Encounter in Darkness

The darkness outside the car was broken only by the twin beams of light from their car and the occasional glow of a cloud-shrouded moon. Inside the car, Jacquelyn Shivers slid a glance at her companion, blond-haired and rugged Todd Alverson. The look of him was enough to send any susceptible female heart fluttering. Unfortunately, Jacquelyn was not susceptible. Besides, since Todd was unremittingly gay, it wouldn’t have mattered even if she had wanted him between her legs.
Besides, she thought, returning her eyes to the darkness and the road, while spoil a wonderful friendship?
The two had been friends for over three years, ever since the time, in fact, when Todd had rescued Jac from a rather forceful encounter/request-for-favors from an earlier supervisor. Jac had originally been defensive, suspecting that Todd would later proposition her for similar favors. However, the expectation did not occur, and when Todd showed up to the office Christmas party with his boyfriend firmly in tow, Jac and Todd’s friendship was forever sealed. They had had a good laugh about Jac’s fears later while lunching together in the new year.
And since that time, the two had fallen into the intimacy of longtime friends. As both were sales associates for the firm, long trips were frequently necessary. As Jac was the firm’s only female sales manager, she was of necessity paired with male associates on any tandem call. Her seniority ensured that those were kept to a minimum, and that her wishes were respected when it came to unavoidable pairings. She went with Todd whenever possible.
Thinking of the recent client they had just called on, though, made Jac somewhat restless. The owner of the business was a crusty old-timer who had bulled a path from his father’s garage to a multi-million service center with annual revenues routinely exceeding thirty million dollars. He had heard them out and promised to be in touch with his decision. His son though…that was a different story.
Nothing old about the son, David. Around thirty, and apparently as tough as his father when it came to business, David had an animal magnetism that had intrigued both sales associates. There was something about him that virtually screamed with raw sexual desire. And the look of casual interest warming to admiration which he had bestowed on Jac had left even her with decidedly damp panties.
Todd glanced over as Jac shifted restlessly. “Still thinking about that piece of meat we left behind?”
Jac nodded while ruefully admitting that the single biggest disadvantage of close friends was the uncanny accuracy with which they read your minds. “Just wondering what he’d, umm, be like.”
Todd let out his breath in a “whuff” of admiration. “He looks like one who knows his way around a mattress, that’s certain. Too bad he swings your way and not mine.”
“Sorry, Todd.” The look Jacquelyn flashed her friend was full of sympathy. Todd had been without a partner for nearly a year, and the stress of the lack was beginning to show, but only around Jac. The blond-haired man kept most of his feelings carefully concealed to avoid office ridicule.
But even the thought of Todd’s longing was not enough to keep her mind from returning to David. Nor were those thoughts enough to keep her body from showing her desire by again dampening her silk panties. The scent of her arousal filling the car brought her suddenly, and embarrassingly back to the present.
Todd chuckled at her obvious consternation, then quickly slowed as a green sign proclaiming an exit in a mile showed up in the headlights. He eased the car off the highway, remaining silent to Jacquelyn’s curious query of what in the world was out here that was causing the unscheduled stop. After driving for a half-mile or so, he pulled the car over to the edge of the road and stopped.
Turning to look at Jac, his eyes were solemn in the gleam of the dashboard lights. “You need to get David out of your system, Jac. If you go back in this state, you’ll be unable to concentrate on your work for the next week, and so, for that matter, will I. So,” he gestured toward the capacious back seat, “finish yourself off and forget him.”
“Here?” Jac’s voice nearly squeaked.
“Why not?” responded Todd. “What’s going to see you, a quail?”
The logic of Todd’s tone had Jacquelyn unbuckling her seat belt and sliding out of the front seat before her shocked mind could muster arguments. The balmy summer night wrapped its silence around her as Todd switched off the engine and slid out of the driver’s seat as well. The clouds suddenly blew clear and the silvery light of the moon cascaded down over the car and the two friends.
