Educating Lois – pt 3

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Educating Lois – Part 3

My wife of twelve years Lois and I had what we felt was a very strong marriage. While I often traveled overseas somewhat extensively, while home our sex life was very fulfilling. Lois is a very attractive, full bodied woman with magnificent 36DDD breasts. She is friendly and outgoing and we have enjoyed some of what I would call “light kinky sex” over the years. Things like blowjobs while driving, sex outdoors, light bondage and occasionally sex toys. I have wanted to take our sexual experiences to the next level but Lois did not. After discussing it several times without resolution I felt it was a lost cause. However while traveling on this last trip my wife had met four gentlemen in the most innocent of manners and that meeting, she confessed, turned into her now engaging in multiple partner sex and heavy exhibitionism. I was flabbergasted as she related two evenings of the most, exciting raunchy sex I could have ever imagined. That my own wife was a participant shocked me. I had to admit I was turned on beyond belief. After relating the two stores I asked if there was more. She sheepishly said “yes……………..”

Lois had managed to stay away from the now infamous rented townhouse and her now four new best friends since the second, wild night of sex. However she was torn with mixed emotions. Those two nights where the most intense sexually she had ever experienced and she longed for more. These men showed her that she loved multiple orgasms, sex with multiple partners and uninhibited situations. She wondered what else she would love and it frightened her a little. She had sex with eight strangers in two nights, four of whom she did not even know their names, and was still uncertain how much she wanted. How much would it take? She did not return to the townhouse as she wanted to discuss with me, her husband, first but just last afternoon, as she was sitting watching TV, the phone rang. When she answered it was Tom, one of the gentlemen she met that first night that had help lead her to this sexual awakening. She had to admit to herself she really was attracted to Tom, so much so it was intoxicating. Tom advised his crew was done with their job in the town and they were leaving the next day. They were having a going away party that night at their rented townhouse and he wanted to know if she would be interested in coming over. He knew from her voice she was torn. He advised that he and his three roommates, Bill, Jerry and Fred, hoped they would have a chance to say goodbye to her. She knew that probably meant sex again and since her awakening she seemed always horny. She told Tom she would try to come by as that was the least she could do.

That evening Lois took a long shower and carefully put on her make up. She dressed in fairly tight, revealing sweater as everyone always noted she had magnificent tits. She wore her flimsy, sexy 36DDD bra and silk tong panties and a short skirt. She put on her one pair of 4 inch heals. If she was going to a party she wanted to look nice and especially to thank the four guys that opened her sex world so much more. Late that evening she drove to the rented townhouse at the end of the quiet cul-de-sac and rang the doorbell. Tom answered the door, gave her a big hug and invited her in. He said he and his roommates were concerned and afraid she was not going to come but were delighted she did. He promised he a fun evening.

The house was full of people. Lois casually counted no fewer than sixteen guys and even a couple of women milling around. They all knew each other from work and were having a good time. Loud music waffled up from the family room downstairs. There was booze, beer and wine everywhere, along with open bags of chips and pretzels. Lois quickly was handed her favorite drink, a double Gray Goose Vodka with three olives, and proceeded to try and meet people. Several guys in a near-drunken state stared at her boobs and made subtle, lewd comments. Special warm hugs were exchanged with Bill, Fred and Jerry, the roommates. This party had been going on since early evening and the group had a definite head start drinking. Tom whispered in her ear that things had a way of getting a bit out of hand at these job-ending parties but Lois assured him she was fine and looking forward to the evening. They all then went downstairs to join in the dancing.

