Elaina (Chapter Three)

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My sleep was restless all night. I tossed and turned continuously until I couldn’t stand it any more. I went down to the kitchen and made myself a hot drink. As I left my room I glanced at the clock in the living room, 03.00hrs. I tiptoed through the living-room, bumping into various bits of furniture on the way. I could swear I could here a low chanting coming from the direction of Mike’s room.
I quietly moved in the direction of the noise. There was a glow coming from beneath mike’s door as I approached. The chanting as I thought it was, sounded more like a record being played over and over in the same track.
The door, I noticed was slightly ajar as I got closer. I peeped through. Mike had on a black robe with phallic symbols embellished in gold. He was standing on his bed with his robe open at the waist, Larry and Joe were kneeling at his feet with their hands around his buttocks and their mouths around his cock, sucking eagerly upon his balls and shaft. While the two men administered oral massage to his rampant poker, Mike chanted in unison with his record player. I watched as his words droned on, hypnotising in their tone: building to a crescendo as the two men sucked greedily upon his rampant shaft.
The language of Mike’s chanting was becoming clear. He was calling a name over and over, I understood what he was saying now (Bacchus) repeatedly. I didn’t understand what the word was or what the meaning of the word was, but I do know this, it was catching. I found myself saying the word over myself and yet I had no idea what it meant.
I continued to watch through the crack in the door. Mike’s hips were starting to move rhythmically as though he was having sex. Larry and Joe moved in time with him. Mike’s phallus slipping into each of their mouths in turn. I could see that the two oral givers both supported erections of their own. They were moving their hands vigorously in order to cum at the same time as Mike. I didn’t have long to wait as Mike shouted for the last time, his hips jerked forward pumping his seed into each mouth respectively. This caused a chain-reaction, making Larry and Joe erupt at the same time, spilling their seed upon the bed sheets.
I felt rather randy after watching the three-men perform, so I slipped back through the living-room to my own room to contemplate what I had just seen. I knew it was some sort of ritual and from the way it was acted out, my guess was a ritual to a love God of some sort. I went over to my dresser and opened the drawer and looked down at the vibrators. The memory of the pleasure I had felt flooded me with excitement. I picked up the single vibrator this time, and held it in my hands, feeling its soft texture. It was plastic like the other but I wondered what it would do when I switched it on. I carried it over to the bed whilst running my hands up its nine-inches. I was a little afraid of activating the pleasure stick.
I lay down on the bed and ran the shaft over my breasts, feeling its hardness. I hadn’t switched it on at this time and my pussy twitched at the thought, my clitoris popping in and out with anticipation. I clicked the button for (ON). What happened next was quite amazing. The shaft came alive in my hands, moving backwards and forwards in my grasp. It felt real, it pulsed like a cock would. I opened my legs and pushed the living cock down towards my open sex. It pulled from my hands and sank deep into my love tube, I gasped out loud as it began to move within me. It seemed to sense my need and moved faster. My climax was building, I arched my back as I exploded. The juices spurting from around the twitching, buzzing shaft inside me.
‘Had I done this to myself.’ I wondered. I removed the sticky vibrator from my body and studied it carefully. It was no different from any other sex-toy I had seen. I opened the back.
There were no batteries, just like the other. I took it back to the drawer and placed it gently down. I then got into bed and fell into a dream filled sleep.
When I awoke the next morning, Joe had brought breakfast to my room, a piping hot cup of coffee and two boiled-eggs. How did they know what my favourite breakfast was?
After breakfast I had a shower, got myself dressed and went in search of Mike and some answers. I found Larry in the kitchen drinking coffee.
‘Coffee Elaina? You look like you could do with one.’ Larry looked at me with sadness in his eyes.
‘What’s the matter Larry,’ I asked. ‘You knew about the vibrators in my room didn’t you?’ I said, sitting next to him at the table and looking him straight in the eye.
