Deep Space Antics

Ronald Doll stood silently before his captain and waited for his sentencing. He knew he was on thin ice and that he could be court-martialed for disobeying a direct order; but he simply could not hand over his pet cat. He knew they would disect her to find out if she was a danger to the ship and crew…he knew she wasn’t but they didn’t believe him! He had to protect her at all costs, especially now. Her kittens were due any time and he wasn’t about to let anybody hurt her or them, no matter what!
Captain Hennessy spoke up at long last.
“Well Dolly…what’s it going to be? You or that damn cat? Give her to us and I will forget this whole thing…continue to defy me and I will have no choice but to sentence you for insubordination and refusing to follow a direct order.” He waited impatiently.
“Captain; if I give her over to you, will you promise she won’t be killed? I mean, she’s going to have kittens for Christs’ sake! You can’t kill them and her too! You just can’t!”, Dolly cried out.
“I can’t give you what you want, Dolly, and you know it. We have to make sure she isn’t a danger to anyone onboard this ship! We have rules and you know they have to be followed…especially where unauthorized lifeforms are concerned! Now where is that cat!?”
“Sorry sir, I can’t tell you. I won’t let you hurt her or the kits. You will just have to court-martial me.”, Dolly said and hung his head.
“All right Ensign Dolly. You leave me no choice. I sentence you to 18 months in the cryo chamber without pay. You are to report to the sleeper deck immediately. Your sentence will be carried out within the hour. Dismissed!”
Without another word Dolly turned and left the room. Cryo chamber? He had heard of them, but never seen them. Rushing to his quarters, he quickly grabbed a small sack and stuffed the very pregnant cat into it and headed down to the bottom hold. She would be safe down there, nobody ever goes down to hold #48! It was literally at the bottom of the ship!
Stepping into the cryo-tube Dolly waved goodbye to the man in front of the window and smiled. Sleeping for 18 months would be a piece of cake, especially since he wouldn’t even feel it or know anything during that time. The young sargent pushed the switch and Dolly simply stopped moving–his hand still waving goodbye.
With a slight rushing sound, the cryo-tube opened and Dolly stepped out. No one was around and he wondered what had gone wrong. He was supposed to be put into stasis and now the sargent had disappeared. Suddenly, a voice was heard from the speakers above his head.
“You can relax now Dolly and come out of stasis. The radiation has dropped to a tolerant level for you and I can safely let you out now.”
Dolly looked all around and then realized that it was the onboard ships’ computer speaking to him.
“Mac; where is the sargent who was just here? Why aren’t I going into stasis? Has anything happened?” and then he realized what he had heard.
“What do you mean..’safe for me to come OUT of stasis?’ and what’s this about RADIATION?!!!” he asked.
Mac responded quietly. “I mean that everyone is dead and you can safely come out of stasis because the radiation levels have now dropped below the danger levels for humans.”
“Do you mean that I’m the only one left? When the hell did all this happen? How long have I been in stasis?”
“The leak occurred about two months after you went into stasis and that was 3 million years ago. We have been traveling on our projected course without any further mishaps, but now you can come out and decide what you want to do.”
“3 MILLION YEARS???? Did you say 3 MILLION YEARS???”
“Yes Dolly. A hatch cover seal broke, and radiation flooded the forward half of the ship before I could seal everything off. By that time, the whole ship had been contaminated and soon afterwards the whole crew died. You survived because you were in stasis and now you are able to move about the ship safely. There is a lifeform aboard as well…living down below.”
“Is this life form safe for me to contact?”
“Yes…but I should warn you that it has evolved from the cat and her kittens. They were protected because you placed her down in the hold before going into stasis and because of that, she never got exposed. Her offspring did however, venture out of the hold and eventually evolved into what you will find to be mostly human-like.”
“Human-like? This I gotta see!”, and Dolly headed out in search of he knew not what.
Meara stood silently, listening. She couldn’t be sure what had made her stop and listen, but she sensed that she was no longer alone. She felt the fine hairs on her neck and arms stand up, a sure sign of coming danger. Melting into the shadows, she made no sound, barely breathing as she waited for what she knew not…
Dolly headed down the corridors of the now silent ship. He saw many piles of white dust…calcium powder, and knew that Mac had spoken truthfully. Something caught his eye as he turned down a darkened passage. Just a shifting of the shadows, but it was enough to make him freeze and hold his breath.
Meara saw him at the same time. Her breath caught in her chest and she felt her body tingle with a sudden heat…’what in the world?’ she pondered as she stood still.
Dolly moved one step forward, then another, until he was almost upon her. Suddenly, like a moving shadow, he turned and pressed her against the bulkhead.
“You must be the lifeform that Mac told me about. He didn’t tell me you were a woman, nor did he tell me you were beautiful. But here you are, and you most definately are something to behold. I hope you feel the same…”, he breathed into her face just before he planted his lips to hers.
Meara didn’t know what to do. He was large, and definately a male…and not to bad to look at…but…he was upon her, and then he was touching her with his mouth, and his tongue was trying to invade her. She tried to speak, but that only let him in. As he pressed more firmly against her, she felt a sudden change in the body before her…a tightening and growing in certain parts that she didn’t quite understand. His tongue danced and teased hers and then she felt that surge of heat course up and down her body making her shiver with excitement and, what? Anticipation perhaps? Yes, that was it. Anticipation. She had never been touched or tasted or felt any of these feelings before; at least, not like this.
Hands began to slide up and down her body, feeling every inch of her.
‘She was tall and slender and built to good-sized measurements’, Dolly thought as his hands found and cupped her large breasts.
“Have you ever made love in the hallway?”, he asked as he began to undo her buttons.
She gasped. “I have never procreated at all!”, she exclaimed as she tried vainly to stop his exploring hands.
