Couldn't Close the Deal!

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Even though Tom was new to the realty business, he was good at what he did. The downside to being the “new man on the job” was getting stuck with the open house on the Sunday of a long weekend! Only one couple had showed up so far and they were quick to leave after seeing the house. Tom was just getting ready to put the signs back in his car and head for home when he saw her Porsche pull into the driveway. He couldn’t help but notice the long legs and short skirt as Cassandra got out of the car. She was stunning! As she strode up the driveway toward the front door, Tom was mesmerized by her beauty. The skirt was short, form fitting and the top she was wearing revealed that she was well endowed and not shy about showing it.

Tom almost tripped as he hurried to open the front door for Cassandra. As she extended her hand to introduce herself, he had to make a conscious effort not to stare at her tits. Tom wasn’t even thinking about a sale as she walked into the house, all he wanted to do was find out who this gorgeous, Porsche driving lady was. Tom had always been a player and was well known around this small town as such. He knew that Cassandra had to have been from out-of-town because, if she had been from anywhere near here, he would have seen her before and wanted her notch on his bed post! As Tom followed her into the kitchen to begin the tour, he mentally pictured what was under that skirt. He figured, based on the car she was driving, it had to be an expensive pair of underwear and probably matched the bra he had glimpsed under her blouse as Cassandra bent over to remove her shoes at the door.

Cassandra didn’t really seem to have much interest in the house as they made their way from room to room. As they ascended the stairs, Tom kept well back trying to get a look under Cassandra’s skirt as she walked up ahead of him. She must have sensed what he was up to because as she reached the top of the stairs, she quickly turned and Tom had to avert his eyes so he wouldn’t get caught trying to “sneak a peek”. He could feel his face flush as he realized he’d been a little less subtle than he should have been. Once again, Cassandra quickly made her way through what were obviously two bedrooms that belonged to the kids and the two adjoining bathrooms. When she walked through the door of the enormous master bedroom, her paced slowed to a stop. Her fixation seemed to be the king sized bed and the large mirror on the wall facing the end of the bed. This had been the first opportunity that Tom had to ask her how she liked the house. She replied that the house was nice but that she loved this bedroom and in particular the bed. Without saying another word, Cassandra made her way over to the bed and sat on the edge, looking at herself in the large mirror. Tom was speechless for a moment as he listened to her talk about what fun it must be to have sex in this large bed and be able to see what’s going on in it while looking in the mirror! While he was still trying to compose his next sentence, he couldn’t help but see Cassandra move from sitting on the edge of the bed to laying on it, her head propped up on one of the many pillows scattered across the head of the bed. Tom decided it wasn’t necessary to say a word, at this point, he would just let Cassandra carry on and dictate what would happen next.

What happened next made Tom feel like he was not in the room at all, almost like he was watching a TV show or a movie. While still watching herself in the mirror, Cassandra slowly moved her hands across her top and started gently caressing her tits. Tom wasn’t sure if he was actually seeing this or whether he would wake up and find himself in his bed, having just had a great dream. After what Tom felt was an eternity, Cassandra moved one hand down across her stomach, below the bottom of her short skirt and began to run her hand up her thigh until it disappeared under the skirt. Tom could feel his cock getting hard as he watched this real life movie unfold before his eyes. Before Cassandra’s other hand descended to her pussy, she pulled her skirt up, revealing what Tom had imagined when he first welcomed Cassandra to the house, her thong panties matched the bra he had seen earlier. As this happened, Tom’s cock had reached ultimate hardness. In fact, it was becoming quite uncomfortable for him as he stood watching Cassandra. She worked her pussy lightly over top of the thong, running her finger from her taint to her clit and back again. Tom couldn’t help but notice that the red silky panties were getting darker in the lower area and he knew that her pussy was now as wet as his cock was hard! All the time this was going on, Cassandra had not taken her eyes off her reflection in the mirror and Tom hadn’t taken his eyes off Cassandra’s actions.

As if they had known each other for more than 15 minutes, Cassandra finally turned to Tom and asked if he didn’t mind “just watching” for now. Fumbling for words, Tom finally got out a “no, it’s fine, please continue”. She made sure Tom had seen her eyeing his cock, now bulging from his pants. Tom wasn’t sure what to do with his cock – should he pull it out and take care of it himself or should he wait and see what Cassandra had it store for him, if anything. He opted to just leave it alone for now, not wanting to jerk himself off if he was going to be fucked by this beauty in the bed in front of him. He continued to watch Cassandra as her hands moved all over her body now. She slid her hands back up and began to unbutton her blouse, allowing a full view for Tom of the tits he couldn’t help but stare at while she got out of the Porsche. The red bra was quite a turn-on for Tom and he was sure there was pre-cum now oozing from the end of his cock inside his pants. He wanted so bad to get out of his clothes and move onto the bed with Cassandra, but he decided to obey her and just watch for now. Tom continued to be amazed by the show Cassandra was putting on in front of him. She switched seamlessly from playing with her tits to working her pussy with her fingers. She was also performing a slow striptease while playing with herself, first removing her thong to reveal a fully shaved pussy and finally getting completely naked after the blouse, skirt and the bra were tossed from the bed.

