Cindy's Gift

A Gift for Dave
By Cindy

My name is Cindy and I have been married for 4 years now. I am a beautiful brunette, with soft brown eyes and large breasts. I am slightly over weight but my husband loves my soft white ass. In fact I am looked at everywhere I go. Dave says its because I am every mans dream girl. Beautiful, curvy and comfortable!!!! Here’s my story:
I have been a little , shall we say, uninspired in the bedroom lately. I enjoy sex and give the most fantastic blow jobs known to man according to my husband but I just don’t have the desire that I had a few years ago. Dave and I decided to talk about this problem. He is a very understanding man and I love him dearly but his sex drive is constantly on. I work a lot of late hours and am tired most of the time. We discussed how I feel that this is most of my problem, I think. Dave says that maybe we should try to shake things up a little and even suggested me finding another man to please. I have been with other men and my husband before so this is not new to me. I do get turned on by the thought of this when we are making love!!!. I also know how turned on Dave gets just thinking about seeing me with another man. So, I have decided to give it a shot. I get excited and antsy just thinking about putting this together. I know a guy from work, lets say his name is Bob.
Bob has been attracted to me for quite some time and we talk frequently about our marriages, families, etc. We have even had discussions about our sex lives. So, I feel I can talk to him about anything. I decided to talk to Bob about our little problem and a plan I have to stimulate me and my Dave.
I call Dave on his cell phone and tell him that on Saturday night I am going to go out with a girlfriend and want to know if that will be ok. I know that this will bother Dave somewhat because we don’t get to spend a lot of time together and Saturday night is usually our night together. I also know that Dave will not object. I was right and the plan begins to unfold. Saturday night arrives and I launch my plan. I have managed to put some clothes into the car already to take with me for the “event” later that night. I noticed during the past few days that Dave’s lust has built up nicely and that he is hard almost any time he is near me. I have also noticed that Dave has been watching his usual amount of porn while I have been at work. I wonder if he has been masturbating himself to thoughts of me nightly? I don’t really wonder this because I know that it is true but I think it anyway because it makes me horny. I get ready to go, doing my usual, shower, hair, and sprucing up. I make sure that Dave sees me naked as I take an unusual amount of time finding the right clothing. Dave is laying in bed as usual when I am going to be gone and I notice his cock harden a little under the blanket as I dress. I give Dave a kiss, tell him that I love him, and that I will make it up to him later. I then walk out the front door locking it behind me as I leave. I slowly walk down the drive towards my car, already getting wet with the thought of what is about to happen. I also know that Dave is watching a threesome movie and probably stroking himself as I go.
I arrive at the hotel and make the arrangements for the room. I can’t express the excitement I feel. I have never done this before!!! I get the key and enter the room. I immediately call Bob and have him come over. I take off my clothes and put on a black teddy with hose and garters. I look good in this and I know that it will turn Dave on. Bob arrives and I let him into the room. Bob and I have this plan already in place and we know what we are about to do. I call Dave from my cell phone and tell him to meet me a the hotel in 30 minutes. Dave cant believe what I told him but is excited. I know his cock has stiffened to its full length of 7 inches just by thinking about what is to “cum”! But what a surprise is in store for him!!!
I am excited and wet just talking to Dave on the phone. I hang up and turn to Bob.” Dave is on the way, are you ready?” I ask. Bob is taking off his pants as I turn to ask him this. I guess he is ready! I have never seen Bob naked or had any contact with him prior to this evening. I cant wait. I see that Bob is just slightly larger than Dave, probably about 9 inches and very thick. I decided to give Bob a preview of my many talents while we wait for Dave.
