Ernesto With Bernadette And Her Lovers

Bernadette “Bernie” is a young woman who never grew out of her change of her teenage sexual urges. This beautiful petite yet well developed lady with a teenager body cannot be satisfied by one man.

Ernesto the 50 year old banker opened his heart and home to her. He protects her and loves her. He knows she is a “Butterfly” when it comes to her sexual needs. Meaning she seeks out other sexual relationships to satisfy her needs. His love helps her understand that at the end of the day she has a home and someone who loves her without controlling her.

It’s Wednesday 3pm. It was a busy day at the hospital lab. Bernie drives to the hotel to see David.

She knocks on his door to his apartment. He greets her and kisses her. He has company. Bernie is introduced to his friend and another employee. Her name is Aida. She is in charge of housekeeping. She is not as beautiful as Bernie however this 5’7” Hispanic lady has a thin muscular runners body. She very pleasant. A little masculine in her demeanor.

The three sit and talk about many topics. The subject turned to sex. Aida asked Bernie if she ever had sex with a woman? Bernie said no but had thought about it. Aida smiled and said she was happy Bernie was open minded. Aida walked over to Bernie and asked her to stand up. She kissed Bernie on the lips. Bernie embraced her. The girls French kissed. Aida asked David if they could borrow his bedroom for a few minutes? He said yes.

The girls undressed each other. Aida couldn’t believe how young and beautiful Bernie is. Aida saw the tongue piercing, belly button piercing, nipple rings, clit ring, and the words on her shaved mound “Te Amo.” Aida had tears as she realized this girl needed loving. She kissed Bernie and asked her to lay down. Bernie lay down and Aida licked and sucked her nipples and breasts. At the same time using her fingers she stimulated Bernie’s clit and pussy. She licked and sucked every part of Bernie’s body. Bernie had never felt so loved. She felt she was being devoured in love. As Aida moved over Bernie’s body in a 69 position. Bernie licked, sucked,fingered Aida’s clit and pussy. Aida had stimulated Bernie’s pussy and anus with her tongue and fingers. The girls had multiple orgasms. They both rested. Bernie looked forward to David squirting cum in her pussy.

David was kind enough to loan his bed to the girls. Now it’s his turn. Aida invited him to join them. He layed between the girls. They kissed him, licked, sucked, his cock and balls. Aida slid her finger into his ass. He had never experienced 2 women at the same time. Bernie straddled his cock. Aida sat over his face as he licked and fingered her pussy. The girls kissed. Aida licked, sucked, massaged Bernie’s breasts and nipples. All the while David is pumping his cock into Bernie’s pussy. Bernie stimulates her clit with her fingers. Aida does the same. After what seems to be awhile David orgasms squirting copious amounts of cum into Bernie’s pussy. Both girls experience orgasms. Bernie’s was more powerful as the cum hit the vaginal walls. This is what Bernie loves. She loves feeling and tasting a man’s love essence.

After resting, David gets a cup and spoon and gathers his cum for Bernie. Aida watches with curiousity. He spoon feeds Bernie. She takes it into her mouth, smiles at them showing the cream pie on her tongue. She swallows it and licks her lips. Aida was amazed. She never saw a woman do that.

Bernie asks David to use his shower. It’s a big tub and the three of them shower together. They lather each other with soap and wash each other. Aida loves washing Bernie’s breasts, pussy and ass. Bernie sucks Aida ‘s pussy and fingers her clit. Then David behind Bernie fucks her pussy. After some more orgasming and David squirting more cum into her pussy, everyone is satisfied. Showers are over.

It’s time for Bernie to go home to the one man she ultimately loves, Ernesto.

Thursday night is the Gang Bang Girl’s Night Out. Lydia and Bernie have their weekly fling. They choose their fun. Bernie asked Lydia if she wanted to go disco dancing or the Euro Adult Theater? Lydia said she wasn’t open to BS with the guys at the dance club. She said she wanted to get fucked. Bernie agreed. The girls went to the theater.

The girls went to the ticket booth at the theater. They showed their membership cards. The lady said no charge. She said management appreciated the business they created when they were there. Also they were given permanent lockers and keys for them.

The girls went down stairs through a tunnel to the gang bang room. There vinyl covered couches, chairs and examining style vinyl covered tables. The girls use them. They bang side by side in the same room for protection. Management is always close by.

The girls lay down. Put their sunglasses on to protect their eyes from flying cum. There are 2 lines of 20 guys each. Bernie yells,”Come on babies.” Each table is surrounded by 6 guys. The front man licks the girls pussys, clits and fingers the same. The 5 men on the sides have the girls lick,suck and pull their cocks. The guys massage the girls body’s. They also lick, suck their breasts and nipples. When the girls start orgasming the front man wearing a condom fucks them. The girls moan and yell in pure pleasure as they are being fucked. This is repeated as each man gets his turn to fuck. The girls are constantly being stimulated. This is the process Bernie loves. To be constantly aroused.

Finally, after about two hours and double dippers. Those are guys who get back in line and fuck the other girl. The girls are ready for dinner. Just as they decide to shower, 4 guys show up and ask the girls if they would let them fuck their pussys and ass. The girls looked at each other and nodded yes. The girls went to the couches. One guy under them. Straddle their cocks and one guy behind them lubricating their condoms and the girls ass. The guys start thrusting slowly, then they go faster in and out of the girls holes. The girls raise their ass and lower their backs to accommodate the cock in their ass.The girls are so still aroused from fucking earlier that they start orgasming at the same time. They are yelling with pleasure with different sounds. Their muscles tighten around the cocks forcing the guys to shoot their cum into the girls ass and pussy. The girls continue to orgasm after for a few minutes. The guys complimented them for the great sex and thanked them.

The girls don’t hesitate they get their towels off the couch and money falls out. Both girls got $100 each. They look at each other. They believe the last guys were the one’s who left the money. They were polite to the girls. Time to shower.

The girls went to the best steakhouse in town. They even had a glass of wine and clinked the glasses in a salute to strangers.

Ernesto, With Bernadette And Her Erotic Adventures……to be continued

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