Tom now realized that he was lucky to be at this open house, instead of being at the cottage on this long weekend. As his mind got back on track to the show, Cassandra had pulled a vibrator from her purse and was now slowly sliding it into her pussy. Tom was sure his cock was going to explode in his pants before he got to use it on Cassandra. He wasn’t sure how she knew that watching a woman masturbate was one of Tom’s fantasies. There were times that he was quite happy to watch a woman masturbate while he pleased himself instead of fucking the woman. Cassandra was now well into the vibrator (and the vibrator was well into her) and starting to moan and move. This was heaven for Tom. He wanted so badly to pull out his cock and jerk off so he could finish at the same time as Cassandra was going to cum, but he didn’t. He was hoping this was just the start of a long afternoon with her. This was obviously not the first time she had used that vibrator. It was a well choreographed performance. Cassandra moved it in and out of her pussy, then would pull it right out and pleasure her clit with it. As the moaning got louder and the movements into and out of her pussy got quicker, Tom was sure Cassandra was just about ready to cum. At this point, so was he. Tom knew his underwear, and probably his pants by now, were wet with pre-cum. As he watched and listened to Cassandra, he was shocked when, just as she was about to cum, she pulled out the vibrator and told Tom it was time for him to get naked. He didn’t need to be told twice. In less time then it took him to think about it, Tom had disrobed and was heading toward the bed, his rock hard cock leading the way. Cassandra told him to lay down as she got off t
he bed and grabbed her
purse. From it she pulled 4 silk scarves. She ordered Tom to spread his legs and put his arms out to the side, above his head. As Cassandra tied Tom’s legs to the foot of the bed, his mind raced wondering what she had in mind for him. He loved the performance she had just put on for him and knew it was going to be something awesome that was about to happen. After she finished with his legs, Cassandra moved up the bed to tie Tom’s arms to the posts on the headboard. As she reached across to tie his left arm, her tits rubbed across Tom’s face and he watched as her nipples harden. He couldn’t wait for the action to begin. Not being able to control his arms or legs, or touch any part of Cassandra with his hands, left Tom imagining what he would be able to do with just his tongue.

After Cassandra finished tying Tom to the bed, she got on the bed and stood above him, vibrator in hand. Tom loved the view of both her pussy and tits from where he was laying. Her legs were spread wide as she straddled him and he just about came when she took the vibrator and brushed it against his cock before shoving it deep into her pussy. With the vibrator moving in and out of her pussy, her other hand caressing her tits and her head tilted back, Tom once again thought about how his day had gone from dead boring to the most exciting he’d ever had! Tom knew now that she couldn’t hold on much longer, he could tell she was ready to cum. While her moaning increased, her hand was a blur as she shoved the vibrator in and out of her pussy faster and faster. As she started to cum, she pulled the vibrator from her pussy and rubbed her clit vigorously with it. Tom had never experienced a woman who was a “squirter” before. As she was cuming, her juices were shooting from her pussy like a fountain. Tom’s face, shoulders and chest were covered with her hot, wet juice. He licked his face to get a taste of Cassandra’s pussy juice and it left him wanting more. He couldn’t wait until she swallowed his cock with her pussy and he could fuck her until his juices filled her to overflowing. But that wasn’t about to happen. When she was done, she turned off the vibrator, got down off the bed and reached for her purse again. Tom was again wondering what was about to happen. She grabbed the cell phone from her purse and asked Tom if he would mind if her sister joined them. Tom could not believe his ears! After what he just witnessed, now this hot woman wanted to bring her sister in on the act. Before he had any more time to think about it, there was a knock at the door and then it opened. Now Tom couldn’t believe his eyes! He recognized Cassandra’s sister as a girl he had once “dated”. Tom never really dated the same girl more than once or twice which is why he was known around town as a player. As Julie approached the bed, Cassandra nodded to Tom and asked if he needed an introduction. At this point, Tom started to get a little frightened that this meeting today wasn’t a coincidence.

Once Cassandra had finished dressing, she picked up her purse, took her sister by the arm and turned to walk out the door. Just before they opened the door to leave, Julie turned to Tom, still tied to the bed, and suggested to him that, in the future, he might want to call his “dates” back to avoid this type of messy situation.

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