Ell – part 2

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I went to see Ell every three or four days after that, and we usually just stripped and went at it without any chit-chat. She was obviously hungry for sex, and I felt a little guilty that she had to find it with me instead of some young guy. Guilty, but not unhappy. I hadn’t been this active in nearly ten years, and it was almost like having my youth back again. She was into whatever I wanted to do, and the second time I was there she sucked me off although not to a climax. The third time she did it again, and I came in what for me was a flood, ramming my wet tool again and again into her mouth. After I came, she continued to suck, and she swallowed every drop.

I ate her out every time. She had what I can only describe as an underused pussy, which was tight and firm and closed tight every time when I removed my finger or my tongue or my cock. But with my tongue anywhere near her snatch, she opened up like a lovely flower, and the nectar flowed out to slime my mouth and my tongue and my chin.

She was actually tiring me out, draining me once or twice a week and leaving nothing in reserve.

Nothing for my girl friend, that is. And she noticed; oh, how she noticed. It was starting to
make trouble between us, not least of all because I think she suspected that I was up to something. But I couldn’t stop, or even slow down. Nearly every week, I went down on my girl friend, and she always had an orgasm; but it was obvious from my half-flaccid cock that that guy was getting serviced elsewhere.

One evening, Ell actually insisted that I stay and sleep over, but I managed to convince her that that would make trouble which couldn’t be fixed. That was also the evening that she snuggled up to me in bed, looked at me, and wondered aloud why I hadn’t ‘done what you did the first time.’ “I thought I might have hurt you, and I don’t ever want to do that,” I told her.

“It hurt, but I got over it. And I loved the feel of you in there. Would you do it again? Now?”

I nodded, and she immediately went up on her knees and buried her face in the pillow. “Do it. Please do it.” Her hands were stroking the cheeks of her ass, and with each tug outward I could see the puckered hole in the dim light. I got between her legs, and I plunged my face into her ass as my tongue pushed against her anus. She whimpered with pleasure, and I actually got my tongue a little way in. I produced a lot of saliva, as before, and when she seemed wet enough I removed my tongue and replaced it with the head of my cock.

Again I thrust into her in one motion, and she yelped with the pain. I didn’t wait, this time; I began fucking into her at once, big thrusts that went a little deeper each time. I quickly got into a motion which rocked her forward with each downward push, and she went flat onto the bed. I continued to fuck into her tightened ass, and simply rammed past the cheeks which were now close together. I came just then, and fell across Ell’s body.

After a moment, she motioned to me to get off, and rolled onto her back. She scuttled up the bed and swung one leg around my head so that I was staring into her wet pussy; then she pulled herself forward until her hairy slit was pressed against my mouth. I started sucking on her aroused clit, and in just a few seconds she came with a loud shout.

“I really like it when you fuck me that way. And I liked it that you were so rough tonight. It makes me wonder whether I could take a bigger cock in there,” she teased.

“I don’t think they come any bigger,” I teased back. “Not in my racial group, anyway.”

“Do you really think those stories are true?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Back in school I would have had the chance to check it out, visually I mean, but I kept my eyes averted as we were supposed to do.”

“I wonder if I’ll ever get the chance to check it out. I don’t really know any black men. That are interested in me, I mean.” I felt a little twinge of jealousy, but also a thrill of excitement at the weird idea of watching a black man reaming Ell’s ass. I was really becoming odd.

“Can’t help you there,” I said, and heard the croak in my voice. “I don’t know anyone either.”

“Oh, I know a couple. At work. I just don’t know whether they’d be interested in me.”

Now I felt a large twinge of jealousy. But the renewed vision of Ell getting pumped by an anonymous black guy was really strong, too, and I actually felt my cock starting to swell. “I think we’d better talk about something else,” I said.

“Does this make you mad?” she asked.

“No. Curse me for saying it, but it excites me to imagine it, and to imagine me watching it.”

“Oh. So if it ever happens, you want to be there?”

“As I said, I think we’d better talk about something else.”

I left soon after, and I was so unnerved by the conversation and my thoughts that I didn’t go to see Ell for over a week. My girl friend was happy for the renewed interest in her, though.

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