Escapeing to Ecstacy part 2

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Escapeing to Ecstacy
Part 2

As the strange man left my home i was wondering if someday i would ever encounter him again.I knew i shouldnt of fell this way but i couldnt help myself. We had started off as him attacking me to me enjoying the ravishing of my body that he had been giving me.Where will this twist of fate turned to next? Here we are yet again now lets see where this encounter has taken us.

Well it was a beautiful spring day,winter was over i was out walking , trying to get the excercise that i had unfortunatelly had put off threw the winter.The daffodils were sprouting up and i was just looking forward to the nice weather being upon us once again.I had to walk to the park to see how everything was going because they had been working on it setting up all grounds for the spring plantings.The year before they had done such a beautiful job,as u can tell i love flowers and above all flower gardens ,i have one at my home.
When i started walking back from park i walked along the normal way i always took.Not thinking anything would be different then any other day.As i got to street crossing a car pulled up and rolled down his window and said can i give u a lift,sweety? Omg i was so shocked it was the stranger again,i was thinking i would never see him again,my heart started pumping so fast with excitement or arrousal,i wasnt sure which or was it both.I responded hell yeah u can give me a ride anytime,he blushed. I got in the car and said well hello there stranger never thought id see you again,He responded by saying , well i wasnt sure ,well i was really nervous to approach you .with everything that happened before,but i havnt been able to get you out of my mind since our last encounter. I blushed and said well your not the only one i havnt nor couldnt forget about you either.Do you remember the way to my house, I chuckled. Hell yeah he said ,are we going to have some coffee,we both chuckled because thats how our first encounter took place was suppose to have been over coffee.I said well lets go,im game if you are, as i blushed.
I still hadnt been with anyone since last time him and i had been together and i just couldnt bring myself to take the risk on anyone else.However his voice alone and the aroma of this mans cologne was making me wet just in the car alone.I said well hell this mans a stranger but yet he gets me soo wet everytime im around him. We chit chatted as he drove along,as he pulled in driveway i said to him wow good memory ,u remembered exactly where i lived. He said hell ive been past here alot when im in town just hoping to get a glimps of you because i was hoping to run into you again and well here we are yet once again. Yes we are i said but this time its different,Oh really he responded and why is that may i ask? I said well how about we just go in the house and ill show you,as my face blushed. I just coulldnt believe how this man turned me on so much.So we got out and went into the house.
I opened the door and told him to come in as he did enter ,he said wow this place looks differently then i remembered . Well we didnt spend much time in this room,thats probably why.I could tell his face was getting red as i said that. Now then let me show you a more familiar room that you will recognize,so i grabbed him by the hand and said follow me.I led him down the hall to my bedroom where the last encounter had taken place, Now do you remember this room, i asked? He responded by saying oh yes baby and even more i remember you. He walked closer to me and gave me the most incredible deep kiss ,sliding his tongue into my mouth. Wow i replied i missed you too,now let me show you exactly how much. I then removed his jacket and said why dont u make yourself comfortable,ill brb.
So i walked into my bathroom and stripped my clothes off and climbed into the shower. When in a few minutes i heard the door open and he said may i join you? I replied by saying oh yes please do,I pulled him into the shower and began to lather him up with the soap as he kissed me i couldnt take my hands off him,rolling them up and down his back and chest and along the front of him. Exploring every single inch of him with my hands.. As he was moving his hands over my breast and along my ass i could just feel his strong body against mine,but this time i had decided i was going to be the aggressor and he was going to do what i wanted. I ran my hands lower over his ass and down along the front of him feeling his large cock grow in my hands as i stroked it with my handful of soap. He began to moan telling me how good that felt. I said to him then get on your knees i want to feel something good between my legs and thats going to be your tongue,Do you underrstand? He lowered himself in the shower and began to run his finger over my clit as i stood there running my hands threw his hair as i pulled his mouth closer into my wet pussy,i said lick it. I could feel his cock throbbing as it rub against my leg,while he was sucking and licking my pussy,He ran his hands over my ass,i was about to cum in his mouth when he stopped,i said did i say you could stop,No I didnt get your mouth back on my pussy till i cum.He said nothing but did it. This time i was going to get what i wanted when and how i wanted it and he had no choice but to go along. Oh baby lick it that feels so good. Okay thats enough stand up i told him.
We then left the shower ,i said come with me. Where,what are we doing or going,he replied i said you just nevermind,this time im calling the shots. Ewwww baby your turning me on even more,i said im not trying too you will see,knowling that i was trying to do nothing but.Well on bed now, i said harshly i climbed in bed straddling over him and reached under the mattress and he said what are you doing baby i said you will see i grabbed my handcuffs and took his wrist and quickly cuffed him too my bed. Hey what are you doing ,he asked? I said well, whats wrong baby your not needing to go anywheres till im done with you,i replied. Now its my turn for some fun So i srtaddled his face and told him to lick me so he stuck his tongue into my pussy licking me then sucking on my clit .Oh baby thats it make me feel soo good, as i reached back and stroked his large cock with my hand . He was licking and sucking on my clit sliding his tongue in and out of me as i began to grind my pussy into his face as i was cumming he kept licking.He really knew how to use his tongue.Then i decided to tease him some more,i slowing lowered my mouth onto his hard cock sucking on just the head of it . I ran my tongue up and down it feeling it tremble on my tongue as it glided up and down his rather large shaft.Then i open my mouth more and lower my mouth over his large cock sucking on it as i move my mouth up and down over it as he begins to moan, louder and louder.His cock begins to grow larger and larger in my mouth as he shoots his load of cum down my throat as i take my tongue and continue to lick every drop off him.Well baby that was nice he said,will u uncuff me now, he asked? I replied by saying No its not time yet,your not going anywheres till i say so.So i began to pinch and bite his nipples ,ouch that hurts he says,oh well, i like it.I begin to lick on his nipples then run my hands over his cock feeling him getting harder again,and i move toward the bottom bed and climb onto his rather large cock. Now baby let me ride u and lets see how good u feel inside me again. I begin to rock back n forth on his cock feeling it grow larger inside me,running my hands over my nipples and squeezing them as he watchs ,and thrusr his cock harder into me as i spread my legs open wider taking every inch of him inside me. As i rock back and forth up and down on his large cock,he swells more and more till he exsplodes his cum inside of me.Slowly i roll over and lay next to him and uncuff his hand as he puts his arms around me and tells me ,i think i found the lady i wanna spend the rest of my life with. Oh and baby by the way whats your name? We begin to laugh and fall to sleep.

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