Damion, The Vampire

Back in the medieval ages, when there supposedly dragons and wizards, when kings and queens, knights, archers, horsemen and the sort ruled, I was and still am a Vampire. I had owned my own castle, land and village of people who treated me as a god. My rival though was King Marco IV. In my younger years as a Vampire I had killed all of the King Marco’s because I was power hungry and they controlled most of the land. Unfortunately I didn’t know they keep the sex in their family so they kept multiplying, one died another came and another and another. But you’ll hear about him later. All of the villagers didn’t know what I was, if they saw me though they would all bow down and worship me, giving me food, money and the sorts, I didn’t need it. Now just to let you know Vampires don’t burn out in the sunlight it’s a bunch of BS, garlic, crosses, holy water all of that is bullshit. A stake through the heart (like I have one) would maybe kill us but fire was our enemy. Now in this time most of the Vampire race had died out, there were a few left but they were being hunted, me I was older then most, those who came to hunt me died at my hands, I sent their chopped up bodies back to their homelands.
In my castle though I had many slaves, all of them were women and some men. The women I had to make sure they were young, for I was young and I thirsted off of young blood. The men were there to maybe keep me company at times. How I came to be king was simple, I killed the King of this village by ripping his head off and now everyone worships me, easy. Now my favorite slave was a girl named Carla. She was 25 and about 5’6, long red hair, nice green eyes, and a nice mouth which she used to suck my cock numerous times and always did a good job at it, her breasts were nicely round and firm, and her nipples were just the right size when they were erect, they were easy to pinch or suck on and her pussy was always shaved. The other slaves aren’t important; they were just my fuck toys. Now me, I’m about 300 years old but I was turned on my birthday when I turned 23 I am 6’3, dark black hair, my eyes were a cat like yellow and my pupils were in slits like a cats, my skin was a dark black, my fangs looked almost like a wolfs fangs but they were sharp enough to pierce the skin of my prey, I had a nice build not skinny or fat just muscular and my cock was 9inches long and about 3 1/2inchs thick. From the first day I took control of the village I ordered Carla to come to my room, every morning, evening and night to fuck me, she didn’t object. I also ordered the villagers that once every 2 years they were to send me their daughters, and I inspect them. If they were young (not kid young just like 18ish-20ish) then they would become my new slave if not they would leave. Now the girls who did make it in I would fuck them in front of their families, and if they did as told they would live, if they resisted then their family would be swimming with the fishes. One night I had Carla come up to my room as regular routine and when she entered she did her usual thing, undressed from her silk gown and lie on the bed. I was looking out at the rain and listening to the lightning when I went over to her. I spread her legs as usual and pulled off my clothes in a hurry and slowly guided my cock inside her already wet pussy. I entered her slowly and while entering her I heard small moans of pleasure escape her lips and she wrapped her hands around my neck and looked into my eyes. I was inside of her by now and began to thrust into her, since she was lying on her back and I was on top I had to move my hips up and down, slowly at first then faster and harder. In a few short minutes I had Carla screaming my name (Damion) loud and with shouts of pleasure, her head was arched back and facing the back of my bed, her tits kept jiggling with each of my hard thrusts. I put my hand on her right breast and squeezed softly, fondling it best I can and I held my position with my left hand on the bed. Carla wrapped her legs around my waist and helped me thrust into her which sent her into wave after wave of pleasure. I could hear the smacking sounds of my ball sack hitting her pussy and within a few short seconds she came all over my cock. I held back my orgasm because I wanted to shoot my sperm in her mouth, on her face, all over her. I pulled out of her wet pussy and hearing protests coming from her about wanting my baby and my sperm inside of her I stood up and ordered her to suck my cock. I watched Carla slide off the bed and onto her knees in front of me, she wrapped a hand around my cock and began to stroke it slowly, her juices had it already lubed so she didn’t need any spit or anything to get it nice and wet. For what seemed to be a couple of minutes Carla just moved her hand back and forth on my cock then she put her warm mouth over it and began to move her head back forth, my hard member hitting the back of her mouth softly. I heard her moan on my cock and she began to fondle my ball sack with her right hand, her tongue was swirling and licking my cock while she kept sucking it with ambition and eagerness. I groaned softly and sighed as I shot my warm seed inside of her mouth, I heard her gulping it all down and saw a little bit of it drizzle down her chin. When she finished cleaning up my cock she licked up the sperm that had landed on the floor and got dressed then bowed and left my room. I went to sleep. During the middle of the night I heard yelling and swords clanging against each other. Someone had invaded my castle in the middle of the night, not a good idea. I quickly got dressed in a silk shirt and cotton pants and ran down the long hallway into the big room where I held parties and banquets. There was fire, dead bodies, blood, arrows, fallen swords and shields on the tile floor. I saw my knights (red) and Marcos’ knights (gold) fighting. My slaves were being taken away in carriages or some were killed. I felt a stab in my stomach and looked down to see a broad sword in me, to the hilt and I looked up at a gold knight, he thought he had killed me.
“Foolish mortal.” I told him and pulling the sword out of me I sliced his head off in one quick swipe. His head rolled down the steps and his body sagged to the floor. My wound quickly healed, the skin was pulling together and would leave an odd tingling sensation in the area for a few seconds.
I decided to join in on the fight and helping out a few of the red knights who were getting gang upped on I had probably killed most of the gold knights. The others fled in terror. I looked around and only 5 of my slaves (3 women 2 men) came to me, these were the only ones left.
“Where are the others?” I asked I didn’t need an answer I already knew, they were being taken to Marcos, which meant Carla was there.
In 2 short hours I got my horse ready, a black stallion and I didn’t need any armor so I just went looking like a beggar. Following the tracks in the mud, left by the houses I traveled to Marcos’ village. It wasn’t a long travel really, just over a few rivers and past the forest I had reached his castle. When I was trotting out of the forest though I heard a rustling sound coming from the trees, ignoring it I traveled on then before I knew it I was caught in a net, my horse had ran off when I had landed on the ground. The men who were capturing me though were my personal bodyguards, that’s why I hadn’t had seen them at the fight because if they were there then I wouldn’t have lost most of my slaves.
“Traitors!” I shouted at them and they just laughed and dragged me through the mud to Marcos’ village.
When we entered the village, in the courtyard was a huge pyre of wood and a long wooden pole, they were planning on burning me alive. I saw Marcos’ fat ugly self up in the King’s observery where the King and Queen could watch deaths and hangings and such laughing.
“Tonight, Damion, you do not die, your slaves die and you get to watch them, then I shall have you burned!” he screamed down at me.
One by one I watched my helpless slaves killed. Not by fire but by the knigh
ts, and villagers. S
ome were stoned, stabbed to death and some were shot with countless arrows. I shed a tear for all of this, couldn’t help it. I saw Carla standing next to Marcos, her head down in shame, she had been captured as I thought but she wasn’t going to die, she was going to do to the King what she had done to me, become a sex slave, a fuck toy. I was locked in a cell that night; my strength wasn’t enough to break the bars or the walls so I was trapped. Only reason I was really weak was because I had not fed for weeks, I thought I was invincible and like most men with power got cocky. The next day I was tied up at the pyre and saying some quick prayers to God, hoping for my revenge I felt the fire envelop my body and I turned to nothing but ash…

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  1. random

    hey this story is kick ass stright and i love your way you look at vampires the true way and not the steriotypical way id love to read more if you have any more work email me at paintballr113@msn.com

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