‘Yes.’ He said. ‘I hoped you enjoyed them. They’re blessed by Bacchus our God and now yours if you want him.’ Larry stood and went to the sink. ‘You will be happy with us Elaina, Mike is thinking of asking your friend Barbara to join us. He was very pleased by her performance the other night and he told me she would make fine acolyte too Bacchus.’
‘Who is this Bacchus you keep referring too, Larry?’ I asked.
‘Bacchus,’ he said, ‘refers to the mythical figure of Dionysus and the ritual drinking of wine and the freedom of the mind it produces, in our case, we have orgies to celebrate him. In return he gives us certain powers, none of which are harmful.’
‘You mean like the living cocks in my drawer.’
‘Yes, you’re not going to tell me you didn’t enjoy them, are you?’ Asked Larry, turning to face me and smiling.
‘No!!.. Of course not. I think they’re marvellous and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.’ I said, thinking of the pleasure they gave me.
‘Be careful what you say Elaina, especially about trading things.’
Larry was fidgety as he said that so I changed the subject. ‘Have you three known each other long.’ I asked.
‘Since the creation of our little sect, about five-years or so. We like to sleep with each other and enjoy the freedom of both our sexes. Can I ask you something Elaina?’ Larry Asked quickly.
‘Yes of course.’
‘I know its early, but can I fuck you before you go to the club. I want to experience the beauty of your climax to myself before you meet Mike.’ Larry moved around the table and stood at the back of me. He slipped his hands down inside my jumper and fondled my breasts. I thrilled to his touch, it was gentle like a woman’s caress and I felt my nipples hardening to his massage. He removed his hands and I turned and faced him. I was still sat in the chair and level with his groin. I reached forward and unzipped him. His penis was nearly erect and I grasped hold of him, pulling him to full erection. he slipped his jeans and underpants around his ankles, allowing me full access to his pulsing shaft and balls. I licked at his crown, tasting him before taking him deep into my mouth.
‘Oh God!’ He said.
I paused in my sucking to ask him, ‘which God? The God we know and love or the God of debauchery and revelry.’ I then continued sucking and licking, bringing gasps of pleasure as I ran my teeth gently over the most sensitive part of his cock. ‘At the moment,’ he gasped, ‘the first God you mentioned will do. Turn around quick before I cum all over you.’ Larry pushed my lips away and as I turned to do his bidding, he lifted me skirt and slipped his fingers down the waist-band of my knickers. He pushed them down to my ankles and then sank his face between the cheeks of my bottom, licking, sucking at my pussy and anus from the back. My clit was sticking out a good half a finger-length and he fastened his lips around it, as he did so, I came. The juices pumped from me in a huge torrent, covering his face and shirt in a sticky coating.
‘Elaina,’ he gasped, ‘where does it all come from, you have gallons of it.’ He said, grasping hold of my hips, his cock poised to enter me.
I felt him probing at my anus with the tip of his cock and said, ‘push it in then, I don’t mind it up there. I get just as much pleasure from being fucked up the bum as I do the fanny, you know.’
He didn’t
need telling twice. Larry pushed his finger deep into my bum hole, m
oving it in and out a few times. He then pushed his cock against my hole and eased it in. Tremors were running down my body as I felt the shaft sink further into me. The juices poured from my pussy, running down the inside of my legs. Larry then began to move inside me, his rock-hard pole moving easily within me. His stroke was getting faster and the grip on my hips more painful. I knew he was nearly there.
‘I’m cuming…Oh. Ah, ah, ah.’ He shouted, as the jets of hot cum pumped deep into my anus.
Later, after we had both showered he said.
‘The God I was referring too at the height of my pleasure was Bacchus. You see Elaina, we are all Bacchanalian, which means we love the wine and orgies that the followers of Bacchus enjoyed in ancient times.’
‘Am I one these now?’ I asked.
