This is how I’m going to start this story, it’s a piece from a book I’m writing so let me know what you think.
People in the book: Devon: 6’0, caramel skin, black wavy hair, dark brown eyes, athletic body and 10 inch long, 2 .5 inch thick dick.
Amber: 5’6, tanned white skin, long fiery red hair, green eyes, D cup breasts, semi-tight pussy with a path of red hair.
Michelle: 5’7, Hispanic, short brown hair, brown eyes, C cup breasts, semi-tight shaved pussy
Timothy: 5’11, white skin, spiked blonde hair, blue eyes, athletic body, 9.5 inch long, 2 inch thick dick.
Christopher (Major Asshole, you’ll find out why later): 5’8, white skin, brown hair, light blue eyes, not much of a body, 8inch long, 2 inch dick.

Devon was somewhat an ordinary cop, obeyed the law, arrested criminals, protected suspects and so on and so forth; he belonged to an Elite group of ‘special’ people, each with their own different talent. There were 5 of them, Devon, Michelle, Amber, Timothy and their group leader Christopher. Michelle was able to move things with her mind which was very useful in certain situations, Amber had the power of suggestion, Timothy could make objects change, disappear and reappear, Christopher could read peoples mind. Enough about these people this story revolves around Devon.

The year was 2015; everything was the same as they are now except for 2 small changes. Witches and vampires roamed the streets, it was up to this Elite group to put a stop to that but of course its not as easy it sounds. Devon was a Dunpire, a Halfling, half mortal half vampire. He could choose whether to go full vampire though, he just needed to feast on a human. Anyways his father was a vampire, mom a human, his father raped his Devon’s mother then fled to some unknown place, Devon was born, his mother left him in the care of her sister and she too fled to some unknown place. No one else knew of Devon’s secret except his aunt for if his co-workers found out they would surely kill him.

Anyways Devon had the same powers a vampire had, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, mind reader, his senses were 4 times better then a humans and his speed and strength were that of 300 men. When he joined this Elite group of psychics his partner was Timothy then when Devon met Amber they fell in love. They went out on a few occasions and made love almost every night. Then they broke up after 2 years of being boyfriend and girlfriend. Amber disliked Devon after that but then she grew to like him again, he tried to pretend she weren’t there but the advances she kept making at him would make him just want to fuck her right there on the spot.

After being briefed on a mission where a renegade vampire and his gang were killing women and children in France, Christopher, sent Amber, and Devon to work on it. Devon met Amber at LAX, she was wearing a white tank top with hip hugger jeans; her red hair was in pig tails. Devon was wearing his usual, white t-shirt and black jeans, the shirt barely fit him anymore because his muscles were stretching it past its limits. They got their tickets stamped, sent their bags through, Devon got checked three times by two white security guards, it seemed they were suspecting him of carrying something illegal.
They didn’t find anything and so Devon walked through.

While on the flight Devon didn’t eat anything, Amber ate some of the stuff that was given to her and then fell asleep, on Devon’s chest. He just let her sleep, didn’t want to wake her up. When the plane arrived in France, Devon and Amber got off, checked into their registered hotel, unpacked and Devon looked across the street, at the vampires mansion. He could see, using his vampiric vision, 6 coffins, and 4 on the top floor, 1 on the third and the last one was on the bottom floor.
“What do you want to do for now?” Amber asked as she sat on the bed and crossed her legs.
“Don’t know, we should wait until they wake up.”
“But we don’t know what kind of vampires they are. They could be sleepers or walkers.”
(Sleepers are the ones who sleep in the day and up at night. Walkers walk in the sunlight and night, they sleep whenever they want)
“They’re sleepers.”
“How can you tell?”
“It’s obvious, their curtains are drawn and the gate is locked.”
“Well you wanna get something to eat?”
“Yeah, sure.”
By nightfall Amber and Devon were eating at a nice café a few blocks away from their hotel. Amber decided to wear a strapless black dress which had a cut on the left side which allowed her to move her left leg freely and some black high heels. Devon stayed in the clothes he wore when he got on and off the plane.

