Dave's Story

It was mid-winter and I had planned on helping my friend move into his new apartment. We started around noon and moved as much as we could it was just three of us, Dave, his brother, and me. As we moved all the stuff in the three of us flirted like we always did. I only flirted with his brother so it wouldn’t be so obvious how much I truly wanted him. As we sat there relaxing, Dave’s brother said he had to go run an errand for their dad then he was going home. I flopped down on the bed, which was right across from the bathroom. I was tired and so was he. His body was hurting. He went and grabbed a towel and a pair of shorts and said he was going to take a bath in his new jacuzzi tub. I told him I would be all right and to go ahead. I looked for my bag I had brought and then walked to the bathroom. He had the music going, the jacuzzi running, and the lights were dimmed.
I stripped myself completely naked outside the door and quietly walked in. I stood there for a minute and just stared at his body. I felt myself getting wet from the anticipation. I stood behind Dave reaching into my bag and grabbing my blindfold. I bend down sliding it on him. He jumped startled. I grabbed his arms before he reached the blindfold, and whispered into his ear, “be a good boy and do as your told and you will be rewarded well, do you understand me?” He shook his head yes. I pulled his arms behind he head and handcuffed him to a water pipe. I climbed into the bathtub with him and rubbed my body against his. I kissed him once on the lips, kissing down his neck to his chest. I take my tongue and circle his right nipple. First with my tongue and then with my teeth, teasing him. Dave let out a moan. ” You like that babyboy don’t you?” I asked. He shook his head once again. I turned around in the tub and bent over in front of his face, grinding my wet pussy in his face. “Its O.K. baby lick it I know you want it” I say to him. He begins to lick me so fast and hard I moan in delight. I hold on to the sides of the tub trying not to loose my balance. I push back harder against him, smothering him. I pulled away from him feeling him trying to follow. I stopped the tub from running and let almost all the water out just enough for me to get in-between. I grab my bag once again and pour motion lotion on his already hard cock. He jumps a little cause it’s so cold. I start licking away and he starts moaning. Not only does it feel good its starting to warm up. I hear the handcuffs clink on the pipe, and I know you are enjoying this way too much. I pull my mouth away. Thinking to myself how hard you are, I lightly slap the bottom of his cock. I hear him let out a grunt.
I move out of the tub, bending down to whisper in your ear, “come into the bedroom my good little boy ill be waiting.” I unlock one side of the handcuffs and leave the bathroom. I crawl into bed kneeling at the foot of it waiting for him to join me. Not too long after he comes in blindfold around his neck and handcuff still on his left wrist. “Come here” I yell ” I want you on your hands and knees” He does as he is told. I laugh to myself thinking he is all mine. I again reach into my bag and pull out my little vibrator. He hears this and starts to turn around. I pull my hand back and smack him hard on his ass. I tell him not to look and to sit still. I take the vibrator and start to tease his balls and up around his asshole. He squirms furiously. Rubbing it down farther onto his cock. I get in between his legs and start sucking his cock again. The head of his cock is so tight I know he will cum real soon. I suck hard while I stroke his shaft. Still teasing his balls with my little vibrator. I move my hand and smack his ass again hard and just then he shoots his load in my mouth. I do all I can to swallow it all up. He falls onto the bed as I clean him up completely. He is quite out of breath.
As I look into his eyes I loose all of my confidence and turn into the shy girl I normally am. I blush hard feeling my face heating up knowing how red I am getting. I see you staring at me. You sit up and now you are close to me. You take my face in your hands, which always has drove me wild. I close my eyes enjoying your touch. I feel you leaning in and you kiss me hard and long. And when you let go of my face I almost fall backwards. You move kneeling on the side of the bed whirling me around and laying me on my back. I lay half sitting half lying against the headboard. I watch you as you move in between my legs. I feel my body start to tremble, anticipating what you might do to me. You wrap your arms around my legs and pull me quickly too you. I watch you as you begin to lick me. I lay back down closing my eyes. Enjoying every motion you make. I feel your arms moving onto of my legs, trying to pin my legs down to keep me from squirming so much. Then I feel you sliding two fingers inside me. I moan louder and louder. Planting my feet against the bed squirming more and more. Pushing myself off the bed. My heart beats hard and fast. Pushing myself further off the bed I cum hard in your mouth. I drop myself to the bed. I lay there trying to catch my breath. As I feel you moving your way up my body. Feeling your hard cock against my drenched pussy. I put my arms around your neck, feeling you teasing me rubbing your cock on my pussy. I try pulling you closer wanting you in me so bad. I move my hands down on the backs of your arms massaging. As my body relaxes you thrust hard and I let out a scream and dig my nails into the back of your arms. Then you start sliding in and out of me slowly. I moan enjoying every thrust. I feel you moving faster and harder. I begin to climax again, and just when I’m ready to cum you stop completely. You kneel again turning me over. You pull me to you. My back is against your chest as you kiss my neck and ears. Your hands wander gently caressing my breasts. I lay my head against your shoulder. I feel your hand wander to the back of my neck. You grip my neck firmly and push me down on my hands and knees. I feel you pushing your cock against my pussy once again. I bury my face into a pillow as I feel you grabbing my hair pulling gently lifting my face up. I know then that you don’t want me to be quiet. You slide your cock in me. It still feels like a tight fit. I moan to your motions and I start moving with you. Slamming back against you soon I take over the motions you bracing yourself against me. I moan louder and louder almost screaming. I feel you pulling my hair a little more. I slow down feeling you moving against me at a faster pace. I feel your right hand leave my hip, as you spank me. Which drives me close to cumming. You are slamming into me so hard. I yell out, ” OH MY GOD” repeatedly. And with one last thrust we cum together. You lay down next to me holding me so close and tight. I feel how fast and hard your heart is beating.
I catch my breath and whisper into you ear that was your house warming present. As we doze off to sleep.

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