‘If you enjoy the sex which our little band of followers provides, plus all the perks that go with it, then yes, you are one of us.’ Larry then took me in his arms and kissed me. Not a kiss of friend but the kiss of a lover, deep and passionate. I liked this man with his mop of deep red hair and pleasant attitude to everyone he met.
‘Have you always been bisexual Larry? or has it developed over the years.’ I asked politely, not wishing to offend him in any way.
‘I have always had the inkling towards my own sex, but I have never lost my love for female company. Enough of this chatter.’ He suddenly said. ‘You are to meet Mike at the club aren’t you? You had better get going otherwise you get in his bad books.’ Larry said, ushering me towards the door. ‘May I give you one little bit of advice Elaina.’
‘Please do.’ I said.
‘Don’t stay too long in our group. You will find the perks grand and the people only to willing to help you. But they will demand a great amount from you in other ways. Your body will not be your own, the people of the sect will own you.’
‘Right,’ I said, ‘I will stay only as long as it suits me to do so. See you later Larry, give my love to Joe.’
I had a lot to think about on the way to the club and wasn’t taking much notice of who was driving me, until a familiar voice said.
‘A penny for your thoughts.’
‘Oh! Hi.’ I said, ‘I was miles away, I didn’t recognise you. You’re the cabby that brought Barbara and I from the station.’ ‘That’s me,’ said the cabby, smiling. ‘You don’t fancy a quick stop off on the way do you.’
‘What for?’ I asked, already knowing what he wanted.
‘What do yer think?’
‘Okay, just a quick one and then I’ll have to get too the club.’ I watched him through his driving mirror and his smile widened. ‘Take your knickers off then.’ He said. watching me lecherously. I hitched my skirt up around my waist, giving him a good view as I slid my panties down my legs.
‘Here we are,’ he said, ‘I’ll come in the back with you, nobody will see us here.’
I looked where we had parked and found that it was the same lay-by as before. I said to him.
‘You like this lay-by don’t you.’ Making room for him and noticing the bulge in his pants. I had forgotten how big this guy was and my pussy suddenly flooded with juices in anticipation
‘Give us a suck first?’ He asked, undoing his pants and letting his cock spring free.
‘You look tasty.’ I said, licking the crown before sliding my lips down its length. I could only fit about half of him in he was so big. My lips were stretched to there limits as I moved my head up and down on him.
‘Enough.’ He cried. ‘Turn over, I’ll stick it up you from the back.
I turned and presented too him. It wasn’t long before I felt him stretching me open, the head of his shaft easing its way between my labia. Tiny shudders shook my stomach as little orgasms pumped fluids from my pussy covering his cock and balls.
‘Elaina, you’ve got one of the best fannies I’ve ever had the privilege of fucking.’
I felt him grip my hips and then the thrust, as he sank his cock deep into me. His movements soon became urgent and it wasn’t long before I felt his shaft stiffen inside me.
‘Here it comes.’ He said, pulling me too him.
As I felt the first jets of cum hit my womb, I emptied my juices onto his legs. He must have been saving it up or something because when he withdrew from me his own cum ran down the inside of my thighs like a white flood.
‘You were desperate.’ I said, wiping my legs with his handkerchief.
‘Yes, sorry about the mess. I don’t get much now-a-days from the misses. I think she’s going through the change or something.’ Your not.’ I said, giving his cock a gentle pull. ‘Come on, I’m already late at the club, they’ll be wondering were I am.’
‘Right,’ He said, getting back into the driving seat. ‘Oh! By-the-way, no charge for this trip Miss.’ The cabby said,
winking at me before turning back to his driving.
At the club Barbara came to meet me, a look of relief on her face.
‘Where have you been? I was worried about you when I finished my routine, all your clothes had gone.’ Barbara said, pulling me to her and holding me against her bosom.
‘It’s okay Barb’,’ I said. ‘I’m staying at Mike’s for a while.’ ‘Bloody hell,’ she said, you were quick weren’t you. Well. No hard feeling, I’m just happy your all-right. Tell what’s been going on then?’
