Evan's Life: Evans Move 1

People have emailed me about it, and now it has been reborn! Thank you all for your comments! Along with Jennifer’s series, I now present you with Evan’ Life! Here is the first story, in two parts, from my erotic series, that got the ball rolling. Enjoy, and thank you all again for your support!

Moving was always tough. Evan knew it, but he steeled himself for it.

The movers had just left. His home was now an empty shell, and he looked into it one last time.

“Later, house,” he said to it. “We had some good times!”

Evan got into his car and left. His lanky frame fit well in his car, having taken the time to make sure it fit him. He hit the highway in short time and was on his way to Texas and his new home in Houston.

He had been traveling for a while before he noticed he needed gas. He pulled off at the next exit and pulled into the gas station. It was one of those self-serve stations, not at all like the ones in New Jersey, so he carefully read the directions. He put his money in the machine, put the nozzle in his car, and locked the handle in place.

When he turned around, he saw a pretty woman sitting on the curb near the minimart front doors. Her head was down, and her shoulders were shaking. She was crying. Evan went up to her.

“Anything I can do for you?” Evan asked.

“Not unless you can give me a ride,” she sobbed, her head still down.

Evan didn’t have to think very hard on it. He just spent 3 hours on the road, and it was getting damned boring! “Where you going?”

“Texas,” said the woman.

Sweeter still! “Well, it so happens that that’s where I am headed.”

The woman’s head shot up, and Evan could see one possible reason why she was crying. She was sporting a black eye.

“Geez, lady, who did that to you?” Evan asked shocked.

“Oh, that prick of an ex-boyfriend,” she sniffled. “We pulled in to get gas. He wanted me to go down on him in the bathroom. When I refused, he hit me and tore out of here. Now I’m stranded here, with no way to get ho-ho-home!” she started crying again.

Evan bent down and put his arm around her. “Tell you what. I’ll get you home. We’re going in the same direction, and I could use a driving buddy. It gets boring on the road alone. So, How about it?”

The woman wiped the tears from her eyes and looked at Evan. “You’d do that for me?”

“Sure,” Evan answered, squeezing her shoulder.

The woman suddenly got a shrewd look on her face. “What’s it gonna cost?” she asked him.

“Your company, if you can afford it,” Evan said.

Finally, a smile crossed her face. “Then I accept your offer,” she said.

“Great!” Evan said. “My car is the Focus over there. Get on in. I’ll get us some Cokes.”

Evan helped the woman up. She was tall, at least 6 foot, with blond hair and blue eyes. Her chest was medium size, about a c cup, and her hips flared sexily. Her jeans encased what looked to be shapely legs. Evan pointed to the car again, giving her a friendly push towards it, and entered the minimart.

Evan bought a six-pack of coke and some grapes for the next leg of the trip. He figured on spending the night somewhere in Virginia, and he made sure he had the money to help this gorgeous woman while he bought his stuff.

He saw the woman in the passenger seat of his car when he got back. She had covered herself with one of his blankets he had in the back, and she looked asleep. He took the nozzle out of his car, got his receipt, then got back on the road.

It was getting dusk outside. The woman continued to sleep. Evan put on some tunes, but turned down the volume so it wouldn’t disturb her. She turned, and the blanket fell from her shoulders on to her lap. Evan looked. She was wearing a plaid shirt tied at the midriff, exposing a very flat belly. A couple buttons had come undone, and he could see the outline of a beautifully formed breast within.

About an hour later, the woman woke up, and stretched luxuriously. She tucked the blanket around her waist, and kicked off her shoes. She looked over at Evan and smiled.

“Thank you for getting me home,” the woman said to him.

“My pleasure,” Evan said.

“You know, I haven’t got your name yet.”

“Evan. Evan Bertram.”

“I’m Brittney Maklin. Nice to meet you.” She held out her hand.

Evan shook it. “Likewise,” he said.

“It looks like your moving, with all those blankets and clothes back there.”

“I am. My job moved, so I’m moving with it. The company bought me a house in Houston.”

Brittney looked shocked. “Oh, this is too weird!”

“What?” Evan said, suddenly concerned.

“I live in Houston as well!”

This got Evan’s imagination rolling. Here was this gorgeous woman, and it looked like she would be riding with him all the way to Houston. Now what were the chances of picking up someone going to the same place as you? Damned small, Evan thought.

“Well, it looks like we’re neighbors,” Evan finally managed to say.

