The Demon Lover Part 1

Late one Winter, along came the flu.  A few days were feverish and unpleasant.  I slept as much as I could.  My fever was peaking when he came.

The room was mostly dark, my bed covers skewed with my tossing and turning.  I sensed his presence close by before I opened my eyes.  My first sight was his face inches from mine, moving in for a kiss.  His lips were on mine before I could gasp in disbelief.  My next breath was from his mouth, and it felt warm and sweet with just a hint of decay.   The kiss, while a total surprise, blasted me into ecstasy.  Out of nowhere my erection was huge, my desire wild.  I moved to hold his head to me, kissing back, and then his tongue entered me in a sudden thrust, opening my throat – how could that be – and seemed to take possession of my whole mouth.  Almost senseless with his presence, all I could do at first was moan.  I was breathing his breath, and swallowing his spit.  He seemed to be pouring himself into me.  I was too weak and stunned to kiss back at first, but then I pushed back with my own tongue, and found it sucked into his mouth.  Suddenly I was being sucked into him.  I writhed in fear, gave a small scream, some of it in pleasure.  He pulled back, whispered, “Fear not, only believe,” and began to lick my face.  It was magic; I felt like a small puppy being cleaned by his mother.  I was able to catch short glimpses of his face, all planes and angles.  He looked more drawn in charcoal than real.

My face was wet with his spit.  His head moved down, tongue and teeth on my neck.  I had little fear, perhaps I should have.  All I wanted was more, more of his lips, more of his tongue, more of his teeth.  My armpits, were next, his lips pulling on the hair.  And then my nipples, sucked and tongued and nibbled.  The wave of lust and ecstasy has been so tense but till then, that I almost had forgotten my cock.  It seemed bigger and harder than it had ever been; I could feel the pre-cum on my stomach.  My hips were moving all on their own.

Next he moved up on his knees, straddling me, and I saw him for the first time.  He was a demon, a goatish animal look to his face, small horns on his head.  Below, his body was all taught muscle, covered in reddish brown hair.  My eyes widened in horror as I saw who he was, but then my gaze landed on his cock, an extraordinary instrument, long and thick and black, a bulging head, already dripping.  Lust trumped fear; my little gasp was one of joy and wonder.  He moved up my body, still his member was hanging above me.  I so wanted to lick and kiss and love it, but he put his hands around my neck.  “Do you want this inside you, do you want me to fill you?”  My whimpers – all I was capable of – meant yes, and he responded with: “Worship me with your words and your tongue.”

“My master, my lord,” I said as he lowered his penis to my mouth.  Gently I licked and softly kissed the length of his shaft.  He was huge, strongly veined, the skin hard, stretched and hot.  Something in his very slowly thrusting movements told me I was pleasing him.  But he groaned, or growled, when I said, “My lord, I beg you give me this your gift.”  He brought the tip to my mouth.  His pre-cum was amazing, fluid and tasting of salty custard laced with brandy.  My lips moved down his glans, my mouth widening to take him.  I wanted his cock in my mouth, I wanted to choke on him.  Not yet.  His hand took my neck again, and he moved down the bed.

Firmly, but tenderly, he lifted my legs, showing my ass.  He was obviously looking at my hole, when grave smile crossed his face, and in a deep voice he challenged,  “Do you give this to me?”  “Yes my lord, all of me is yours.”  I wondered, and feared, what his huge penis would do to me.  I prepared as best I could to take him in.  Not yet.  Raising my hips, his face descended, hands spreading my cheeks.  I felt his hot breath first.  Anticipation.  With the first gentle flick of his tongue I was already desperate to have him inside me.  First he circled my hole, then that long, strong tongue opened me and found its way inside.  It seemed as if he could flick my prostate.  That seemed impossible but perhaps not for a demon.   I was vibrating like a string.  All of me was on fire.  I didn’t even feel my orgasm directly, as my whole body was involved, but then my stomach was covered in sperm.  His thrusts slowed, then stopped, leaving me so fulfilled and loved.