Quickly, before she could think of a reason why she shouldn’t do what she was about to do, Jacquelyn slipped off shoes, pants and shirt, leaving her clad in only thigh-high stockings and silk panties and bra. As she straightened up from tossing the clothes into the front seat through the open window, she caught sight of Todd removing his pants with equal nonchalance. Her brain finally caught up with her and demanded whether she was actually going to masturbate while sitting, or lying, next to a naked man. Jac turned her mental back of the rational part of her mind and opened the back door.
Once inside, the stillness of the night caught up with them. The moon shed its mottled light over the car and the two inhabitants, one of which was slowly removing his briefs and freeing his equipment. At the sight of this, dimly lit though the scene was, Jac realized that it was now or never. Her fingers slowly slid inside her panties and slid over her dampened labia. The heat of her hand and the pressure triggered another rush of fluid from her quivering membranes as she moaned softly.
Beside her, Todd began to move his hand in a slow, steady rhythm over his shaft, Moonbeams danced off a tiny drop of precum as it glistened at the tip of his manhood. Jacquelyn’s fingers brushed over her clitoris, awakening that sensitive nub and causing her to moan and writhe slightly under the sweet torture. Unknowingly, she began to imitate Todd’s rhythm, matching him stroke for stroke.
Her moans escalated in volume and intensity as her hand stroked her softness, her eyes drifting shut as she lost herself in the wonder of pleasure. So absorbed was she that she didn’t even notice her partner’s slowing, and eventually stopping, activity. Her scent filled the car, a sharp acrid tang redolent with the mysteries of her body.
The heat of the male body beside Jac drew her like a lodestone. Her left hand slid up onto Todd’s well-muscled leg as she drove her fingers deep into her throbbing sex. Liquid heat swirled deep inside her at the invasion.
Jac would have bet that even a Martian landing would not have stopped her orgasm, but the sensation of Todd lacing his fingers into hers was enough. The shock rocketed her into reality, dampening her pleasure and distilling it into pure unadulterated panic. The rational part of her mind snickered in a sort of “I told you so” way. The darkness still wrapped around the car, and only her harsh breathing broke the silent night.
“Go ahead,” murmured Todd. “Finish yourself off.”
“I-I can’t,” stammered his friend. How do I tell him that it isn’t him, that it’s just how strange this is? wondered Jacquelyn. But the words were unnecessary. The soft laugh that always reminded her of smoke coiled around her.
“Then I’ll have to do it for you.”
His hand replaced hers at her dripping opening. His mouth touched hers in a gentle kiss that slowly developed with the richness of the finest of wines. Her hands wove around him, drawing him close and her body, again ignoring the scandalized shrieks of rationality, responded to his daft caresses.
“Oh, Todd…” she moaned, as his hand continued to plunder her secret wealth. She shifted to allow him to better penetrate her and felt her leg brush up against his stiff organ. There was no hesitation in her mind or her body; sh
e turned to face him, straddling him and rubbing her t
rimmed pelt against him. She felt him press her labia apart, and then felt the velvety head nudge her hole, slide past the opening and slowly part her quivering membranes as she slid onto her best friend’s shaft.
There were no words, only the rhythmic liquidity of hot sex, breathy moans, the sound of open-mouthed kissing and an occasional whispered endearment that was unintelligible to any but the addressee. Todd’s thumbs stroked Jac’s aching nipples as his mouth plundered her mouth and his cock pressed deep into her insatiable sex. Jac’s orgasm came swiftly and explosively, nearly scalding Todd with its heated liquid. The resulting contractions triggered Todd’s own orgasm, spewing his hot seed into the welcoming wetness of Jacquelyn.
How long they stayed linked, basking in the golden glow of orgasm and the cool light of the silent moon, Jac neither knew nor cared. At last Todd stroked her hair back from her face and kissed her tenderly.
“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” asked Jac.
“I only knew a moment ago,” replied Todd. “I love you, Jac.”
Smiling, she leaned into his strength, feeling his cock starting to stir upright again inside her. “I love you too, Todd. And I think I’m going to need another dose of you right now…”

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  1. Alan4361

    Very good! That was a very erotic story of burgeoning love. Your detail really captured that moment, and I found myself enthralled by its culmination. Bravo! Or is it Brava? Either way, well done!

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