I have a neighbor that has been the apple of my eye for about 8 years. We all know she has fake 42DD boobs, but that was not my first attraction to her.
First, she has a very cool frame and is about 6′ tall. Second, she has a great ass. And, third, she comes across as very shy. That last thing is what worried me.
She is not young, nor am I. But I always thought a hot older women was better than a selfish young woman anyway.
I was working around the house on my 50th birthday, feeling kind of robbed. Since I had never had anal sex with a women. Cyndy came outside as she often does with great shorts and a tank top. “Hi neighbor”, she said and I responded with my usual “Hi”.
Then she asked if she was wrong but it was my birthday soon. I responded, “Today is the day.”
“So what is your birthday wish?”, Cyndy asked. I gulped and said, “You don’t wanna know.” She said, “It can’t be that bad, and if I can help please let me know.”
At that point I was already tired of being a good guy and said, “Well if you really want to know, I would love to see you naked.”
I could see a glimmer in her eyes and a very sinister smile. She then said, ” What’s in it for me?” I just meekly responded, “Anything you like.”
“Okay,” she said. “Just for your birthday, but you supply the wine.” I ran home almost tripping on myself and got a great bottle of wine.
When I returned she was already dressed in a silk robe, and stockings. Cyndy said, ” if we are going to do this we will do this right.” I had no arguments with that as she looked great. She had on a black satin robe with black stockings and at that point I did not know what else.
We sat in her living room and I poured the wine. She said wine was her favorite aphrodisiac.
I noticed as she uncrossed and crssoed her legs that there were no panties. She was cleanly trimmed with just a hair of a landing strip.
Cyndy then said, “Well, every guy wants to see my tits, so when do you want to see them?”
“No way,” I said. It’s not your tits I like but that great ass. She smiled and said, ” Well and finally one good man.”
Then she said,”Here’s the deal. I show you mine and you show me yours.” I was so stiff already I didn’t care. She dropped her robe and the great big tits fell out. They were really beautiful, but not my style. What was left was her in a G string standing befor me. Then she said.” You’re turn!”. I took off my shirt, and must admit I am in good shape for 50. Then dropped my drawers. My cock popped out and I could hear Cyndy gasp. Not that I am so big but bigger than most, and obviously her husband.
“Stroke it” she said and I did. Then all of a sudden she came over and bent over and said, “Lick my ass” I was in total heaven as my tongue went down her back and into her lovely ass. She lifted her hips and put her pussy into my face. She kept moving up and down between her pussy and he ass until she exploded into an amazing orgasm. I’m not sure it had anything to do with me but her great desire. Then she said, “Your birthday present.” She spread her cheeks and guided my cock into her ass. It was better than I thought it would be. She pushed against me, with a finger in her pussy. I was in heaven as I just blew my load into her ass.
When it was done, she said, ” If you want more of this, then it is our secret.” Since then we fuck about once a week.

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