Ernesto And Bernadette With Her Side Lover William

Bernadette or “Bernie” as she prefers to be called, goes to see William after work Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Her sexual libido is at full speed. William owns the Holiday Motel and has an apartment there. Bernie just wants to fuck discreetly. It’s the seventies and young women are enjoying their sexual freedoms. William has what Bernie needs.

Thursday night is Girl’s Night Out. Bernie loves that night too.

Ernesto is a 50 year old bank president. He loves Bernie and shares his home with her. He also understands her needs.

After Bernie’s trysts with William, she meets Ernesto at the big hotel. They use the pool, sauna and weight room.

On Tuesday Ernesto is notified he is being sent by the bank to a Bankers Conference in Washington DC next week. He tells Bernie. She will make her plans.

This week Tueday and Wednesday after work she has a quick fuck with William and meets Ernesto at the hotel for a swim.

Thursday is ladies night. Bernie’s co-worker Lydia split with her boyfriend. She’s hot for a gang bang.

Friday Bernie skips William. She meets Ernesto at the hotel for a swim. She wants to spend quality time with him before he leaves.

Saturday Ernesto shops with Bernie at the mall in UpTown for luggage. As he passed a jewelry counter he saw a black choker with a gold medal. He told Bernie to pick one. She did and he had it engraved with with the words, “To Bernie, With All Of My Love, Ernesto.” She put it on. The jeweler said it’s beautiful. He commented how beautiful she was. When leaving the store Bernie saw a ladies French style clothing store. They had alluring ,naughty, provocative teenage and women’s clothing. She bought some hot clothing and a gold necklace with a gold mesh bib that covers her chest but not the breasts. She thought Egyptian style. She would surprise Ernesto.

Ernesto asked her if she wanted to go to the adult Euro theater? She said she would rather spend time with him at home as he was leaving Sunday. He kissed her. She said,”I love you Ernesto.” He said he loved her too. Ernesto said let’s get dinner.

Sunday Ernesto was ready and waiting for the chauffeured limozene. The driver called on the intercom at the gate. Bernie pushed the button and opened the gate. The diver came and got Ernesto’s luggage. Ernesto kissed Bernie. She cried a little and asked him to call when he got to the hotel. He said he loved her and would call.

Ernesto called Bernie at 6PM telling her he was at the hotel. He said he was going to dinner and that he loved her. He said he would call her Monday night at 10PM. She she said she loved him too.

She called William saying she was free for the night. He said come down for dinner. Stay overnight with him. She said she was on her way. She brought a change of clothes for Monday for work. She wore her new choker.

Bernie arrived at William’s motel. He welcomed her,kissed and hugged her. He said not to take her coat off, he wanted to eat. They went to the diner for dinner.

After dinner William and Bernie went back to the motel. Bernie was happy to get inside as the weather was extremely cold.

They sat together watching the Sunday night TV shows. William asked Bernie if she would join him in having a glass of wine? She said she would. After 2 glasses they were relaxed. Bernie went to the bedroom and took her clothes off. She put the Egyptian style necklace with attached gold mesh chest bib shaped cover on. She also put her nipple chain and waist chain on.

She walked behind the couch to the front of him. When he saw her he was stunned looking at her beauty. He stood up, kissed her,pulled and pressed her to him. She got on her knees, unzipped his pants, pulled his cock and balls out. She licked and sucked his cock. She looked up at him with eye to eye contact. She loved and respected her lover. He had her stand up and took her to his bedroom. She helped him undress. She layed down on the bed. He kissed,licked, and sucked her neck, chest,nipples,breasts, belly button, and stomach. He couldn’t get enough of how she tasted. She was so beautiful. Her body had several hickys. His passion made her feel like putty in his hands. She felt so overwhelmed with his love making.

William moved to her mound, pussy,clit and ass. He licked, sucked, fingered her. Especially concentrating on sucking and licking her clit. He also moved his fingers rapidly in her pussy at the same time. She moaned and made sounds of enjoying her erotic lovemaking. She was orgasming as he licked her clit and fingered her. She begged him to fuck her. He continued until she was pleading for him to fuck her. He would be in control of satisfying her. Or so he thought. He pulled her to the edge of the bed. He put 2 pillows under her butt to raise her pussy. He put both her legs straight up and fucked her. His balls were slapping her pussy as he fucked her. She orgasmed and he squirted a load of cum in her pussy. She shook,jerked and spasmed from him causing her intense orgasms. She had been panting out of breath. Now she was calm. He gathered his cum and he fed it to her.

They rested then showered together. They washed each other with some extra stimulation..

Bernie had to go to work early. It was time to go to bed. She would sleep with William. She always slept naked and was always
available to her lover.

At 5AM William was exploring her body with his fingers. She woke up and hugged him. He said he was horny. He wanted to fuck her ass. She kissed him. She got on her hands and knees. She lowered her back and raised her ass. He used KY on his cock and in her ass. He started out slowly penetrating her ass and then increased his speed in and aut. He reached around her massaging and pulling breasts. He used his fingers and thumbs pinch and pull her nipples. She used her fingers to rub her clit. William was getting ready to cum. Bernie could feel his cock tightening up. She was already orgasming. William started squirting his cum. Bernie liked the warm feeling and pressure of the cum in her ass. She orgasmed along with. After sex there was a brief rest. Then she had to shower and have breakfast. It was Monday and back to work.

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