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I hired Lisa 2 months ago; she is only 5’3″ and about 95 lbs. She had a reputation for fooling around; so, I wasn’t suprised when she started calling me in the evening. She had been going out with several people at our plant. She talked about how lonesome she was and that she was tired of being at home alone. I wasn’t sure whether to pursue the the obvious or not. One night she ask me to take her out to dinner.

About this time, she started seeing a friend from Atlanta (Don) who came to spend the weekend with her. I figured that was the end of anything that might have happened.
I was wrong. She called me on a sunday afternoon and ask if I wanted to come over and watch a movie that night. I said, “I thought your friend was staying for the week end.” She said “He’s leaving at 6 so you come over at 7. I agreed.

She was wearing a short house dress without a bra when I got there. We had a few drinks and then went into her family room where the TV was. I sat on the couch and she sat beside me. I could feel the sparks from her as we sat there. She was barefooted and she put her foot up on my knee. “Can you give me a foot rub?” “sure.” I rubbed her foot for a few minutes and then started rubbing the calf of her leg. She had nice legs and then felt like baby skin. Then she said, “would you like a neck rub?” “Oh yeah” I said. “Well, get on you knees on the floor in front of me then.” I got off the couch and knelt on the floor; I put my hands on her knees. She rubbed my neck for a minute or two and then gently pushed my head down to her knees. I started kissing them and moved up to her thighs. They were delicious. She pushed me a little further up ans my lips were touching her wet panties. I licked them with absolute delight. She pushed me back and stood up. Then she dropped her panties and I pushed up her short dress and started licking her pussy. “Are you sure you want to do this”,she ask. “I mean eat me.” “yes.” Well lets get on my bed so it will be better for you.

She pulled back the covers, dropped her little dress and got on the bed. She put a pillow under her bottom. I couldn’t believe that I was going to get to do this. I started kissing her thighs and moved up to her pussy. Lisa, said ” I should tell you something before you do this.” “I had sex with Don this weekend.” I said, “OK.” “Do you still want to?” “yes.” I started licking and she was really wet. Then she said, “the last time was about 30 minutes before you came over; just before he left.” I continued to lick her pussy. “Is that OK? “yes.” Lisa said, “this has always been a fantasy for me.” Me too, I thought. “Can you smell his cum?” “yes.” “Do you like the smell?” “yes.” “Do you like the taste?” “yes.” It did taste good. Lisa started to moan and lifted her hips and her legs started to quiver. “I’m cumming.” I could taste her wet cum and it was delicious. I got between her legs and she helped me slip my dick in her pussy. It was so wet and tight. She moved with expertise and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold back. “Mix you cum with Don’s”, she said with delight. I gave her my full load as deep as I could go.

We both fell back and didn’t say anything for a few minutes. Then Lisa said, “thanks for making my fantasy come true.” “Was it too bad?” “No, it was fantastic”, I said. “Would you ever do the whole thing again?” “Yes, in a minute.” “Did you like his come?” I guess there was no sense saying I didn’t. “May I sak you a question?” “Ask me.” “If it could have been the cum of anyone you chose, who would it be?” I didn’t hesitate too long before I said, “Larry’s.” “Would you like me to do it with Larry and we do this again?” “yes.”
“OK, I’ll invite him over.” “He wants to get me into bed anyway.” “Do you like to give me away?” “yes.” “I thought so.” “Would you want to give me away if we were married or I were your girlfriend?” “yes.” “That’s good.” “I like that.”

more later……

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