I take Bob’s large cock into my hands and begin to stroke him. I then drop slowly to my knees and take him into my mouth. I have a little trouble at first due to his size but begin to work my magic on him. I lick and suck his tremendous cock and he begins to groan in pleasure. I pump his cock with my mouth alternating strokes, first hard then sift all the while licking the underside of his head. I pull off, slide down and lick those massive balls too! I work this way on Bob until I can feel by his stiffening that he is about to come. I pull off of his cock and he shoots a large, hot, gooey wad of cum towards my face. The first shot hits me, then another and another. I retake his cock and lick and suck feverishly. Bob moans and tells me how great that was. He even mentions how his wife would never do that!. I go into the bathroom and clean my face up quickly as Dave should just about be here. I walk out of the bathroom just as a knock is heard from the door. Dave is here!!! I am so excited that my pussy juices up just thinking about this. Bob goes into the bathroom and turns out the light as instructed. I open the door and step back to watch Dave’s reaction. His eyes are glowing at the sight of me in this outfit. He has always loved the way I look in garters. I walk up to him and kiss him passionately on the mouth exposing him to the warmth of my tongue and freshly fucked face. I know he can smell the sex and I hope he can taste the cum still on my breath. I tell Dave to take a seat in a chair by the bed as I have a surprise for him. Dave sits down and I begin the show. I tell Dave that I am going to give him what he has wanted for so long and then ask him to place a blindfold over his eyes. He does so and sits back down. I then call Bob from the bathroom. Bob walks into the room without saying anything and approaches the bed. He is already beginning to get hard again. I get up on all fours and crawl over to the edge of the bed where Bob has positioned himself. I tell Dave to remove the blindfold, sit back and enjoy the show. I look at Dave’s eyes as he takes off the blindfold. He looks like a kid at Christmas!!! He looks at me then at Bob and Bob’s stiff cock. I know he is thrilled as his own cock has risen in his pants. Without saying a word I begin to suck Bob’s cock as I have done thousands of times before on Dave’s. I lick it and suck it and stroke it fast then slowly. This time will take awhile as I have already sucked Bob off before but, Dave doesn’t know that. I bet he has suspected it by now though! I watch Dave as I work Bob and see that he is enjoying the show. I work on Bob’s large cock for about 15 minutes and begin to tire. I decide to step the show up a little. I stop sucking on Bob and ask Dave to stand up and come over to the bed. Dave does this and I reach into the night stand and pull out Dave’s black leather belt. I hand it to Dave and remain silent. Dave knows what to do. He hands the belt to Bob and tells him to use it on our bad little girl. Bob commands me to lay on my stomach and I do so. Bob then looks to Dave and asks him if he should begin. Dave replies by all means. Bob slaps the belt down onto my ass with a crack. It hurt but not badly. I have been spanked several times before and know how to block out the pain. Bob spanks my ass several times and then turns to Dave handing him the belt. Dave commands me to get up on all fours again and to crawl over to him. Dave takes his cock and places it into my mouth with force. He is really turned on. I begin to suck his cock. Dave rubs my shoulders, back, and ass. He then begins to spank me
with the belt. Bob walks
around the bed and places his cock on the opening of my pussy. He looks at Dave and then rams it into me. I am immediately full of cock on both ends. Bob pounding me from behind and Dave ramming my mouth. Dave slaps the belt down on my ass every now and then and in between Bob begins to smack my ass with his bare hands. Wow ,what a great feeling! My mind is racing, my pussy is getting fucked by an enormous strange cock and I am sucking on the familiar cock of the man that I love!!!! This doesn’t last long as Dave begins to stiffen. I continue to suck for all that I am worth while Bob pounds my pussy. Dave cums into my mouth and then onto my face. It doesn’t take long after that that Bob begins to stiffen and cum in my pussy. My head is spinning, my hear racing and I am feeling great. We finish up by laying together on the bed for a while before Bob gets up and leaves. After Bob left, I ask Dave how he liked his surprise. He loved it and I notice him beginning to harden up again. I tell Dave to stand next to the bed in a position I know he loves to fuck my mouth in. I then look into his loving eyes and tell him that I was really bad and that I could wait for him to arrive before pleasuring Bob. Dave looks at me and asks what I think he should do about it….Whatever you want I say. Dave picks up his leather belt from the floor, sticks his hard cock into my mouth, and with a loud crack of that belt onto my great white ass, the adventure begins again….

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