‘Can I tell you later Barbara, I’ve got to find Mike first and then I promise we’ll have a good chat.’
‘Well. Okay then.’ Barbara said, reluctantly letting me go.
I made my way down to Mike’s office and knocked on the door.
‘Come in Elaina, I want you to meet somebody.’
‘How did you know it was me?’ I asked, intrigued and a little curious.
I walked into the room and was confronted by the tallest man I had ever seen, he must have been over seven-feet, and not an inch of fat. I looked at his feet, they were enormous.
‘I do beg your pardon, I was staring, very rude of me.’ I said.
‘This is Josh, a friend of Caleb. He was thinking of joining the Casino at our next meeting. I was telling him of the impact you had made on everyone at our last meeting. I was wondering if you would give him a demonstration of your orgasm. If you consent, I will leave you for a while in his capable hands.’
‘I looked at Josh and saw desire burning in his eyes. I was still wet from the encounter with the cabby, my clit was sticking into my knickers, it was so hard. He might be just what I need.
‘Certainly Mike, if you approve. I would be happy to serve him.’ I took hold of Josh’s huge hand and looked into his smiling face.
‘Good, then I will see you later Elaina. There is a double bed in the back-room, you will also find various toys for your amusement.’ Mike said, indicating the door at the back of the office before leaving.
As Josh and I walked towards the bedroom, my pussy was on fire. The juices bubbling up from my inner core. He lagged behind me a little as I held his hand, pulling him into the bed-chamber. ‘I am a big man in every sense Elaina, I do hope you can take me. If you do, you will be the first woman that has ever had me all inside her.’ Josh said, removing his jacket and undoing the top button of his trousers.
‘Wait?’ I asked him. ‘I would like to remove them, You just stand there and enjoy it.’ I then knelt at his feet as he looked down on me. The top of my head just came to the bottom of his zipper. I ran my hands up the inside of his legs, feeling the power and strength of this giant. I undid the top button and slid the zipper down. Whilst I was doing this he was removing his shirt and tie. His chest and belly were ribbed with muscle, as he moved they rippled with power. His hand sank into my hair caressing it. I closed my eyes at his gentleness, surprised by his touch.
‘Allow me to remove your dress before you remove my pants Elaina.’
I stood, my fingers running along his chest as he reached down and pulled the dress up and over my head. He then reached around me and un-clipped my bra allowing my breasts to swing free. I was left standing in my knickers, which were already soaking and sticking out were my clitoris sto
od erect. It was my turn now and I knelt once more at his feet. The bulge in his pants was frighte
ning. The shaft of his penis was as thick as a man’s wrist and I pulled his pants down in anticipation. As soon as the restrictions were removed the weapon sprang free. I put both of my hands around the monster, pulling his foreskin up and down a few times. He gasped as I did this leaking a little lubricant from the tip. ‘Josh was going to stretch me to my limits.’ I thought.
‘Take your knickers off Elaina, I want to taste you before I push my shaft into your body. Let me lick you to climax?’ Josh removed his remaining clothes and stood naked before me. I had never seen such a specimen of manhood before in my short life. His cock stood out straight from his body a good twelve-inches long, it pulsed to the beat of his heart. I removed my knickers and stood waiting for his next move. He then bent and took hold of my waist, lifting me from the ground so that my legs were at either side of his head. My head was level with his cock and I had to push it to one side until he was satisfied he had me in the position he wanted. He lifted me a little higher until I felt his tongue licking at my erect clit, sucking and licking contentedly. I grasped his shaft and attempted to put the large gland into my mouth, I had to be content with licking and nibbling, I also pulled his foreskin up and down vigorously. His balls were tight and as big as small oranges. I knew when this man came, he would pump a great deal of baby-makers out. I could feel the pressure building in the pit of my tummy. I felt the blood was running too my head. If I didn’t make this man come shortly I was going to pass-out.
‘I’m cuming,’ I mumbled, as his shaft became even harder in my grasp.
