Dinner For Two

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I cant focus on my meal and what my friends are saying to me for one simple reason – you. I know your staring at me from across the restaurant and its making my skin flush with pleasure. Your friend’s are trying to talk to you but your smiling politely and picking at your food. I sneek a peek at you and blush furiously as you catch me – you raise your glass in a toast. Looking down I try to concentrate on my friends but the waiter cuts them off. He’s holding a bottle of champagne, telling me its from you and its for looking so beautiful. Taking the bottle from my friend’s and ignoring my friends teasing me I walk over to where your sat.

The conversation at your table stop dead. I thank you for the botle and ask you for help in opening it. You take the bottle from me and push the cork up slowly until it pops and sprays champagne foam all over and across my breasts – partly exposed by the dip in my dress. Seeing the desire in your eyes I wipe the foam from my clevage and lick my fingers. Once again I thank you for the drink, turn on my heels and go join my girlfriends. I leave the bottle at your table – I want to see you work harder.

You continue to watch me throughout the night. The lights dim, the DJ begins his set and my girlfriends drag me up to dance. I know your watching me dance and I close my eyes, pretending Im dancing just for you. I run my hands over my breasts and down onto my hips. Swaying to the music I look over to your table but your gone. Then I feel your breath on the back of my neck and your hands on my ass. Spinning around to slap your face for being so cheeky you grab my hand and gently suck my finger. This sends little sparks of pleasure up and down my body. You lean forwards and whisper in my ear, “This is how Im going to suck your nipples”. I pull my hands away and tell you not to be so presumptious. Once again I spin on my heels and walk away from you – heading for the ladies. When I come out I findyou leaning against the wall opposite. Stopping me before I have the chance to walk past you – stopping me dead by saying just one sentence, ” I want to make love to you while the stars shine over head”.

I cant help but stare at you, wondering how you know my fantasy of stars and lovemaking. Before I get the chance to speak you take my hand and pull me through the back doors of the resturant and ino a waiting taxi. Giving the driver the name of a nearby hotel you settle back in the seats. I sit quietly still trying to work out the mystery but you bring me out, leaning forward and place your hand on my thigh, slowly kissing my neck. It feels far too good to ask you to stop, its making my nipples tingle and jut through the thin fabric of my dress – begging to be touched, be licked and bitten. The driver stops outside the hotel and we go in.

You lead me up to a room and gently shut the door behind us. The room is beautiful with a balcony overlooking the city and a large four poster bed. You guide me out to the balcony and sit me down. You sit opposite me and open a bottle of wine thats been placed in an ice bucket out here. Handing me a glass you raise your own and toast “to a memorable night.” We touch glasses, you set aside bith drinks and move towards me.

You kneel on the floor in front of me and kiss me slowly on the mouth, parting my lips with your tongue, we kiss deeply. I can feel your hands running up and down my body, groping for my nipples, you pull my breasts free from my dress, kissing down my body until you clamp your mouth on my nipples. Moaning softly, I run my hands up and down your back, as you lick and bite my breast, sucking at my nipples.

I lean forward and reach for your cock but you push me away – telling me not yet, wiat a little while, enjoy myself. You spread my legs open, pushing my dress up and start to rub my pussy through my small lace panties. You can feel how wet and hot I already am and decide I need cooling down. Reaching to get an ice cube from the ice bucket, you gently kiss my pussy and pull my panties down, leaving me bare to the warm night air. I moan loudly as you place the ice cube against my hot wet slit and rub it up and down. Pushing my hips up I beg you to lick my pussy, to warm it back up, grinning up at me you shove the ice deep inside my snatch and begin to lick my clit. I cry out and grasp your head as you lick away, sucking at gently biting at my pussy lips. Icn feel the ice inside me melting and your tongue feels so good. You clamp your mouth down onto my clit again and suck hard, bring me close to orgasm.

You stop licking my pussy and smile at me while I beg you to make me cum. You just wont listen, telling me if I want to cum then I have to suck your cock. I get down on my knees in front of you and open your fly, your hard cock springs out. I place one hand on your balls, rubbing and cupping them gently and slowly run my tongue up from the base of yoru shaft all the way to the top before plunging your cock into my soft wet mouth. Moaning loudly you wrap your fingers into my hair and pull my head further down, forcing me to take more of your cock in my mouth. I suck harder and start plunging your cock in and out – slowly at first then gathering speed. Hearing you gasp for breath makes my pussy tingle and I reach down, stroking my clit and grasping your shaft tightly wanking your cock. You pull tighter as I flick my tongue back and forth across the tip of your penis, then insert the whole length into my mouth.

Carrying on this way I feel your cock beginning to twitch and I know your close to cumming. You start to buck, thrusting your hips and your cock hits the roof of my mouth. But I stop, withdrawing completely and falling back against my chair. You gaze at me in amazement, shocked that you havent cum. Then you realise – you wouldnt let me cum so I wont let you.

“You bitch”, you grin, moving forward you grasp me round the waist and bend me over the balcony. You kiss my neck and back inbetween telling me that your going to fuck me, pump me full of your cum, make me scream. I beg you to enter me, almost crying for your cock’s attention. You refuse, sinking to your knees and pulling my dress down completly, biting and kissing your way down my back, Im now naked except for my stilletoes. Spreading my legs you stroke my inner thighs and my ass cheeks. I push my ass out further for you to have better access to lick my slit again but instead you stand back up and put one hand on my hip. With the other you place it under my chin and tilt my head back.

“Open your eyes and look at the stars”, I obey and become mesmerised by the thousands of stars glittering above. You break the spell by sliding your hard cock deep inside my pussy, I grip the balcony as the orgasam rips through me. My whole body shakes as the pleasure hits it, wave after wave. You push deeper into my hot contracting cunt and keep pushing until I collapse against you – my body shuddering.

Sweeping me off my feet you carry me through to the hotel room, and lay me down on the bed. I tear at your back wanting you back inside me, needing more. You climb on top if me and wrapping my legs around your neck ram your hard throbbing member back into my waiting pussy. Grabbing me by the hips – you push in deep and then pull all the way out of me, making me scream your name over and over again. And still I want more. You start pumping faster and faster, your cum hard balls slamming against my ass. I push you out of me and re-position myself onto my hands and knees, present my dripping wet cunt to you – but thats not what you want.

You wrap one hand in my hair and with the other guide it to my ass. Just as Im starting to ask you what your doing – you ram it home. Im scream with the pain and the pleasure and you start to fuck my ass – hard. You pull tighter on my hair and pull my up – you start grabbing at my breasts. It hurts but its too good to beg you to stop. I plant my hands more firmly into the bed to stable myself as you thrust as hard as you can – nearly knockin
g me over. I can feel my self tighten as I cum, I
can feel it running down my thighs. You pull out of my ass and slide yourself back into my still fluttering pussy. Slowing the pace down, you push me down onto my stomach and kneel above me, riding me. You dig your hands into my ass cheeks as I feel your cock start to twitch, knowing your close I pull away, spin round and grab your cock, pulling it into my wanting mouth. Sucking hard your cocks twitching faster, grabbing the back of my head you fuck my mouth until it happens. You cum hard, shooting deep into my mouth, squirting over and over again. It drips out of my mouth and down onto my breasts. You finish and panting, look down at me, licking my lips I collapse on the bed letting go of your cock. You pull your clothes on, kiss my forehead and letting yourself out, tell me you’ll see me at the alter tomorrow afternoon.

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