“I guess so,” Brittney said.

The two remained quiet until Evan pulled off the highway at a motel.

“I’ll register us and get us a couple of rooms,” Evan said, getting out of the car.

“Just get a double,” Brittney called out. “Save some money.”

Evan staggered a step hearing that. A small smile cracked his face. Anything that kept him in the company of this woman was fine by him!

Evan registered and got the key for their room. He pulled the car around to it, then got out and pulled a suitcase out of the trunk.

“We’re about the same height,” Evan said to her. “I think I might have a shirt or two in here you can use. Maybe a pair of jeans.”

“Thank you,” Brittney said, smiling. “I could use a change of clothes right now.”

Evan and Brittney got into the room. Evan put down the suitcase and opened it, extracting two long type plaid shirts he used for work, and handed them to Brittney. He also pulled out a pair of his jeans that were a little tight on him, and also handed them over. Brittney sized them to her, and smiled. Apparently, they would fit nicely.

“Dibs on the bathroom!” Brittney yelled happily, running toward it. Evan laughed, and flopped on the bed, opened a coke, and downed a third of it in one swallow. He kicked off his shoes, and used the remote to turn on the news.

Evan heard the shower turn on. His imagination came up again, and he let it run this time. He closed his eyes. He saw Brittney in that shower, slowly dragging the soap across her body. She would pay special attention to each nipple, soaping it until it stood painfully erect. She would moan from the feeling as she dragged that soap south until she reached her pussy. Here, she soaped herself thoroughly, masturbating with the bar. Her eyes would be closed, enjoying the sensation of the soap bar rubbing her clit and the water raining down on her body in a rhythmic pattern, bringing her ever closer to an orgasm. She started rubbing her clit with the bar of soap harder, harder…

His eyes flew open as he heard the bathroom door open, and Brittney came out. Her body and her hair were wrapped in towels. He wondered what she looked like under that towel…

“Your turn!” she said, a look of happy relief on her face.

Evan drained the rest of his coke and went into the bathroom. He shut the door. When he turned around, he saw her pile of clothes. He saw jeans and shirt. No bra. No panties. And what was that smell in there. It smelled like…Evan brought his mind back to the present and stripped for a shower.

He just could not keep Brittney from invading his idle thoughts. She was just too gorgeous. Evan knew he was not one to take advantage of people, but this bordered on something…
erotic. He had not had much of that for the past year, and the one date he had 5 weeks ago ended badly.

His thoughts continued to center on Brittney as he soaped his body. He felt his cock stiffen at the sight of
her in his mind. He thoroughly soaped his crotch as the last thing, then put the soap down. he grabbed his stiffening member and started stroking to the vision of Brittney masturbating herself in his mind. His fist moved faster as his cock lurched, and sperm started shooting out. His imagination was just too erotic to maintain countenance. He quickly rinsed off, washed his hair, and toweled off.

He wrapped a dry towel around him and went back into the main room. Brittney was already in her bed, turned on her side. Evan could hear very light snoring, and knew she was already asleep. He turned off the TV, dropped the towel, and crawled into the other bed.


Evan’s dream was fitful. He was in a bed, feeling Brittney’s wonderful tits, giving her a sensual massage. He could feel her hands on him, rubbing his shoulders, his back…

Even flew awake and turned over. Brittney had crawled into bed with him, and was rubbing his shoulders and back.

“Brittney! What are you doing?” He asked her, wild-eyed.

“Well,” she stammered a bit, “I heard you say my name in your sleep. I figured you were dreaming about me. I thought about how you treated me today, and I began to see you differently. I find you attractive, and I know you find me attractive. I was feeling horny, and now you are here, and I like you…”

Evan caught her gist, and felt flattered. He settled down and faced her, still covered by the blankets. He reached over and drew her in for a kiss. She tasted sweet. Her tongue split his lips apart and found his. They tasted each other in that kiss. Then they broke apart.

“Brittney, let me see you,” Evan suddenly said.

Brittney smiled as she got from under the covers and stood. She was very statuesque in her beauty. Her skin looked smooth. Her breasts were a very playful handful. Her pussy was shaved, and the split of her pussy lips could be seen by the light of the moon coming through the window.