‘Oh! Oh, oh…I screamed,’ as spurt after spurt erupted from my slit, covering Josh’s chest and head in my sticky cum. I had cum before him and he quickly placed me on my feet. His shaft bobbing to his movements.
‘Turn around Elaina and kneel on the bed at the very edge. You are open now but I will be gentle.’
I did as he bid, pushing my bottom high in the air and opening my legs as wide as possible. He took hold of my hips and I felt his shaft brush along the globe of my buttocks before the head eased its way into my cleft. He pushed gently, opening the cheeks of my arse with his thumbs before pulling back on my hips. ‘Oh God. Oh God. Get it in, get it in. Mount me, fuck me. Oh, please push it up.’ I begged him, my legs shaking, the juices pouring from me.
I felt him take a tighter grip on me and then the thrust. His shaft sank its full length into my body. I couldn’t believe I had taken all of him inside me. He moved, drawing the weapon back before plunging it repeatedly into my body.
‘Elaina, I’m cuming, turn over now and catch my seed in your mouth.’ He said, withdrawing his long shaft from my body. I turned quickly as the first spurts erupted from him. His hand pumped his shaft as the spasms of orgasm ripped through his trembling thighs, pumping huge amounts of milky-white sticky cum into my mouth and onto my breasts. As the climax subsided and his manhood drooped to hang dripping over my mouth, I sucked and liked him clean. I felt like I had been fucked by a train, my thighs ached from the effort.
‘Elaina, never has anyone pleased me more than you. You must tell me how I can reward you for this pleasure.’ Said Josh, whilst pulling his pants back up.
I lay on the bed watching him dress and thinking of what he had just said. ‘Did he think I was an whore and did this for money, or was he just grateful for my services.’
‘I will leave the gift up to you. But Josh,’ I said. ‘Don’t ever think I’m a whore, I do this because I enjoy it and I love to give pleasure and receive it in turn.’
‘Please forgive me, I didn’t wish to offend you, You see, I’m a very rich man and to get something for nothing is strange to me. Once again, except my apologies. I will tell Mike that I will be joining the Casino.
When Josh had left and I was alone in the bedroom I reached down to feel at my pussy. I felt sore down there. The man had stretched me to my limits. ‘I must have a very deep pussy to be able to take Josh’s full length inside me.’ I thought, as I washed my face and brushed my teeth, removing the taste of sperm from my mouth. I didn’t mind the taste but enough is enough and Josh had more then plenty to go around. Dressing myself quickly, I awaited the return of my boss and supposedly, boy-friend.
Whilst I waited for Mike I had a look round the room to see if I could find the toys he had mentioned. I opened the top drawer and discovered the shafts of pleasure. One of them was as big as Josh’s, I picked the huge vibrator up and ran my hand up and down the life-like facsimile. As I ran my hand up the shaft, the foreskin moved, imitating the real thing. I couldn’t get my fingers to close around its width it was so fat, I switched it on. The change was immediate, The texture changed and it felt warm to the touch. It also pulsed as though blood was being pumped through it. ‘I’m borrowing this. Barbara will love this toy and I will enjoy using it on her.’ I said to myself, switching it off and placing it carefully in my handbag. There was a knock at the door and then Barbara poked her head around.
‘Come on,’ she said, ‘Mike wants us in the bar.’ She looked at me strangely. ‘You look flushed Elaina, have you been up to mischief.’
I winked at her, but said nothing.
‘Oh..I see!’ She said, a smile crossing her face as she led the way to the bar.
As I followed Barbara, I didn’t realise how much my legs ached. The muscles of my inner thighs felt stiff and sore. I must have shown the effort of walking, because the moment Mike saw me he said. ‘Elaina, you look tired my love, I will give you up to my masseur after I have spoken to you both. Barbara, in two weeks you will be attending the Casino, if you wish. I will leave the workings and the rules of the Casino to be explained by Elaina. I think the toy in your handbag should help to sway her in our direction. Don’t you think Elaina?’ Mike looked at me with a knowing smile on his face, he then poured us both a glass of champagne. ‘You’re lucky today Elaina, my masseur is in the changing rooms at the back. Come on. You can both make use of his services. I think you will enjoy it.’ Mike took us down to meet the guy who was going to remove the aches and pains from my back and legs.
