Derek Jeter and the ice bucket

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I had begun dating a guy who worked for the MLB team in my city. He worked inthe head office, mostly doing marketing work. I was dating him for completely shallow reasons: he was attractive, made good money, but most of all, had access to Major League Baseball players. I was 26, working at an administrative job uptown, and I was bored with life. I had just lost 100 lbs and looked and felt great, but I wasn’t eally drawing the attention from guys that I thought my new body would draw. Dean had hit on me at the gym. We had been dating the last two months and things wer going ok, but it wasn’t very exciting, or very HOT. And that’s what I wanted…HOT!!!!

One evening we were out to dinner after a game. He asked me if I wanted to make a couple hundred dollars hostessing a party in a box suite that weekend. The stadium shared with the city’s football team and a bunch of the palyers from the baseball team were going to watch the game from the company box. I think my eyes lit up because Dean said, “I’ll take your expression as a yes!”. The game was that Sunday. I was to wear a black dress, and basically mix and serve drinks to the players. There would be another hostess to take care of the food.

I arrived around 11 am, set up the bar, wandered around, and the went to get changed. The day before, I had bought a new dress. Black, short, body hugging, halter top dress that tied with spaghetti straps. I put on sexy strappy black 4 inch heels and no panties. Going commando always made me feel sexy. Players began arriving around noon and I served drinks. About half of them were there by game time. I knew that the Yankees were in town because we played them the day before, but I didn’t expect any of them to be at this event. Late in the first quarter, in walked Derek Jeter. (Whom I had long lusted after) I nearly dropped teh tray of beer I was carrying, but I tried to remain calm

“Good afternoon, Mr Jeter,” I said confidently. “I’m Marissa, your hostess. Would you like something to drink?” He smiled at me and touched my arm–ZING!!!! ELECTRICITY!!!!

“Actually, I’ll come back in a few minutes and get something,” he replied. “Nice to meet you Marissa.”

He headed out to where the players were watching the game. I watched them all shake hands and then I carried out the tray of beers. As I passed them around, I could feel Derek’s eyes on me. I caught his glances a few times, smiling confidently. I actually winked at him once, suprising myself. During hafltime, most of the guys came inside to get something to eat. I was helping Tracy, the other hostess, who seemed a bit overwhelmed. But I had run out of ice and had to go down the hall to get more. i nearly ran straight into Derek.

“Oh hey, I’m so sorry,”I said, looking into his eyes.
“No no my fault,” he replied, “are you ok?” he asked, touching my arm again…and more electricity. I nodded and mmm-hmmmed.
“So you never came and got your drink,” I said.
“Well why don’t I walk with you and I’ll get something when we get back.” I felt heat rise in my cheeks. We walked down the hall to the main catering room. The ice machine was in a smaller room at the back of the kitchen. I fumbled with the keys and mangaged to get the door open, and once it shut, the ice bucket he had taken from me crashed to the floor, and I felt Derek’s lips on mine. The heat of his mouth filled my chest and then flooded my body. Our tongues tangled and tasted each other. My back was to the wall, and he had his hands on my bare shoulders. his mouth moved from mine down my chin and traced down my neck. I moaned and ran my hands up his back into his hair. he kissed down my neck into my cleavage. I moaned again. When he reached to undo the ties of my dress, I snapped out of it, realizing where I was.

“Oh my god, I have to get back,” I said. He seemed to snap out of it as well.
“yeah, you’re right, I’m sorry,” he replid. He bent over to pick up the ice bucket.
“Don’t be,” i said, pulling him back to me, “I’d love to stay here, and if I could, I would.” He smiled and winked at me.
“You’re a very sexy woman Marissa,” he whispered in my ear.
“Thank you Mr Jeter,” I replied. Again, the ice bucket dropped to the floor. This time my mouth found his first. and I ran my tongue across his lips. He drove his tongue into my mouth., searching it out. His hands ran down the front of my bodyand I shivered under his touch.
“Are you ok?” he asked between kisses.
“Uh-huh,” I managed to reply. We kissed a few minutes more, until I insisted I go back. I was worried Dean may have come to see me. Derek apologized again. I kissed him on the cheek, and whispered,
“I want you,” and I smiled at him.

