Cindy's Double Date

Cindy’s Double Date

Pt. 3

By Daveywavey

I was lying naked next to Cindy one evening talking dirty into her ear while I was finger fucking her tight pussy. Cindy loves it when I talk to her during foreplay and I found out that she is most open to suggestion with a finger rubbing her clit. Anyway, I was rubbing her ass and playing her pussy into sopping wet submission when I asked her if she had ever been with 2 men at the same time. Her reply was no. I then asked her what she thought about it. She told me that she had fantasized about having 2 men in her at once but had never had the opportunity. My mind raced. I knew I could set it up in a matter of minutes if I wanted to. I knew of several horny cops that would love to have this great piece of ass not to mention her ability to suck a cock. Have I mentioned that she started getting lessons in cock sucking at an early age? She told me one night that she had a boyfriend during high school that she used to suck off through her bedroom window late at night. Wow, what a sight that must have been! Anyway, I am now the lucky recipient of this woman’s wonderful talents. I continued to finger her pussy and now was concentrating on her ass. I also found out that she had never had a man in her ass before. I decided that while I told her of a fantasy about 2 men fucking her that I would go for it. I began messaging her tight little ass with my fingers covered in her pussy juices. I was telling her how good she was going to feel with a strange cock in her mouth and mine in her pussy when I managed to get a finger into her tight ass hole. I began to fuck her ass with my finger while building her to a climax both verbally and manually. My attentions didn’t take long as she shuddered with relief and another orgasm. She then rolled over and began sucking my cock voraciously. As she sucked I kept telling her how good she was going to feel with her body full of cock. She sucked hard and fast, this wasn’t going to take long. My cock felt as if it were going to blow up, I was so hard! She sucked up and down, faster and faster, with my cock pulsating into her mouth. I shot a thick wad of cum into her mouth and she continued to suck up and down until I shot again and again. She then crawled up next to me and lay in total satisfaction. I whispered into her ear and asked whether she wanted to try a 3 some. She said yes and then fell into a deep sleep.
I initiated my plan a few nights later. I called a friend of mine named John at about 7:00 and told him to come by in an hour. I then went to Cindy’s apartment and began to get her ready. I took her a nice little outfit that I had bought, a French maid’s costume, complete with garters and stockings. Cindy loved the gift and we sat down on her couch. She offered me a drink and while she was out of the room I put a video into the player. She came back into the room and began watching the girl on the screen getting fucked by 2 guys. She curled up next to me and in no time I was fingering her nipples. Cindy was getting turned on from the alcohol and my fingering. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my semi-hard cock. She began to work her oral magic on my cock and had me at her full attention in a matter of minutes. As she was sucking and licking me I kept turning her head towards the television so that she could watch the girl getting fucked in the mouth and pussy at the same time. I began pumping my cock into her mouth as the movie scene got hotter. I held her head and face fucked her harder and harder. This girl never missed a beat as I pounded my cock and balls into her face. I was nearing an explosive climax within minutes of our beginning. I pulled my cock from her mouth, stood up, turned towards her face, and shot a hot load of cum. I managed to hit her in the eyes with the first one and then aimed better, hitting her mouth. I rammed my cock back into her mouth and fucked it hard a couple of strokes. I collapsed and fell onto the couch. We both began to laugh about my errant shot. Cindy went into the bathroom to clean up just as the doorbell rang…..

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