He lowered my hips to the ground, kneeling before me.  His cock seemed to have grown.  Lust and fear battled again.  He scooped my sperm – gosh there was a lot of it – and spread it on his penis.  What a joy to have my sperm on his cock coming inside my ass.  When the bulbous head of his cock touched my hole, I pushed toward him, almost reflexively as my whole body needed him inside me.  But I stopped with a yelp when the full size started to stretch and open me.  My demon was patient, and let my lust take its course.  Yes it hurt, but now it was lust overcoming hurt.  Holding his small and delicate hands, I pulled him in so slowly.  When the head popped in, I whimpered in pain.  I had never been opened that much, not even close.  I pulled back, but felt immediately the loss of him inside me.  I brought him in again, this time a little further.  I gazed at him with trusting eyes.  “I am yours, my lord.”  Those words were magic to him, he groaned in satisfaction and eased himself deeper in me.  We stopped on the way when there was resistance, and each time my body opened more.  His penis seemed endless.  Finally, it reached a barrier, what seemed to be the end of my opening.  But it wasn’t.  We stayed still for a while, though I swear I could feel him pulsing inside me.  Then he bent down, bringing his head close to me.  That deep bass rumble, “Do you love your lord?”  My frantic response, “My master, my lord, I love you, I worship you!”  And these were magic words.  As his tongue filled my mouth once again, he pushed himself all the way into me, forcing my insides.  My scream was lost in his roar of conquest.

Now he was all the way in.  His presence was huge inside me.  I could see his bulge move the skin of my stomach.  I could barely breathe.  But I felt we were one, or rather that I was part of him, a feeling intensified by his tongue seeming to move down my throat.  If you can be gentle in those circumstances, he was at first.  For a long while, he just rested inside me, waiting for me to move.  And of course my lust took over.  I grabbed his hard ass and tried to pull him more into me.  That was the signal for him to start slow thrusts.  Each withdrawal seemed to take my insides with him, each push seemed to open me up.  I was gasping and moaning – and loving every second of it.  One hand on his ass, the other on his lean and hard and ugly face, itself lost in sexual pleasure.  I used my skills as a bottom: kegels, contractions, hip moves.  It was his turn to moan, and his thrusts became longer and harder.

He was on the road to climax, but I wanted that road to be a bit longer, so I eased back and tried to slow him.  Raising himself from my body, he looked yearning, “Do you love your lord?”  From me, “My lord, my lord, I love you.”  “Then I will seed you.”

He was groaning as he began long and slow and deep insertions, almost pulling out each time.  He wanted no help from me, which was good as I was not in the real world.  I was away floating on the feeling of his hugeness moving in me – I was feeling sexual pleasure but also a sense of absolute loss when his cock was leaving, then total possession as it found its mark.  I existed to receive his sperm.  His thrusts became faster, he seemed to be gasping and speaking at the same time.  They were the same words, almost unintelligible, so I was able to pick up some words over time, “Go my spirit, find your love, find your home.”

His thrusts became shorter as he moved down toward me again, his face before mine.  The tongue was out again, wetting my face, filling my mouth, into my ears, my nose, even my eyes.  With short hammer blows from his cock, moving my body, his orgasm began.  Grunting, licking, biting, then roaring with inhuman force.  He poured himself into me, the jets and gushes seeming to synchronize with the deepest part of his lunges.  They say you can’t feel the cum but I swear this time I did.  For one thing, it was hot; for another there appeared to be a flood of it.  Each time his cock pulled back there was a wet gush down my crack to the sheets, the wetness spreading around my ass.  The sheets were soaked.  I so wanted to taste that, but my arms were pinned as he finished his seeding.

Suddenly he collapsed onto me, his whole weight on top.  Was he dead?  I couldn’t survive for long under his mass.  But his loss of consciousness was short, and soon he was lighter, his tongue once again grooming me.  And then he began to pull out, a slow retreat which was gentle but very sad for me.  I made wistful sounds and he seemed to understand; his face was gentle.  He moved me up next to him, enfolded me in his arms and said “We sleep now.”  We did, one of the best sleeps of my life.

When I awoke he was gone.  And so was my fever.  In fact, I felt healthier than I had felt in a long time, though still very weak.  As I tried to organize my thoughts, I wondered whether the whole even had been a dream, a creation of a fever peaking.  Was that possible?  No, it was real.  My ass felt ‘used’, not really sore but ‘used’.  And the sheets were still wet, fragrant with his seed.

I felt as if something had happened to me.  Of course some mind blowing sex had happened, but I mean that I felt that something else had happened to me.  And it had.

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