‘Jim,’ Mike said. ‘I have two more customers for you, I’m sure you can do something with them.’
‘No problem Mike, I’ll have ‘em ship-shape in no time. Come on girls, get these robes on and then lie on the table, belly down, I’ll start on yer backs and then work down. If that’s okay with you?’ ‘That sounds good,’ I said, taking my clothes off behind the locker door. Barbara was already undressed with a white robe draped around her shoulders showing plenty of leg and thigh. The masseur un-corked bottles of scented-oils and the asked who would be first.
‘That would be me.’ I said, lying face down on the table with a large bath-towel tucked in over the top of my breasts.
‘Just undo as you lie down young-lady, I’m going to start on your shoulders. As I lay face down on the table letting the sweet aroma of the oils invade my senses. The masseur’s hands were indeed strong and I felt the tensions and aches leaving my body. As he moved down my body, I felt an excitement building in my groin. His hands had moved to the small of my back, the towel now draped over my legs exposing my bottom to his ministrations. The sweat beaded my brow as his hands needed the globes of my buttocks, his fingers rubbing at the top-most part of my thigh, coming very close to my labia, which by this time was extruding vast amounts of lubricants.
Barbara was watching me from the other table. She gave me wink and smile, knowing full-well by the look on my face that I was excited by what the masseur was doing to my bot
tom and legs.
‘Miss,’ said the man, ‘could you open your legs just a little, I need to get at the topmost part of your thigh.’
I did as he requested and let my legs fall open a little. His fingers needed on my inner thigh, his hand brushing my labia and coming very close to my clitoris, which was by now, erect and throbbing.
‘My word! You are wet down there miss, would you like a special rub? It will help remove some of your tensions.’ The masseur asked, letting his finger glide gently over my parted labia and touch the sensitive organ.
‘Ah..Oh..Yes please.’ I gasped, pushing my head into the pillow. His fingers were gentle as they rubbed and played around my anus and sex-lips, making me gasp in pleasure at his feather-light touch. I felt two of his fingers and his thumb enter me.
He pushed his thumb into my anus, at the same time inserting the fingers into my vaginal passage. This brought an immediate response from me. I came, covering his hand and the table in my fluids.
‘My word! You were in need of that. Let me dry you up and then I will finish your legs.’ He then gently dried me off and proceeded to work on my upper thighs.
‘Come on,’ said Barbara, ‘I want one of those specials you gave her, before I burst.’
‘Be right with you miss.’ Said the masseur, putting the final touch to his work, by dabbing expensive perfume in the most intimate spots.
‘Your turn now Barbara.’ I told her, rising wearily from the table. ‘I’ll leave you in his capable hands Barbara, I’m going to have a little sleep in your room before the bar opens. Thank-you for the rub. It helped, my legs feel much better.’ I told the masseur, as I headed for the stairs and the spare bed. After all that rubbing I felt drained and in need of sleep.
I awoke the following day. I had slept half the previous day and all through the night without waking once. It was early, about half-past-six, I looked across at the other bed to see if Barbara was in it. She was, and by the gentle snoring, sleeping soundly. I watched her sleep for a minute before going to put the kettle on in the adjoining kitchen. ‘I wonder what mike will have to say.’ I thought. ‘Fancy, sleeping right through the night, I’ve never done that before.’ I jumped, As Barbara broke my thoughts with gentle touch on my shoulder.
‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,’ Barbara said, smiling at the look on my face. ‘You looked miles away. Did you sleep well? Mike told me to let you sleep. You looked drained after the massage last night.’ Barbara was standing naked next to me, I could feel the heat from her body as I brushed against her breast, her nipples standing hard and pointed, very inviting and ready to be sucked.
