Dick's Harem 1 by Screw3

Dick’s Harem Part 1 by Screw 3

Dick Courtney has two women who will do almost anything to have this war hero fuck them (See A Hero Returns). There is a third, but she works as a call girl in NYC, but he doesn’t count her. His last adventure had been Friday night with both Vicki and Sadie. It was now Sunday morning and Dick was pondering if he wanted to call Sadie or relax another day. He heard someone walking down the hall and he had locked the door. “Hello Dick, when did you come home? That saves me having to call the hospital.”
The woman came over and kissed him on the cheek. “Hello Sis. What brought you back to this town? I thought you found it boring.”
“I do, but Mom and Dad gave us this house for tax reasons. I was going to have it appraised and then one of us could buy the other out for half the price or we can sell it and split the proceeds. What would you like?”
“Hell, you don’t have to stay around long. I’ll see to the appraisal, get a mortgage and send you your half. I like it here.”
“You can’t have been here long and you have gotten some action already or you would not want to stay here.”
Dick laughed, “You know me to well, Sis. I have been here for two weeks and had my ashes hauled and rehauled by three different women, No names of course. I don’t kiss and tell.”
“Anyone I know, Dick? You can at least tell me that much?”
“In this town there is very little chance that you don’t know them. That is the end of that subject. You want some flapjacks? The recipe made more batter than I thought it would.”
“Sure and some coffee too, please. I am glad that you are going to keep the house. I hate the thought of this house passing to a stranger. Are you going to join me?”
“I can use another cup of coffee, but I had my flapjacks. Are you still a veggie or would you like some bacon with the flapjacks?”
“I would love some, thanks.”
Dick finished cooking three pancakes and the bacon and served his sister Diane with a flourish. Then they heard the doorbell ring. There was an attractive woman standing there. “Is this the Harris’s office, or am I still lost?”
“Come on in. My sister and I were having breakfast. I can offer you some flapjacks, bacon and coffee. Then we can give you directions. It isn’t far, but you look a little frazzled. I guess you are looking to buy a house.”
They reached the kitchen and she sat down. Dick started making another set of pancakes and a rasher of bacon. Dick introduced Diane and himself. The woman told them her name was Phyl Robinson. Phyl then told them, “No I am not looking to buy a house. I live down the road in Marley. Marie Harris called me to appraise a house for her. I took over my husband’s business when he ran off four years ago with his secretary.”
Diane laughed, “How much do you charge? We want to get this house appraised.”
“Oh, are you thinking of selling this house? It seems like a lovely home.”
Diane said, “It is a little more, or less, complicated than that, but yes.”
“I charge $400 for the appraisal and $750 more for an examination of salability. You know termites, plumbing, things like that.”
Dick spoke up, “I think that both would be acceptable and split between the seller and buyer. That sound good to you Diane?”
“I’ll go along, literally and figuratively now that I have finished my breakfast. I really prefer living in Atlanta to hear. Good luck, Dick.” Diane thought to herself, I am willing to bet I just met number 4 on Dick’s hit list.
“I can show you the house and write you a check. You better call Sue Harris and tell her you got a job, or I will. I think I can tell her and get away with it better than you. Her son is one of my friends. We went to school together.” Dick made the call and yelled into Phyl, “Can you make it tomorrow?”
“Sure, and thanks.”
Phyl finished her breakfast. “I better change into my work clothes.”
Dick showed her into Diane’s bedroom after she got a bag out of her car then left her to change. He went into the master bedroom and activated the camera that was used to make sure the baby was safe. He was very impressed with what he was able to see of her in nothing but a very sheer bra and panties. She probably was between a B and a C cup since some of her tits extended beyond the bra. Dick licked his lips as Phyl donned a zippered jump suit, now how do I lower those zippers.
Dick went back downstairs before Phyl came back down. He certainly did not want her to know that he had been spying on her. The camera shut off automatically when the camera wasn’t touched for fifteen minutes. “Where would you like to start Phyl?”
“I would like to look over the grounds and any outside structures first. If that is okay with you? You don’t have to come with me, if you don’t want to?”
“I would never turn down the opportunity with a beautiful woman, especially not after two years in the Middle East and six months in a hospital.”
Then followed a discussion as they walked around examining the lawn, the pool, the walk cut through the trees that had been left standing and an old barn that had been converted into a garage that housed two antique cars. “Wow, this is impressive Dick. How much land do you own?”