“Really? Well, nows as good a time as any. After all, we are all alone and its only right that we begin to make more people…don’t you think so?” and smiling, he pulled her down to the floor and began to suckle on her now fully exposed breasts, taking first one and then the other nipple into his mouth and sucking deeply all the while squeezing and caressing the other.
Meara groaned in spite of herself. She was overwhelmed by these strange feelings and the heat was filling her brain and crying for release! She arched up towards him, giving more of herself as he drew her into his mouth. Soon, one hand moved downward and slid inside the band of her long skirt. She felt him go between her legs and gasped when he touched her there. She wore nothing beneath her outer layer of clothing and as soon as his hand found her mound, she felt that heat course through her and settle exactly beneath his hand.
Arching high into the air, she cried out. Her body was responding in ways that she didn’t understand but couldn’t stop. She needed to feel more and knew that this stranger was going to show her. Shift
ing slightly, she felt his hand move and then stiffened as he pressed a
finger into her now wet hole.
Dolly didn’t press far, just enough to feel her tightness and wetness and he knew she was a virgin. A VIRGIN!!
Raising his head, he looked deep into her now glassy eyes.
“I think you want me, cat. I definately want you! Let’s go someplace more comfortable and see what happens, ok?” he asked, his lips only a breath from hers.
Staring into his eyes, she could only nod in agreement. Quickly, Dolly rose, and picked her up. Without preamble he turned and headed back the way he had come and swiftly made it through three corridors and down to his chambers.
At the door, he paused and ordered Mac to open the door. It slid open with a slight whisper. Inside the lights came on automatically. Stepping inside, the door slid shut behind them.
Wasting no time, Dolly strode across the small room to the bunk attatched to one wall. Laying the now trembling girl down, he stood and made to undress. She stared at him in puzzlement.
“What are you doing?” she asked in a small voice.
“Undressing of course. What do you think I’m doing?” he replied.
“Why? I thought you wanted to procreate. Why take off your clothes?”
Dolly couldn’t believe she was that innocent.
“How do you ‘procreate’ then if you don’t take off your clothes?” he asked.
“We simply shift them to expose ourselves of course and then after copulation we continue on with our lives. What do you do?” she countered.
Dolly laughed. This was going to be fun! She had no idea what to expect and so he could literally do anything he wanted to with and to her! Hell, he could anyway if what Mac told him was true!
Stripping down to his birthday suit, Dolly reached down and quickly helped her out of her clothes.
“What’s your name, by the way?” he asked as he removed her skirt.
“MmmMeara”, she stammered slightly as she once more felt heat course through her. As she shivered again, Dolly smiled at her.
“Well Meara, my name is Ronald Dolly, but you can call me Dolly. I am going to mate with you now and then you will be mine. We will have sex whenever and wherever I command and you will please me and pleasure me at all times. Do you understand me?” and he climbed on top of her and waited.
With a slight nod of the head, Dolly pressed into her, slowly at first and then with more pressure. As he felt her barrier he shoved hard and Meara cried out. Leaning down, he covered her lips with his own, plunging his tongue in and out of her mouth in time with his hips.
Burying himself deep inside her, he felt her contract against him, pulling him even deeper. She was soooo tight! He wasted no time in pumping in and out, faster and faster, his climax approaching quickly. It had been WAAAAYYYY TOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG since he had fucked anything, let alone anything this tight! She gasped as she felt something explode deep in her gut, and heat rushed through her once more, then she felt something else…a tingle and burning, and then she felt very wet indeed…Dolly shot his load deep into her waiting cunt just as she reciprocated, clutching him tightly with her cunt walls.
She shuddered as he lowered his head and once more suckled her heaving breasts. She was a woman now, and ready to mate on a regular basis. With a soft sigh, she clasped her newfound mate to her and cradled him as he suckled like a newborn kit.
Soon, she felt him stiffen within her and the sexual dance began again. It would continue on throughout the night and into the next day before they collapsed from exhaustion.
Exhaustion was all that did stop them; then and on into the next several months. Everywhere they went, they found a reason to lay down together. She soon learned that he liked her being accessible and that her coverings did not please him if he had to waste time in their removal. She soon stopped wearing anything and was always naked and ready for him.
Dolly made sure that she understood who was in charge though. She was not allowed to make the first move…she had to wait for him to approach her. She learned to puurrr her satisfaction, like the cat she was, and he liked hearing that sound when she climaxed around his hard cock. She also learned to give head and had a good mouth for it. She could suck him dry without any trouble at all and she swallowed his cream just like lapping up milk.
They fucked and sucked all over the ship and soon, she got to the point of conceiving. They were going to have a child…the new generation; born deep in outer space and more than 3 million light years from earth.
Dolly fucked her extra hard that night; knowing that eventually, she would only be able to give head and masturbate for him. Their child was growing and making his presence known, even as he slammed into her cunt and made her his yet again. Meara only smiled as he pounded into her, her arms holding him close. This stranger had become her mate, her protector and her keeper; and now was going to be the father of her children. She cried out with release even as he flooded her with more of his strong seed…

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  1. dwzlfut

    This is a direct rip off of Red Dwarf!!! Who do you think your kidding. You could have at least changed it to a dog.

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    I loved your story !!! Great read

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  3. total, and utter rip of Red Dwarf.. get a life wanker…

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