The two women Lois had seen when she arrived were half dancing/half staggering to the music in the family room downstairs. As the count was about 8 to 1 men to women before Lois arrived they were rapidly changing partners. A fast, sexy rap song came on to cat calls from the guys and the girls responded accordingly, showing some leg. One girl unbuttoned a couple of buttons of her blouse and the other did likewise. Soon the tops were totally unbuttoned and came off. The girls danced wildly in their flimsy bras, breasts swaying to the beat. A slow song came on and each girl collapsed into the arms of one of the guys. Some quick finger movements and both women were topless dancing around, not minding it a bit. Before long each girl was reaching down the front of pants of their dance partner of the moment and stroking the bulges that were appearing. Lois noted she was getting hot herself and Tom asked her to dance. He asked her if she was going to match the other women’s outfits. Being proud of her tits and eager to fit in she quickly removed her top and bra also, to the lusty cheers of the guys, and danced suggestively with Tom. She was about to climax, much to her disbelief. After a few minutes totally absorbed in dancing with Tom Lois noticed several articles of clothing in heaps on the floor. She looked to the couch where one of the girls was now totally naked and saw a head of one of the guys buried in her crouch. Her tits were being massaged by semi-naked men and one guy was pulling his semi-hard dick against her mouth. The other woman, now also naked and on her knees, was surrounded by six guys in various stages of undress but all without pants, going from each to each sucking cock. All of this turned on Lois incredibly. She told Tom the odds were way out of line and she wanted to even them up. But tonight, her last with the guys, she also wanted to find out if she had a limit as to the number of partners she could take at one time. Tom said only one way to find out He announced to the group what Lois had in mind and led her to the bedroom. He finished stripping her and placed her on the giant king bed. Rremembering the session of the second night when Lois claimed the most intense sex of her life he suggested restraints. She had been turned on like never before while tied up and taken by four strangers that night. That way whatever happened, happened. Lois climaxed at just the idea and lay on the bed. Her hands and feet were quickly tied and the party was on. She was so ready.

That night Lois totally lost count of how many men had her or how many times she came. She was fucked in the pussy, ass, mouth, all three at once and various combinations. From time to time she recognized Tom, Bill, Jerry or Fred as a participant but really didn’t care. One guy brought up the Gray Goose Vodka and gave her long swigs from the bottle to wash down the cum each time someone came in her mouth. There were a lot of drinks! Guys had left marks on her tits, neck, tummy and thighs and pulled her nipples until she hurt. At one time several males formed a circle around her and in tribute came all over her tits. Her mouth was a receptacle to several climaxes, all of which she was encouraged to swallow. She did her best. She had every size cock imaginable stuffed in her. A highlight of the evening was when the two women from downstairs came into the room, still naked and drunk. One crawled between her legs and started sucking the cum out of her pussy while the other sat on her face, driving her pussy into Lois’s face. Lois licked and sucked and drank a mixture of salty cum t
hat had been deposited in
the woman that evening until the woman squirted her own cum down her throat. She was soaking wet with perspiration from all the activities. Still she craved more. She faintly remembered hearing the doorbell. Shortly thereafter three black studs she had not remembered walked into the room. They were neighbors and wondered what the party was about. They quickly disrobed, showing off their massive 12″ – 14″ cocks on their ebony black bodies. Lois had never had a black cock before and wondered if she could take them but discovered otherwise. She was penetrated by black cock in each hole and consumed their juices. Each had her lick their cocks clean. She was now sore from being so used but felt wonderfully fulfilled. The group decided it would be fun to see how many objects she could fuck. She was penetrated by assorted vegetables, a sausage, several hot dogs, a frozen fish, soda bottles and the end of a hairbrush. As each was worked in to the fullest a cheer went up from the group. Now totally drunk from all the booze and being tied up for hours while being ravished she had no feeling. The last thing she remembered was a neighbor’s large black Labrador dog being led into the room. It was lifted onto the bed and his nose directed to Lois’s dripping pussy. The dog immediately became aroused, licking furiously. Lois was turned over and the Lab immediately mounted her, placing his massive paws on her back and his hot dick by her ass. His dick was pumped by one of the other women and then led to her pussy. After jerking spasmodically he found it’s home. Her hole was filled with dog jiz. Someone grabbed a washcloth and soaked up the mess. The rag was then soaked in the last of the Vodka and given to Lois to suck, which she did glad fully. Then she passed out.

She awoke the next morning to find herself cleaned up and sleeping on fresh sheets. Tom, Bill, Fred and Jerry had taken care of her after everyone left. Tom asked if she had determined her limit. Lois sheepishly admitted she had not. She was sore everywhere, marked up a bit and had been thoroughly used. But she had also been awakened sexually. Tom handed her an envelope with the photos they had take the other night. He suggested she share them with me as she explained her change. He also admitted the guys had kept a set to remember her by. Lois was near tears in gratitude. One last goodbye fuck with each of the four guys and she reluctantly left. She decided life is short. Try everything.

He stories were over. I leaned over and gently kissed her forehead. I told her I had never loved her more. A whole new world of sexual adventure awaited us. I couldn’t wait.

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    Love your style. Great story and very exciting. Looking forward to more.

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