Ell – part 3

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Even though I wasn’t going to see Ell, I found myself obsessed with thoughts of her. What if she hadn’t been teasing me? I started having visions of a large, well-endowed black man going at her and doing all the things I had done. And the old white-guy fear swept over me: what if he’s as big as it’s said they are, and she won’t be satisfied with me anymore? I had been very brave in acting as though it wouldn’t matter, and that I’d like to watch; but the truth is my jealousy was stronger than my lust. Part of my fear was the clear knowledge that I was a lot older than her, and that fear is enough to send most men screaming to a shrink; but now I had to worry about some well-hung young black pumping into the pussy I had just recently gotten into. That’s the kind of crazy thoughts I was having.

One day I left work early and headed home, my head full of these kinds of thoughts. Ell on her bed with her legs splayed wide, taking it deep into her pussy with a well-muscled black man on top of her pumping in and out, in and out. These thoughts were still on my mind when I let myself into our house, and walked to the bedroom.

I opened the door, and there was my girl friend on our bed, her legs splayed wide, taking it deep into her pussy from a fairly-well-muscled black man! I nearly collapsed to see that my fantasy had come true, with a different woman. I staggered to a chair just as Kay turned her head and saw me. She smiled at me, and made no move to get the guy off her. He looked at me too, and I swear he started pushing into her even harder. She moaned, and held him tighter around the shoulders as her hips bucked under the pounding she was getting. I could see his cock going in and out of her, the ragged lips of her pussy displayed on every outstroke. I couldn’t really see how well he was hung, but she didn’t seem to be complaining. “Ahhhh,” she whispered, “fuck me, put it in deeper, do it, do it, do it,” and then she came with a scream. The guy came a second later, and collapsed on top of her. Then he slid down her body and started lapping at her slit, sopping up the juice that was flowing out of her.

She turned and smiled at me again. “It was really good. I hope you don’t mind that we didn’t stop.” Then her back arched as the guy pushed his tongue inside her pussy and caused her to have another climax. And I just sat there like an idiot, an idiot with the biggest erection I’d had in a month. I guess I do like to watch.

I got up and went into the living room, and a few minutes later the guy passed me on the way to the door. “She’s really special,” he said, and hurried out before I had a chance to react. Kay appeared in the doorway to the hall, that damned smile still on her face, a flimsy robe wrapped around her. “I hope you’re proud of yourself,” I said lamely.

“I am. I’m a little sorry you got home so early, ’cause I didn’t get a chance to suck him off. I would have done that if he could have stayed.”

“Why are you doing this?” I whined.

“Oh, you’re upset because he’s black.”

“Actually, I’m not. I’m upset because he looked young enough to be your son.”

“Ahhhh. And you’re against age difference, is that it?”

“Well, Kay, it doesn’t seem–proper to be doing that with a–a youth.” My hypocrisy knows no bounds.

“He’s 32. Scarcely a youth.” She was really enjoying this, although it would be a few minutes before I knew just how much she was enjoying it.

“And you’re 54. It’s–unnatural.”

“Uh-huh. How do you think I met him, by the way?”

“I don’t have the faintest idea. Is he somebody from work?” I was suddenly afraid that people at her job would find out about this and talk about it.

“Not from where I work. He . . .” she smiled wickedly, “he works with Ell.” I collapsed into the couch,all sorts of images in my head.

“She told me about him two days ago. She’d been involved with–someone, and he was staying away from her, so she indulged herself with Curt. That’s his name. Then she had to brag to someone about her inter-racial conquest, and I’m the lucky one to hear about it.”

“But how did he end up over here?” I asked. I didn’t think I’d like the answer.

I didn’t. “She made him sound so interesting. And then, I pried out of her who her regular squeeze was, and it turned out that we were sharing him. Sharing you. So I told her that it was only fair that I share Curt with her. I was willing to make it a threesome, but she’s a little too prudish for that; so she had him call me, and today, here he came. If you’ll pardon the pun.” I had never seen this side of her in the eight years we’d been together. She was being as cruel as she could be, and she was enjoying it.

“Are–are you going to do . . . that with him again?” I said weakly, realizing I had probably given up all hope of controlling the situation.

“Oh, I hope so. I thought he handled you walking in on us very well. I think he’ll come back.”

“I see. Well, why don’t you let me know when that happens. I’d like to watch.” There, it was out in the open. Kay had had no idea that I was interested in voyeurism. She looked startled, and then wary.

“You’re kidding, right? You want to watch him fucking me–again?” I could feel my hope of control coming back a little.

“Sure. And he can watch me fuck you, too. And watch you suck me off. And I can watch you suck him off. I didn’t get a real good look at his cock; I still don’t know if the rumors are true.”

“This is amazing. I had no idea you could talk this way,” she said.

“You had no idea I was fucking Ell until she told you. I guess we both have secrets.”

“How on earth did you and she get started?” she asked.

“I have you to thank for that, my dear. You had talked me up so well that when she decided she needed an older man, I came immediately to mind.” Now, I was smiling and enjoying myself.

“But you betrayed me,” she pouted.

“Not like today, eh?” I leered.

“But she’s my daughter. How could you? How could she?” She looked genuinely hurt.

“But, your honor,” I began, and then thought better of it. “I’m truly sorry. It was just something that got out of hand. Several times,” I quickly added, because I knew that she would throw it up to me that Ell and I had gone at it for a few weeks. “I just hope you can forgive me.”

I was grateful that she didn’t immediately ask me if I would break off with Ell. I realized that she knew I probably wouldn’t, and she didn’t want to put me in a position where I’d have to lie. “I’ll try,” she said. “Right now I’m going to jump in the shower.” And she was gone.

Twenty minutes later she appeared in front of me where I was sitting on the couch, still stunned, and she knelt down and unzipped my fly. She reached in and took out my cock, and began stroking it until it grew large. “I still haven’t sucked a cock today,” she said wickedly, and went down on me.

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