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When I arrive in dreamland I am looking out for you. I see you radiated warmth and beauty like a sweet soft glow buul, I slowly crept over to you and surprised you with a kiss on the neck, you turn to see who had given you that soft kiss. I again kiss you this time on your mouth as my arms hold you we sink to the soft ground. The ground is not really there is is just in our minds. I start kissing your face and as I do down your neck, your top falls open my lips pained to feel the pleasure of your nipples passing through them. I kissed and gentle nibble your skin, until I was able to suck your nipples in to my mouth, such joy after a few minuets of enjoying the pleasure of your nipples in my mouth. I slowly restart kissing my way down your body, still kissing and nibbling your skin drawn to your sweetness the aim of my desire, my body being wrapped in the warmth of your love. My fingers still stroking your face and neck. I reach your thighs, when I moved my hands to your nipples so they could join in the play. I open your legs with my tongue, and some help from you, and started to lap at your so sweet nectar, I melt into you, feeling your warmth growing under my tongue after a few more minuet, I am dieing with pleasure your nectar is intoxiacting me. I start to kiss my way back up you again, still enjoying your body as if this was the first time again. I pause to kissing your nipples and then your neck, feeling the warmth of your sweet pussy wrapping me, I am kissing you fully on your mouth. Your warmth takes me in you wrap your arms and legs around me and for awhile we become one, floating in joyful union inter mingling with the could of dreamland. I am watching your face as your body is heating mine, as I melt deeper into your love. You show me that you are enjoying this, your face is reddening and your mouth is open a little. A strange whistle dragged me away from this warm and loving feeling, the pain of the sound hated of the wrenching, damn it was the alarm, but I awoke with such a stiffness and joy of my heart, that I much have be dreaming about you again, my love.

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