“At the moment I own ten and Diane owns the other ten. I had forgotten those cars, they need polishing. I cleaned the pool when I came home. We can take a swim after lunch before we look at the upstairs of the house, if you like.”
“I think that is a wonderful idea, but I don’t have a suit with me.”
“I am sure you will find one of Diane’s to fit you. You look to be about the same size to me.”
I bet my tits are bigger, she thought to herself. “I’m a couple of inches taller, but that shouldn’t matter in a bathing suit. Well that would be nice. How about if we send out for pizza and it’s my treat.” Again her thoughts were randy, glad I shaved my legs and pussy bush last night.
Dick used his cell phone to call for the pizza as they walked back to the house. He let Phyl peer around the basement after he led her down there and picked up a bottle of red wine. “Would you prefer this or some sweet punch with a little kick?”
“How about the wine with the pizza, and the punch after?”
“Okay, I will let you roam while I open the wine to let it breathe and mix the punch for you. How does that sound?”
Dick uncorked the bottle and mixed the Southern Comfort and apple juice and put it in the freezer to cool as well as a pitcher of apple juice. Phyl came upstairs and the pizza hadn’t arrived yet. Dick was sitting there drinking the straight apple juice and he poured her a glass of the Southern Comfort mix. “Here we can start with this and save the wine for later.”
“Tell me a war story.”
Since Dick had told the pizza place to deliver in an hour or so they had time for two glasses of punch before it arrived. Dick handed Phyl her purse, “Never let it be said I did not believe in women’s lib.” He handed her the wine, “I’ll even let you pour the wine.” Dick had set the table and put the wine on the table.
When Phyl stood up she felt a little woozy, but blamed it on the fact she had been sitting so long. Dick came back with the pizza and set the box on the table gave her a slice and took one himself. He lifted his glass and said, “Cheers.” Phyl clinked her glass to his. “Cheers.” She drained the glass after taking a bite out of her pizza. “That’s still hot. Strange when it took so long to get it here.”
Phyl lifted her glass to his, “Your way behind.”
He thought, you don’t know how far behind. He drank his glass and poured himself another glass. He linked his arm through hers and they each took a sip and he brushed her lips with his. “Skoal.” Phyl thought that was nice, very sweet.
They finally had their fill of pizza and Dick poured two more glasses from the fridge, the punch for her and straight juice for himself. They sat on the couch and finished their drinks and he had her tell him some stories about herself. She confessed that she had gained weight she lost after h
er husband left her. They went upstairs to change and Dick turned the camera onto record
. Phyl tried on 3 different suits but felt too hazy to make a choice. She opened the door and yelled, “Hey Dick do you like this one on me?”
Dick walked out wearing his speedo with his cock half erect and revealing a bulge in the suit. Oh boy, this guy is hung, thought Phyl. “Do you like this one on me?”
“Not bad, did you like any others?”
“Well, there were two others. I really can’t make up my mind.”
He took her arm with his elbow rubbing against her left tit. “Why don’t you show me the others.”
“Sure, just let me change. Unless you would like to help me.” I didn’t say that out loud did I. “I meant I can show them to you, of course.”
Dick stood behind her as she bent over to look at the two suits on the bed. She felt his dick rubbing against her ass. She did nothing but wiggle her ass so his dick fit in the crack. He unsnapped her bra an reached over to rub her nipples with his palms until he felt them rise. He was kissing all over the back of her neck. She climbed on the bed and knelt there. Dick reached up and removed the bottom of the suit and then dropped his speedos. He reached forward and felt her cunt and it was soaking wet. “No, fuck my ass. Dick put that big cock in my ass, I don’t want to get pregnant.”
He took his wet fingers and put them in her ass. First one finger then two, three. It was obvious she had been fucked in the ass before he realized. He stuck his cock into her pussy doggy style to moisten it and told her that. Then he pulled out and put it in her ass and she moaned and starting fingering her own clit. “Squeeze my tits and fuck my ass hard with that big cock of yours.”
Dick kept going in and back, in and back and her ass kept backing into him faster and faster till she collapsed as she reached orgasm. Dick was still hard and she said, “A real to life live one. Here let me suck that cock.”
Dick stuck his cock into her mouth and she sucked it shit taste, blood and eventually his cum. “I guess we can skinny dip now. Do you have a hot tub?”
“Yes and condoms too.”
To be continued

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