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It was a June Saturday night, my wife and I as usual had gone to the club, we sat at the same table that we always sit at. We chatted with the same people that are always there. It seemed a normal evening of drinks and dancing, and like always after leaving the club everyone from our table came to our house for a nightcap and a dip in our pool.
There was Don and Cherrie, Nelson and Cheryl, Eric and Jo, David and Elizabeth, and Margie and me. When we got back to our place everyone came in to the bar that we have set up in the basement. Most everyone stopping to get a drink on their way to the pool house to change into a bathing suit or shorts and a shirt.
Our house sits on the back side of our neighborhood and has woods along one side and the back, it also has a creek that runs through the woods and down the hill, on the back side. I had a gazebo built next to the creek right where the water goes over about a six feet drop this is a very good place to just relax. On the upper side of our back yard there are several Willow trees that are very close together and blocks the view from our next door neighbor. Our back yard is very private and everyone is very comfortable back there. Several times we have had two or three people skinny dipping in the pool.
Probably an hour or so after we had all gotten comfortable, I looked around for my wife Margie but didn’t see her as I looked around Cherrie walked up and asked what I was up to. I told her that I was just looking around to see if I could see Margie. She said that she had heard Margie and Cheryl talking about the new furnishings that we had just put in the gazebo and that they may have walked down there. I said ok as I looked in that direction, Cherrie reached out and took my hand and said lets walk down there and see if they are there and I can see what they were talking about too. The path was well lit with solar path lamps, as we walked Cherrie asked if I had ever considered an affair with anyone. I laughed and said of course she then turned and kissed me a full and lustful kiss, I started to fondle her butt with one hand and undo her top with the other. I thought why didn’t she have on a bathing suit top it would have been a lot easier to work with. After a few moments she stepped back and took off her top she was not wearing a bra and her small to medium size breast just looked so beautiful and her nipples were standing up rock solid.
I pushed myself to continue on down the path toward the gazebo in hopes of continuing what Cherrie and I had just started. Cherrie walked along holding my hand and stopping a couple times for another kiss. She was only wearing her shorts as she had removed her top and had not bothered to put it back on. When we got to the gazebo we both stopped short as what we saw shocked both of us. There was Margie and Cheryl in the gazebo Margie was completely naked laying on her back on the tea table that we had just put down there. And Cheryl was naked except for her panties, she had her head between Margie’s legs and was licking Margie’s most private part, Margie was fully enjoying what was going on as she was moaning like I had never heard her moan before. When we got to the gazebo Cherrie pulled her hand away from mine and stepped in the gazebo and removed her shorts and walked over to where Cheryl and Margie were getting it on she stood just over Margie’s face and when Margie saw her she started to try to lick Cherrie’s furry snatch. I am just bum fuddled and don’t know what to think so I just decide to get my self some relief so I masturbated until I got relief, and then I watched until all three of the women were satisfied. After they were done they sat around in the gazebo still naked talking each telling the other how wonderful the experience had been. Margie said that she had never done anything like this before but wanted to do it some more as was Cherrie’s thoughts , however Cheryl said that her and Nelson had a understanding.
I stepped forward and let Margie and Cheryl know that I was there, Margie said that she had just experienced a thrill like she had never had before I told her good and that she should do it again if she felt like it. Cheryl told us that she and Nelson years ago would go out pretending to be brother and sister, she would get a man and he a woman and they would go home and trade. This all happened about two years ago and now when we get together it is usually Cheryl, Nelson, Don, Cherrie, Margie and myself. All of us know what happened that night and we all accept it for what it was. The women still get together about once or twice a month some time it is all three some time it is Margie and Cherrie or Margie and Cheryl. Margie is always up for a little girle action with either Cheryl or Cherrie however I believe that she prefers Cherrie over Cheryl even though Cheryl is the one that taught her how to enjoy this. On nights that these women decide together what Nelson, Don and I do is another story.

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