaned up and took her in my arms and turned her over so I was on top and fucked her fast and hard as I cummed deep inside her.
As we finished we both got dressed she laid on the bed and I went back to the party when Steve and my wife asked what took so long I told them that Kathy was puking and I held her hair for her

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