Ernesto With Bernadette And Her Side Lovers

Ernesto is a 50 year old Banker who is cuurently in Washington DC on a business trip for the bank. Bernadette or “Bernie” is his 25 year old live in lover. She is independent as she has a college degree and works at the hospital as a med tech.

Bernie’s sexual libido makes her very active in her love affairs. Ernesto understands. In his absence this week she connects more with William who owns the Holiday Motel in town. He loves her as all her lovers do. She sees William after work.

Bernie goes to the motel. William lives there in an apartment. Today she gets a surprise. His brother Robert is visiting from New York City. William is 55 and Robert is 53. Both men are wealthy. William kisses Bernie at the door and introduces Bernie to Robert. Robert shakes her hand. William takes her coat. Robert is surprised at her beauty and how young she is. Bernie told Robert that she and William met at an art show.

William offered Robert and Bernie something to drink. Everyone wanted orange juice. Robert said William told him she had a lover. She said yes. He was there for her at a low part of her life. She loves him but he does not own her. She said William is her current side partner. Robert was stunned and speechless. This cute little girl spoke like a man. She was different than any woman he knew. He struggled with liking her. She didn’t care. She sensed it was time to leave. She told William she had to leave. She got her coat and left. She was pissed with William not saying anything to his brother.

Bernie went to the big hotel to go swimming. She had her bikini with her. There was one guest in the pool. Everyone else had gone to dinner. The young man introduced himself as Carlos. He was in sales for a food distributor for large hotels. He was staying there as a guest. They talked and swam together. He wore a wedding ring. He didn’t hide it. When they rested in the pool he kissed her. She put her arms around his neck. They kissed and French kissed. She pulled her top up he kissed, licked, sucked her breasts and nipples. He pulled her bottom bikini off. She put her arms up on the pool ledge he picked her legs up to his hips and shoved his cock into her pussy. He started out rapidly fucking her. She made those happy sounds of receiving his cock. He had endurance. He was able to keep from squirting her for some time. She was in ecstasy. She was happy.
He finally ejaculated in her squirting warm cum in her pussy. They put their bathing suits on quickly.

Carlos told Bernie he was at the hotel Sunday night through Monday night. She said the best time for her was 3:15PM until 5PM. Monday. He said for her to call the hotel desk and leave a message. He would meet her in the lobby. Next time they would use his room. She said she was free tonight until 8:30 PM. He said dinner was on him. She showered in the ladies locker room and met him in the lobby

She really liked this 5’8” thin Latino young man. He was pleasant and polite. The food was very good and they had a great conversation. After dinner he invited her to visit his room. She said she would like that.

The room was big. It vhad a large living room with a TV,a large bathroom, and a kitchenette. The bedroom was complete with a king size bed and a TV.

He had a carafe of wine and poured them a glass. They clinked their glasses to friendship. After finishing their wine. Bernie took off her scrubs that she wore at work and her sneakers. She layed in the center of the bed with her legs spread and her arms open wide inviting him to make love to her. Carlos layed with her. He kissed and licked her from her neck to her pussy. He saw on her mound the words, “TE AMO.” He said how beautiful those words were. He was surprised she had them. She said her favorite lovers were and are Latino. Carlos realized this lady had put a message on her pussy and accepted Latino men into her heart. He felt so honored that he found her.

He continued his kissing,licking,sucking, her neck, chest, breasts, nipples,belly button and finally her clit and pussy. He fingered her pussy, using all of his fingers on one hand. He continued licking and sucking her cunt and clit. Bernie was orgasming and making sounds of ooooohs and aaaaaahs. She was panting and straining with orgasms. He told her to get on all fours for doggy style. She kissed him. He used some lubricant on his cock and thrust his cock into her pussy. He slammed her pussy in and out. His balls were slapping her pussy and she was in sexual delight. He reached around her, fondling her breasts and nipples. She fast rubbed her clit with her fingers. Again Carlos was good at fucking longer than most men. He had endurance. She hadn’t felt so stimulated from a man’s cock in a long time. She enjoyed his cock and balls slamming her pussy. The stimulation of her pussy had her brain totally wired to the fantastic feeling. She couldn’t think about anything else.

Finally, Carlos said he was ready to cum. She kept moving as he slammed her pussy. Then she felt him squirting her vaginal walls with warm cum. He was very potent. He flooded her pussy. So much that she was leaking cream pie. She had powerful orgasms causing her strong spasms of her releasing the effects of her being stimulated. Carlos pulled his cock out of her pussy. She kissed him and he kissed her. She told him to lay back. She licked, sucked his cock and balls clean. His cock was already becoming erect. She asked for a spoon. He thought that it was a strange request She asked him to spoon feed her the cream pie that was oozing from her pussy. She pushed the cum from her pussy. He gently spooned it from her pussy to her mouth. She rolled it to her tongue showing him and swallowed it. He spooned all he could find. She said that swallowing it was accepting his love. He would always be a part of her. He thought that was a beautiful thing to say.

Bernie said she needed a shower before she goes home. He said he would like to join her. She said that’s cool. He joined her in the shower. They washed each other. He said he wanted to fuck her ass in the shower. She kissed him. She got on her hands and knees. He used lubrication and before the water washed it off he was fucking her ass. Again his balls were slapping her. After his thrusting and her rocking against his cock he was ready to cum. He said as he was shooting cum in her ass,”ohhhhhhhyessssss!” She kept slamming his cock to receive all of his love cum. She orgasmed and loved the feeling of warm cum squirting in her ass. He pulled his cock out of her ass. She licked,sucked his cock clean. She washed the cum oozing from her ass. They kissed as they dried each other off. Carlos had trouble keeping his hands off of her while she dressed. She knew she had to go home to answer the phone when Ernesto called.

Carlos said he loved her. She took his left hand and kissed his wedding ring. They smiled and Bernie giggled like a school girl. She asked him what his wife might say? He just laughed. She said she would call the hotel desk next Monday. She said she loved him too. They did a long kiss and she said goodnight.

Bernadette’s sexual adventures continue………………..

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