Ernesto, Bernadette, And Her Lover William

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It’s the 1970’s. Women have become liberated and demand equality with the men. Bernadette (Bernie)is no exception. She’s single, beautiful, young, looks like a school girl and dresses like one. She is college educated (med tech). Her sexual needs exceed the ability for one man to satisfy her. Men become enchanted with her because she looks so young.

The one man she returns to after her trysts is Ernesto. He’s 50 years old. He is a bank president. He opened his heart and home to her in a divorce hearing with her exhusband. Bernie loves him and he understands her needs.

Sunday is Ernesto’s favorite day. It’s football Sunday. He likes to watch the games. Bernie decided to go to an art show in town. It was the last day of the showing and sale of local artists works. She dressed warm as it was cold. She kissed him and said she would be back for dinner. He said bring home pizza instead. She said okay. She said she would get salad too.

The art show was at the civic center. Free parking and a $5 entry fee.

There was a crowd there. Art work involved items made from paper, ceramic, wood, metal, floral and forest grown. The paintings and other mediums were of exceptional quality. One large painting caught her eye. It was of a young girl, almost a teenager and naked. The girl looked like Bernie. A well dressed man next to her said,”she looks like you.” Bernie was surprised at the almost exactness of her. The lady artist came to her. The lady asked her if she liked the painting? The gentleman said to the artist to look at Bernie and the subject. She was stunned as she studied the situation. She said the subject was painted by her in New York City at her studio. The artist said if Bernie wanted her likeness painting she reduced the price just for her to $150. Bernie got her check book out when William insisted he would buy it for her. She said he didn’t have to do that. He said he felt it was the right thing to do. The artist said to Bernie she hadn’t named the girl in the painting. She asked Bernie if she could use her name? Bernie said that would be nice. She told the artist to use her nickname “Bernie.” The artist did that and signed and dated it. It was carefully wrapped for traveling.

William carried the large painting for Bernie to the car. He asked her if she wanted to go back inside for refreshments? She said a cup of coffee would warm her up. They got their coffees and a cookie. There were tables and chairs available.

When they sat down he wanted to know about her. She said that she had a job and was single.

William told her he was 55 years old and owned the Holiday Motel in town. He told her he had an apartment in the motel. He gave her a couple of business cards. He asked her what kind of work she did? She said she was a med tech at the hospital. He said you’re college educated. He said she looked like she was in high school. She said she graduated from high school at the age of 14. She has a photographic memory. She graduated from college at 18. At 19 she was working at the hospital. William said she was young and very intelligent. She smiled. He asked her if she dated older men? She said yes. She loved older men. He asked if he could call her? She said she would prefer to call him for privacy reasons. He understood. He had given her his cards.

She looked at her watch. She had to go to Pete’s Pizza and order dinner. She thanked William for the painting and a lovely afternoon. It was time to go. He walked her to her car. She turned to this 5’9″, handsome business man and kissed him. She rubbed his cock bulge and said she would see him after work. He kissed her again and she French kissed him. She told him to hold on to that until she sees him.

She brought the pizza and salad home. She asked Ernesto to help her bring a painting in the house. When she unwrapped it he said,”that’s you.” He was speechless. She said a man was there and he bought it for her because it looked just like her. Ernesto said that was nice of him. She said she had her own money but he insisted.

Monday was a busy day at the hospital. The weather wasn’t helping. There were several car accidents keeping the staff very busy.

Lunch time Bernie called William from the phonebooth. She asked if he wanted her to stop by after work? He said he would love to see her. He told her where to park and how to find his apartment.

At 3pm her shift is over. She drove to the motel. She parked in the back. She found the entrance to William’s apartment. She pushed the doorbell button. He welcomed and kissed her. He took her jacket and put it in the closet. He then gave her a tour of his apartment. It was nicely furnished. He asked her if she would like something to drink? She said juice if you have it. He poured them both orange juice. They took their glasses to the living room. It was very comfortable. They sat together on the couch. He had holiday music playing. She had taken her shoes off. It had been an exhausting day. She talked about her day and he talked about his.

Then she got on her knees on the couch because it was easier for her to kiss him as she was a little lady. They kissed and French kissed. She straddled his hips. They continued to kiss. He put his hands underneath her shirt. He found she doesn’t wear a bra. He massaged and fondled her breasts. He fingered and flicked her nipples. She was getting hot and took her shirt off. William used his tongue and teeth nibbling on her nipples. He sucked her breasts and neck leaving hickys. She got off of him and took her pants off. No panties. She went back to him straddling him. He was loving every mouthful of her body. Then she opened his pants zipper and pulled his cock out. As he sat on the couch she unfastened his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. She was on her knees and sucked, licked, his cock and balls. She said tell me when you are ready to fuck me. He said he was ready.

He removed his shoes and pants. She said pussy or ass? He said pussy. She straddled his cock and guided it into her pussy. She rode his cock for awhile as he continued licking, sucking her breasts. She fingered her clit. He told her he was getting ready to cum. She moved her hips faster to get him to squirt her pussy. He yelled,”holy shit I’m cumming!” Her pussy muscles tightened up and his cock squirted a flood in her cunt. She had been orgasming for awhile. After a torrent of cum she licked his balls and sucked his cock clean. She asked him for a spoon. She asked him if he would spoon the cum into a cup? She pushed the cum out of her pussy. After capturing it she asked him to spoon feed her his cum. He did. She told him he was now in her. They would always be together. After some after sex kissing she asked to use his shower. He asked her if she wanted company. She said yes.

They showered together. They washed each other. Bernie got on her knees and pulled sucked his cock for another load of cum in her mouth. Looking up at him she showed him his cream pie in her mouth and on her tongue. She made sure he saw her swallowed it.

After showering they dried each other off. They kissed. She got dressed. She had a date with Ernesto at the hotel to go swimming in the heated indoor pool.

Bernie kissed William as she was leaving. William said thank you for a beautiful time together. He said please come back. Bernie said she would call him tomorrow. She said she loved him.

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