Controling Boyfriend, Innocent Virgin

He calls ” im in my way home now get ready where going to the movies tonight,”
Ok i just gotta shower 1st, the house is already clean
Ok just dont take too long, i’ll be there soon
Ok, i’ll try

I go in the shower and undress my self, my boobs are bouncing as i move, there 34 b, i see my white skin in the mirror
i also notice i gotta shave, so i will probably take a lil longer than i should, but it will be ok, he is
understanding, besides we just moved in together so i still try to always look perfect, its kinda hard to keep up with it
we havent had sex eventhou we live together, he knows im a virgin and i want to wait, i dont feel ready yet. Im only 16.

I hear the door, omg he’s here, im done shaving but need to wash my self down there, i rush and grab the femenine wash
i have, i start putting it down there, everywhere except inside, i put it between my lips and in my clit,its so soft, hairless,
i love my pussy, i like taking care of it, i am washing my self, and suddenly he opens the bathroom door, he’s never seen me
completely naked, i cover my body

”Whats taking you soo long?”

My hands are in my pussy covering it,

”Why are you covering your self, your my girl, are you wet? where you playing with your self?
Are you covering your pussy cuz its wet?
Open your legs, let me see,”

I keep my hand there, i dont want him to see, im shy and i think it should be different, he’s acting weird,

”No, i dont want you to see me thats all, can you please let me get dressed”

”No, open your legs now, open your fucking legs”
His voice is deep now, im shocked, he has never been demanding before, i dont know how or why but my emotions control
me my fear his voice, my love for him, i open my legs and show him my pussy, he stares, his eyes penetrate my pussy,
his eyes are observant of every detail of it, he pulls my lips apart to see inbetween then my inner lips to see inside,
he looks at it with desire, he seems obssesed with it, he grabs it tight like its his, like he owns,it
It hurts, i say, shh dont say anything, its my pussy,
”I dont want to, please stop, i wasnt doing anything”

”shut up bitch!”
his voice is loud he gives me a look like he’s in control, he’s never called me this before, never talked to me like this

”this is my pussy!”

”Whose pussy is this? Whose pussy is it?”

”Its your pussy”

”Good thats right bitch, your mine & this is my pussy
i dont want you touching your self, ever, only i play with this pussy, ”

he grabs my pussy and holds it tight, then lightly spanks it,starts staring at it, his eyes are looking at it
with desire, his eyes posses my pussy, he seems obssed with it as he plays with it, touching my lips and clit,
spreading the lips apart and wanting to see ever single part of it.

I stay quite, i let him do what he wants to my pussy,
I’m scared things where never like this, i never imagine he’d be this way, things wil change, its probably just
the day, maybe he drank or something idk, but im scared, he continues to look at my pussy

”So what where you doing? show me,i wanna c, i wanna c you playing with your self, i want to see you cum, i want to see
you moan i want to see the sluty things you dont when im gone, working for you,”

He sits down, im still in the shower, i wasnt playing with my self and itell him but he doesnt believe me,
” Show me, now! i wanna c, dont you get it bitch you do what i say, your mine,your pussy is mine, dont lie to me
i know what you where doing and i want to see”

I Begin to play with self in front of him, i touch my clit and lips a bit, i get my self wet, i insert a finger inside
and move it in and out fast, then i get more wet, i go to 2 fingers, he’s watching me & i hate it, ive never done
this before, ever, and i never wanted to do it infront of someone, he know im a virgin, i just moved in with him
a week ago, everything seemed to go good, he said he would wait, and now he’s acting like he owns my body, i love
him i just cant explain why he is acting this way, i go on thinking its his fantasy, i cant cum, not with him staring, so
i start moaning and breathing hard i fake an orgasm all i want is to get dressed and go to bed, i wonder if he believed it
i hope he did, its the 1st time i ever faked one.

”Lil slut did i tell you to orgasm?”

”You wanted to see me cum u said it, u did , i swear”
”Fuck that bitch i tell you when to cum, thats my pussy, not yours, come over hear, get close”, i get out and get close to him
he is sitting down, grabs me and holds me, im facing the floor, naked , wet, while he spanks my ass

”You bitch did i tell you to cum? anwer now!”

”No no im sorry”(he spanks me harder and harder)

”thats right bitch so why did you? you couldnt help your self? uh? i am the only one who will touch
you and pleasure you, do u understand that? do you understand?”

”Yes, ok ok but stop it it hurts”

”This is my body bitch i do what i want with it, your being punished for being a bad girl, a dirty lil slut who cant
respect her man, her self, and pussy… ”
He spanks me, then he spreads my butt cheeks apart, he’s looking at my asshole,no ones ever seen me naked before
and less that area i would never want him to see it, thres alot of light i know he can see everything, i cant see what
he’s doing or his face since im facing the floor but i can imagine and it feels horrible, i thought he loved me, why is he doing

Stop please, i love you i’ll be good, just stop please

I feel a finger going around the area and then its inside, in and out he’s moving it in and out,
does it hurt bithc!? does that hurt!? he adds another finger and then one more, i move and try
to get away but he holds me tight i cry,
Yes yes please stop,
It hurts when i see your a slut when i see you touching the pussy, thats my pussy dont ever, ever touch it again
ok ok i wont i promise,
Good girl, he finally takes his fingers out,
stand up, ( i do what he says) next time i see you doing that its gona be my dick up your ass, he spanks me
And sends me to bed.

