Cindy's massage

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Cindy was laying face down across the width of our bed when I got out of the shower. I was standing erect as I had been fantasizing about her great body while I was showering. I walked into our bedroom and she asked if I would rub her back. I began to massage her back, shoulders and neck the way she loves. She claims that I give a back rub as good as the professionals that we have been to. But, I would bet that the last guy that professionally rubbed her back didn’t fuck her face like I was going to tonight. I had been drinking for a couple of hours before she came home and was feeling pretty good by the time we showered and started this adventure. I even took a viagara so that I could be hard for hours tonight. I had been gone for 2 weeks on business and really missed her.
I continued to massage her for about 10 minutes when I couldn’t take it any more. My cock had been bouncing off of her head and was so close to being in her mouth!. She sensed my paind and got up on all fours. I took my cock and slid the 7 inches I had to offer into her hot mouth. I slowly slid in and out of her mouth letting the warmth of her mouth engulf me and make me harder. I then grabbed her by the hair and began to pump my cock faster into her mouth. I would alternate slowly and then fast. I did this for a few minutes then decide to go for broke. I layed her down on the pillow, with her face looking up at me. I then literally fucked her mouth. She is so good at this and makes it seems so effotless. No othe woman has ever taken me face fuckiing like Cindy does. I fucked her face hard for a few minutes while I pinched her big nipples. At times like these I feel a little sorry for her as I ha given up on being loving and gentle and was now just ravagely fucking her mout with everything could give her. She is wonderful at receiving me and continued to accept my hard fucking of her mouth. Somewhere along the line of fucking my wonderful wife’s mouth I decided that I needed more. Most men I know, especially the married ones, don’t receive the kind of blow jobs that I get weekly. But, whiskey and my cock were undeterred so I continued to fuck my wife’s mouth with abandon. I rolled Cindy back onto her stomach and continued to face fuck her. She never missed a stroke, working feverishly to get me off. I was concentrating on her big white ass while ramming my cock into her face. I then began to spank her ass with my bare hand. This made my cock feel even harder. I fucked her mouth and spanked her ass alternating strokes. This is where the story gets crazy.
Crazy because most guys would be in heaven right about now. But, not me, I wanted more from her. I stopped fucking her mouth and looked lustfully into her eyes. She looked a little tired from the pounding that I was giving her and was very pretty from the sexual glow. I took her hands and tied them to the bed. I took her legs and tied them down also. Cindy ins’t into the spanking as much as I am but is willing to go along in the interest of getting me off to the greatest satisfaction as possible. So, she goes along with this without a fight. I then go to our closet and get a leather belt. The belt is a Sam Browne Police belt which means that it is fairly wide. Just thinking about spanking her creamy white ass with it makes me incredibly hard. The 4 inch red lines on her ass is almost more than I can handle. I slap the belt across her ass. Once, twice, three times the crack of leather on her making me even harder. She tells me that it hurts. I continue to spank her with the belt. I tell her that I want to hear one of her stories. You know some past sexual fling involving another man. This also makes me rock hard. She refuses telling me that I already know them all. I spank her again with the belt and she gives in. She begins to tell me of an encounter that makes me particulary hot. His name was Sam and she picked him up in a bar. Sam is a mutual cop friend of ours so this is even better. Cindy tells me of how she gets him into bed and begins to suck on his large cock. She tells me of his staying power and even complains about how he would never cum from a blow job. She relayed how she sucked him for what must have been at least a half hour and then be fucked her. He was not gentle as he fucked her so hard that she was banging her head against the headboard of her bed. As she is retelliing this story I begin to fuck her mouth as well. Cindy is an excellent blow job and I am very appreciative of her efforts. Finally I can’t take it any longer. I untie her and have her get up on all fours. I then grabbed her by the hair and rammed my cock into her tight ass. I continued to fuck her in the ass until I can no longer take it and begin to cum. I pull out of her and cum all over her red striped ass. Cindy collapses onto the bed and into a deep sleep. Satisfied with the red marks on her beautiful ass I too fall fast asleep…more to come with these stories of Cindy and her man.

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