Chronicles Of A Beginner II

A few days after, I took her out for dinner and I told her I had plans for us after dinner but I wouldn’t tell her what. I drove to this tall building and parked, we walked inside and waited for the elevator. Once it arrived we walked in and we went to the 23rd floor, we stepped out of the elevator and she looked forward then looked towards me and smiled….

I had brought her to a beginners sex club. Basically they teach you different ways to have fun in the bedroom. Before we went in I told her if at any time she felt uncomfortable we can stop and head home. She looked at me with her sparkling green eyes and nodded, she took my hand and we walked in. A girl at the front desk greeted us, she asked us what we were looking for and got us set up with an instructor and showed us to our room. I had brought the lingerie I got for Alice and she slipped into it before our instructor arrived. It was a pink lace bra with lace coming down like a mini dress and a matching pink lace thong. She was gorgeous, I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Our instructor arrived, her name was Abby, she was a short girl, long blond hair she seemed like a spunky kind of girl. Abby wanted us to start off slow and explore each others bodies, finding the sweet spots and knowing each others limits. I could tell Alice was a bit nervous, but I grabbed her hand and kissed her cheek softly in a comforting way. We tried a few things but I could tell Alice was very uncomfortable, I told Abby we had had enough for the night, she understood and exited the room. I turned to Alice who seemed a big upset, she felt as if she had let me down but I assured her it wasn’t a problem. All I cared about was her.

As we left the room we stopped at the desk to pay our fee and the girl asked us if we would like to schedule our next meeting. I told her another time, I didn’t want to make Alice anymore uncomfortable than she was and we left the club. I called the elevator, as we waited Alice was very quiet, she was still upset, I took her hand and pulled her close to me, she had her face down but I could see that her expression was disappointment. I took my hand and pushed her chin up so I could gaze into her eyes and I leaned in and kissed her softly and I told her to not worry about it, it surely did not change how I felt about her.

The elevator arrived, her hand still in mine we walked in and she leaned on me as I held her in my arms. She knew I cared about her a lot and I knew she felt the same. As the elevator reached the main floor we walked out to my truck and we headed home. There wasn’t much talking on the way home but she still held my hand the whole way. As we made our way inside and up the stairs I assumed she just like to curl up in bed and rest, we got ready for bed but something was off. I walked out of the bathroom and there was Alice sprawled out on the bed completely naked. I was surprised at first but nothing stopped me from going to her.

I climbed on the bed and pinned her down kissing her neck and massaging her breast, her breathing getting heavy and deep. I take my hand and cover her mouth and start sucking her nipples, I take her nipple between my teeth and start teasing you with the pressure of my teeth pressing down on it. Your moans slowly get louder as I do this, I stop nibbling to continue sucking on them. You don’t notice as I slowly go in the bottom drawer of my night stand and pull out 2 wrist restraints and 2 ankle restraints, I pin you down quickly so I can tie your wrists to the bed posts. Next I move down to the foot of the bed and tie up your ankle to the bed posts, you are completely vulnerable.

Fear slowly builds up inside you as start kissing up your leg and rubbing your inner thigh, the thought of having no control scares you but slightly arouses you. Making sure to not touch your pussy I tease the area close to it tickling and caressing your skin. Your hips shudder forward a bit and you moan. I go back to the drawer and grab 2 more items but I make sure you can’t see them, I cover your eyes with my hand as I quickly place a blindfold over your eyes. I start to move my hands up your body from your hips up your stomach but making sure to avoid your breasts, making you wait for the upcoming pleasure. I kiss your lips and then between your breasts then your stomach. You thrust your hips forward as the excitement builds up in flawless body.

I grab the second item I had pulled out and place the ball gag in Alices mouth. She starts to panic and moan a bit but I just stare at her body, dreaming of how I could tease her made me gush. I took my finger and started to tease the slit of her beautiful pussy, then I spread her lips and teased her clit. I moved my finger down and slipped it in her pussy, she was so wet I had to stop myself from indulging. The anticipation of when I was going to start drove her mad. Finally. I kissed her pussy lips then spread the, I placed my tongue on her clit a d started to pleasure her, her muffled moans only got me more in to it.

Making sure she doesn’t cum I stop and start to kiss her pelvic area and then her stomach. I untie her wrists and ankles and get her on her stomach, I retie her wrists and ankles so I can fondle her voluptuous bum. I grab a paddle and give each cheek 3 hard whacks, each one harder than the last. I take my time as I attach the strap-on, sliding one of its ends in my pussy and tightening the straps. I walk to the head of the bed and remove her gag momentarily, before she has a chance to speak I insert the other end of the strap-on in her mouth thrusting hard, she gags but it doesn’t stop me. After about ten minutes of face fucking her I put her gag back in place, I climb back on the bed and start to kiss your bum. I pull your cheeks apart and start licking your tiny virgin hole, every so often inserting my tongue.

I start to tease your pussy and rubbing your juices on your ass, I want it nice and wet for what I plan to do to you. I spread your cheeks again to let my tongue play with your ass, I insert the strap-on into your pussy, slowly and soft covering it with your wetness. I grab a couple pillows to prop your ass in the air, slowly removing it from your pussy I slide it up to your asshole. I tease your ass for what seemed like hours, sliding it up and down between your cheeks and in to your pussy. I take 1 finger and slide it in your asshole moving it around, loosening you up, then I insert a second. I move the strap on back up to your asshole and remove my fingers, I insert the head of the strap on into your tight ass. I hear your muffled screams but it only prevokes me to continue. Slowly I continue pushing it into your tight little ass, you don’t realize how wet your are getting.

Once I have pushed it all the way in I start thrusting in and out slowly but a bit hard. Alice started to get more comfortable with this so I went faster and faster till I was pounding her plump ass. After she couldn’t take anymore I pulled out and started to lick her ass again, as I did this I fingered her dripping pussy. I decided I wanted her to cum, I pumped my fingers in and out of her pussy as I licked her ass. It didn’t take long for her to cum but I knew she enjoyed.

I untied her and removed her blindfold, grabbing her by her luscious brown hair and drag her to the floor on her knees. She looks up at me and I remove her gag, I tell her not to speak but to clean the strap on. The way she looked up at me as she sucked it showed her appreciation. After I was satisfied with her performance I let her go get cleaned up and meet me in bed once she finished. She never said a word and when she got into bed she curled up in my arms and we fell asleep, she dreamed for her next encounter and hoped she could explore new techniques.

To Be Continued…

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