‘I have something in my bag that I would like to try with you, if you want?’ I told her, opening my bag and reaching in to find the vibrator I had borrowed from Mike’s office. ‘God!’ She said. ‘What a whopper.’ Taking it from my hand to examine it.
I watched her as she ran her hand up and down its length. She tried to close her fingers around its girth but was unable to.
‘Do you want to try it before we go and find Mike?’ I asked her, rubbing my hand down her belly and on to her pubis. Barbara grabbed my hand and held it to her sex. I obliged her by pushing my finger deep into her vagina.
‘Come on then Elaina.’ She said, holding on to the vibrator, whilst pulling me towards the bed. ‘Get it working then. Push it up me, I want to feel it stretching me open.’ Barbara lay on the bed with her legs splayed wide ready to receive the phallus into her body.
‘Barbara,’ I said, ‘you will feel a change when I switch this on, don’t be alarmed, enjoy it okay.’ I held the vibrator close to her pussy as I switched it on. As I did so, it leapt from my hand and sprang towards Barbara’s open pussy. It stopped at the point of entrance and seemed to wait for me to take hold of it once more. As soon as I did so, it came alive.
‘It feels real,’ said Barb’.’ Reaching down to cover my hand with hers. ‘It’s pulsating like a real one!’ She then pushed my hand in, forcing the shaft into her body. As I felt the shaft slip easily into her, I removed my hand and watched the phallus moving of its own accord within her body. In and out, as though someone or something was forcing it into her.
‘Oh God..! Oh God…! I’m cuming, I’m cuming.’ Barbara shouted, pushing her hips upwards to force the “Magic-cock” deeper into her twitching body.
When Barbara’s orgasm had subsided, the “Magic-cock” as I had now christened it, once again turned back to the plastic facsimile it was.
‘Did you enjoy that Barbara?’ I asked, holding the sticky shaft for her to see.
‘Oh yes, but why did it feel so real? I could feel the ridges of a real cock as it entered me and as I came, I could swear I felt sperm being squirted into me.
‘This is the pleasure you will receive when you have become a member of the Casino and much more. Mike asked me to share this with you, but that is all I can tell you, so don’t ask me to explain more to you, please.’ I then took the shaft and washed it in the sink. ‘Oh! By-the-way, in case you don’t believe its magic, Look and see, there are no batteries inside.’ I unscrewed the bottom and showed Barbara the empty tube.
Barbara was the first to get dressed that morning, and as I watched her leave to go to the club for rehearsal, she had a happy vacant look on her face. As though she was dreaming of the “Magic cocks” she could own.
Much later that day Barbara came to find me, she said Mike wanted to see us in the bar. When we arrived, Mike was just opening a bottle of his best champagne.
‘This Elaina and the envelope are a gift from Josh. I’m very pleased with you, you deserve the gift. You can both take the rest of the day off and enjoy yourselves.’ Mike then passed me the envelope.
It was like Christmas, nobody had ever given me a gift before. I know I had told Josh that he could get me a present if he wanted. I shook the envelope and then ripped the top off. Inside was a neatly written letter.
Dear Elaina
Please except this small token. It will help you to come to dinner at my house, bring a friend if you wish. The address you will get from Mike. Love Josh.
I took the keys and looked at them, they were car keys.
‘I think you will find what you are looking for at the door.’ Mike said, smiling.
I couldn’t believe the size of the car Josh had bought me. It was a jaguar, top of the range with air-conditioning.
‘Open it up let’s have a look inside then.’ Said Barbara, as excited as me.
I looked at my keys and saw the alarm button. I pressed it twice and was rewarded with a beep. On the seat were the papers of ownership and a certificate of insurance. Josh had thought of everything. I tried the ignition and was treated to a gentle purring of the engine.
More to come

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