I go to bed, and a few min after he joins me, then we falls asleep, im deeply asleep, and suddenly feel somethng there
i wake up, scared, bothered by it two, i gasp,
Its just me, its ok dont get scared, he tells me,
Oh ok well i wanna sleep,
I’ve been touching you for an hour already looking at your beautiful pussy thats now mine, caressing it, i know
your pussy likes it, im horny
I want to sleep, i close my legs and turn away
he grabs me and turns me back around
open your legs let me touch the pussy right now,
I think of his fingers up my ass and how bad it felt, and his dick would be worse, im afraid, and open my legs
Whose pussy is it?
Yours, its yours
thats right i touch it anytime i want to
htouchs it and fingers it a bit, then he says im gonna kiss your pretty lil pussy
and im gonna taste your cum, open ur legs, spread them wide,
I do what he says but am feeling so uncomfortable, he’s down there, staring it, smelling it, and now tasting it, im shy
i’ve never done that before, he softly kissed them starts licking, he sucks on it,
hmm ur pussy is soo good, he got me wet and starts fingering,
1st one, then 2, then 3, spread your legs wide open, my dick is hard, i want this pussy i want this pussy to be mine now bitch!
mm i cant wait to fuck this pussy, he holds me tigght, he’s on top, his dick goes in, im wet, i feel pain, he’s going to fast,
after a few min the pain starts to lessen and i begin to feel a lil pleasure, but then he stops, he’s done, and i kinda
feel relieved. He lays down, seeing me cry like its nothing.
You know i didnt want to yet, i wasnt ready, you said you would wait
Yeah but you said it was my pussy right?
I stay quite but keep thinking….

I am walking to the shower, it hurts as i walk,
Where you going?
About to get ready for school,i’m going to shower
Ok well wash every part of your body except that, and actually wait, i’ll be there in a min, i have to watch you
i gotta make sure you behave, i dont want the same thing to happen again, and its for your own good, you dont want
to get punished again do you?
I’ll keep you away from temptation

He walks after me & sits down, i get in the shower and open the water, i shower as he looks, i’m going around my
dont touch that, i’ll wash ur pussy, ur ass,ashole and tit, you arent allowed to touch any of those areas
you might get pleasure from

Ok, so what i cant wash em?
no i will, he gets close and opens the clear curtain, he starts with my tits, washes them and then plays with them a bit
i think there clean now, i say
i know i just wanna touch them a bit, there mine right
yeah but i gotta work i cant be late
Shut up bitch let me enjoy it, im your man , you gotta please me, (he sucks on my nipples,
and then smacks them and makes them move, he then quickly washes my ass, and asshole, and goes to my pussy
he washes it, and then touches it for a few min, then lightly spanks it, “get dressed now” i get out
get dressed and go to work

When i come back, he has a friend there, they are in the living room watching a movie, i am a lil late.
I am so tired and want to go straight to bed, i pass by the living room heading for my bedroom,
He stops me, “where wer you at, your late”
I know i had extra work 2 do,
hmm ok, well dont be late again, you know i dont like it, and im gona call and find out
if its true, i’ll call tommorrow,
Thats fine i say then, i keep walking to my room,
Hey your forgeting something he says, as he is sitting in the couch next to his friend,
Remember, i gotta check, you know
Oh umm that, yeah we’ll come to the bedroom
I’m watching a movie, come over hear,
but your friend …
I stare in shock and stay quiet and still
He gets impatient, ” COME OVER HERE BITHC! WTF man… get over here

I walk slowly,
I dont got time for this bitch, i’ll whip you with my belt,
I walk faster, im now there infront of him, his friend next to him
I’m wearing a black skirt, he places his hands underneath it,and goes up, he pulls my panties to the side
and touches me, his friend is watching but he cant see much, i’m glad im wearing a skirt, im glad things are this way
then he says “it feels good so far, but i have to see it, lift up ur skirt” i hate it but somehow he makes me do it
His friend is behind me now, and i am wearing a thong ,my skirt is up and my ass is revealed to his friend, my boyfriend nows
he knows i hate it, i send hin a message with a look,
what bithc, its just just butt, then he keeps examining my pussy to see if i didnt touch it today,
touch it, he tells his friend, tell me what u think, his friend touches my pussy its so unexpected,..
you can look, he looks at it, its soft he says and not wet i think she’s been a good girl today…
she better be shes my bitch, i make sure she behaves
hell yeah thats how you gotta treat bitches,but she’s been good

come sit with us, stay here, he pulls me on top of him, my ass on his dick… his hands in my breast, i can feel his dick is
hard, he lowers one of his hands and goes up my skirt, he is touching my pussy in front of his friend, i cant believe this!
i feel horrible i want to run away, but i cant, he holds me tight and mainly controls me with fear, we watch the movie…
he whispers in my ear that he loves my pussy while he touches it, he says he wants me to suck his dick,
and that he wants to eat my pussy, his friend leaves, my boyfriend takes me to the bedroom, and puts me on the bed,
he spreads my legs and puts his face on my pussy and starts licking it

Get off, i dont want to do anything, you let your friend touch my pussy i hate you!
You lil whore, you know you liked it, how come you didnt stop it? you slut, i dont give a fuck if you want me to or not
this is my pussy your my bitch. Now suck my fucking dick, suck it good, use your tongue real good too.
I wont do anything, i run out of the bedroom, and he goes after me, he grabs me and i got no where to go,
I think about his dick in my ass, and start to suck real good like he likes it,
Thats right bitch suck it , just like that, good girl, keep sucking….
I keep sucking
Lick the balls, Lick em now!
I start licking them, he plays with his dick and all of a sudden my face is covered in cum, his dick
so hard,slaping me again and again, ….. and i dont want to think of what will happen next… i got no where to go, this is my
place but every day is torture, I finally get to bed… waiting for another day of being HIS in everyway.

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