While eating Amber decided to take a big risk and kicked off her left shoe and slid her barefoot in the middle of Devon’s jeans, resting it on his crotch area, he stopped eating and looked up at her, she just smiled and began to move her foot around feeling a sudden bulge in his pants. He let out a low groan and Amber continued to move her foot still smiling at him.
“You want to go back to the hotel?” she asked.
Quickly they paid for their food, entered their hotel room, shut and locked the door and began kissing furiously. Devon unzipped Ambers dress and let it fall to her feet. She wasn’t wearing a bra but had a matching black lacey thong on. Amber ripped off Devon’s t-shirt and felt his muscular chest then began kissing his abs and she got on her knees and unzipped his jeans with her mouth quickly, they fell to his feet and Amber could see Devon’s bulging cock, she shoved her hand inside of his boxers and grabbed his thick cock and began moving her hand back and forth slowly. Devon let out loud moans of pleasure and before he knew it his boxers were down and Amber’s mouth was all over his cock. She was the best cock sucker in the world, Devon thought as Amber took his entire 10 inch cock in her mouth and rolled her tongue on the sides of his shaft. Devon ran his fingers through Amber’s red hair and grabbed her pigtails and pulled back on them, her mouth was no longer on his cock and she looked up at him with her nice sparkling green eyes, he bent down and kissed her furiously once more, tasting his cock on her tongue. He led her to their bed and dropped her down on her back. Devon removed his shoes and socks told Amber to spread her legs and getting a good look at his ex’s nice wet pussy he pummeled his hard cock in her awaiting cunt.

Amber let out a loud yell of pleasure as Devon thrusted his cock in and out of her cunt. She wrapped her legs around his hips, forcing him to push more and more of his cock inside of her until she could feel the head of his member softly touch her stomach. Devon began to suck on Amber’s left breast; he flicked his tongue over her erect nipples which sent Amber into pure ecstasy. Amber put her hands on Devon’s muscular arms and grabbed them tightly as Devon began to thrust his cock in and out of her cunt faster and harder, causing his ball sack to slap against her asshole which just made her orgasm rush to the point of no return. She had her orgasm all over Devon’s cock and on her thighs but she knew he wasn’t finished yet. Devon pulled out of Amber and she knew what was next, she got off the bed and bent over, the upper half of her body laying on the bed and her ass and pussy in full view, letting Devon decide which hole to fuck.

Devon got behind Amber and he shoved his cock back in Amber’s cunt, from behind and resumed his powerful thrusting. Amber continued to let out loud moans and groans of pleasure as Devon shoved his cock in and out of her cunt. Amber put one of her hands to her pussy and rubbed furiously at it, feeling Devon’s strong cock move in and out of her then she felt one of his fingers move to her asshole and he slid it in. Amber was a virgin in that hole of hers and so just feel
ing his finger go in made her scream. Devon moved his finger in and out of A
mber’s asshole as he continued to thrust into her cunt. They began to sweat and Amber wasn’t sure how long she could take it until she started to cum again, this time all over her fingers. Devon made one final thrust then he shot his load inside of Amber’s cunt, she could feel it, the warm sperm shooting inside of her and moving around now inside of her body and she loved it.

After some more passionate kissing, Devon and Amber went to sleep in their bed, Amber slept peacefully on Devon’s chest and Devon just fell asleep on the soft pillows.

Across the street in the vampires’ mansion, the vampires watched the sex scene between Amber and Devon.
“He’s here.” One said.
“I know, we don’t touch him until the boss says.” Said another.
“Screw the boss, I want to kill him now!” screeched a female vampire.
“All in good time, he’s too strong for us anyways, we will feed and when the time comes we will get him.”
In a hallway door was the boss who was shrouded in darkness and when the boss walked to the vampires its face was truly shown, it was…


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  1. alexandrite_pearl16

    i like the vampire stories. keep writing them! (i bet the boss is christopher :p)

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  2. ensign_brumit

    i like this one dont discontinue it

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  3. John

    that was a great story. I can’t wait for the next one

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  4. thelordfernando

    hey buddy, THAT WAS ONE GOOD STORY!

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    would like 2 read more ..cos i get a kick from ur stories ok? plz write more and holla back.

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