He smacked my ass as we walked out of the room. We were laughing and play fighting when Dean came around the corner. He looked a bit suprised to see Derek with me.
“Marissa,” he said in a bit of stern voice, “where have you been?”. I told him about running out of ice, which to me seemed like a valid excuse, but he didn’t seem pleased. Maybe it was the look in Derek’s eyes that pissed him off. Dean came with us back to the box, chatting up Derek the whole way. Once everyone had been served more drinks, Dean pulled me into the hall and reprimanded me. I got very defensive but maybe it was only because I felt guilty for what happened with Derek. Dean stood in the corner of the box and watched me work for the entire third quarter. i was pissed and knew that whatever we had was over. He finally left and within minutes, Derek was by my side, asing me if I was ok. I felt relieve just looking at him.

The 4th quearter was super slow, so Derek and I sat and watched the game on a sofa, saying goodbye to the players as they each left. Tracy left a few minutes after the game ended, and finally Derek and I were alone. I locked the door and sauntered over to him. He was standing outside, watching what was going on on the field. I wrapped my arms around his waist, and kissed the back of his neck.

“Mmmmm,” he said, “are we alone now?” I smiled and ran my hand down to his crotch and cupped his semi hard cock gently. “I guess that’s a yes,” he replied. He turned and kissed me. We went back inside, and I pulled him into the kitchen, which was semi private and would give us time if someone was to walk in. I leaned against the counter and he pressed his lips to mine. Our tongues found each other and he held my head in his hands. I reached down and began rubbing his now very hard cock through his pants. He groaned. I knew we had to hurry as Dean could come in anytime, and I was sure he would. So I pulled myself up onto the counter and shimmied my dress up enough that my pussy was exposed. Derek looked down at it, and then into my eyes.

“God you’re beautiful,” he said, kissing me again. I blushed, and then whispered,

“I need you inside me.” I reached down and unzipped his pants. He bit my neck gently. I growled into his ear. I pulled his cock out and stroked him gently and eased him towards me. He nibbled on my ear lobes as he teased my pussy with the head of his cock. I tilted my head back and as he kissed my neck, he slid inside me.

“Oh God,” I said quietly. He slowly slid in and out of me, breathing in my ear. I could feel every inch of him inside me. He put his hands on my hips and slid my ass back and forth on the counter as he fucked me. His breathing got heavier, and he fucked me harder and faster.

“Oh my god Derek, oh my god,” I screamed. He grew quiet, and shook suddenly, and I felt him climax inside me. He buried his face in my neck, kissing it gently. I kissed his ear, and warpped my arms around him. Just as I did, I heard someone try and open the door. It was Dean.

“Marissa? Marissa?” he was banging on he door. I could also hear him fumbling with his keys. Derek pulled out of me and zipped up his pants. I jumped down and slid my dress dow
n over my hips Derek had gone outside and pulled out his phone. Just as i began g
athering empty glasses, Dean opened thedoor.

“What the fuck Marissa?” he yelled at me. I gave him a puzzled look. He reemed me out until Derek stepped into the room.

“Oh hello Mr Jeter,” he said. Derek had heard everything. Dean tried to kiss his ass, but I know Derek could see right through it. They stepped into the hall, and only Derek came back.

“Mmmm hi you,” he whispered in my ear, wrapping his arms around my waist. We cleaned up he box, and headed out to Derek’s hotel.

We fucked all afternoon and into the night. Monday morning, I watched the Yankees team practice, and Monday night Derek and I had dinner after the game. We said goodbye after dinner…the Yankees were leaving for a two week road trip.

I went home to five messages on my voicemail. Three from Dean screaming at me for costing him his job, one from the stadium offering me a permanent hosting position, and one from Derek, telling me he wanted to see me again, and there was a plane ticket waiting for me whenever I wanted to visit him in New York.

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