Evan threw the covers off the bed and scrambled to her side. He sat on the edge and massaged her thighs. A small moan escaped her lips as she spread her legs. Evan brought up his hand and rubbed her pussy, inserting two fingers in an already wet canal. Brittney gasped. Evan then brought his head closer to her cunt, and flicked his tongue out. He licked her pussy crack, finding her clit. He sucked that morsel into his mouth and gently bit it.

Brittney couldn’t stand it. She collapsed, and Evan had to move fast to catch her. He laid her gently on the bed. Brittney immediately flew her legs open.

“Eat my cunt, you stud,” she hissed, a husky moan of lust escaping her.

Evan got between her legs and started licking up her juice. She was really hot! He found her clit again, licking and nibbling it. He reinserted two fingers into her, finger fucking her in time with his nibbling. Brittney went wild.

“Oh yes, you fucking stud!” she was moaning. “Eat that cunt! Lick me dry! Drink my juices, and make my clit explode! Ooh! That’s it, lover! Suck it! Suck it!”

Evan had never heard a woman talk so raunchy before, and it was turning him on so much that his cock twitched just from the sound. He continued his assault on her pussy, inserting another finger. His hand jack-hammered in and out of her now, making her spasm violently.

All of a sudden, he felt Brittney seize up, squeezing his fingers with her pussy muscles. “Oh God, Evan! I’m cumming! Oh, pound that cunt with your fingers hard. I’m cumming! AAAUUUGGGHH!”

Evan locked his mouth on her snatch and pounded his fingers into her as hard as he could. He rode out her orgasm as best he could. His face was covered with pussy juice by the time she settled down.

Brittney was like a wild animal as she got up and grabbed Evan by the arms and laid him down on the bed.

“Now I’m gonna eat your cock, stud, and make you cum just as hard as you made me!” she said to him huskily.

Evan reached down and held up his eight-inch cock. “Suck this thing, bitch!” Evan growled, his lust rising.

Brittney screamed her lust and landed on Evan’s cock, taking it all in one shot. Evan grunted in surprise. Britney started a fast up-and-down motion on his pole, constantly keeping pressure on it. Her tongue danced on his shaft from side to side, causing Evan’s eyes to cross.

“Oh, that is so fucking good!” Evan hissed. “Suck that cock, Brittney!”

Brittney renewed her assault of this wonderfully gorgeous cock. She slowed her pace a little, and really worked it over, making Evan squirm.

Ten minutes later, Evan felt the familiar tingle in his balls. “Oh, Jeez, I’m gonna cum, Brittney! Holy shit! I’m gonna cum hard!”

Brittney nodded as she kept up her motion. All of a sudden, Evan groaned and flexed his hips, and the first jet of sperm hit the back of her throat. She greedily swallowed. Evan kept shooting more and more of his spunk, and she swallowed it all. When he finished, she snaked up his body, rubbing her tits on him along the way, and planted a wet, passionate kiss on his lips. He could taste his sperm in her mouth, and it turned him on even more.

Evan was amazed that he was still hard after that fantastic blowjob. Brittney scooted up a little more, and positioned her pussy at his cockhead. Using her hips, she scooped his cock into her, spreading her pussy with its size. She slowly moved back, impaling herself on his pole. Brittney’s head came up as his cock bottomed out. She moaned in lust, and sat up.

“Ooh, please, play with my tits while I fuck you,” She pleaded.

Evan reached up and tweaked the nipples on her tits, making her squeal. Brittney started an up and down, then forward and backward motion on his cock, sending more waves of pleasure through him, Her pussy felt tight! It felt like a velvety vise. He was amazed at how much pleasure she was getting from him. He had never affected a girl this way, and he loved the feeling.

Brittney fucked Evan this way through two more orgasms. Each time one of them hit, she seized up, causing Evan to cry out from the tightness, which in turn would keep her cumming. A self-reinforcing orgasm, and both were sweating from the effort.

“Come on!” Brittney gasped after her third orgasm of the night. “I want you to cum. I want to feel your spunk flooding my cunt. Come on, stud. Cum for me!”

Evan went crazy from the sensation. He had the irresistible urge to pound his cock into this incredibly gorgeous and lustful woman. He sat up and threw her to the side, causing her to cry her surprise. He then stood, and dragged her to the edge of the bed. He held her legs open as wide as they would go.

“That’s it, stud!” she yelled at him. “Pound that cunt good! Make me feel it! Shove that cock ’til I scream. Come on, stud! FUCK ME!”

Evan, still speechless, positioned the head of his cock at her hole, then slammed it home so hard that Brittney saw stars. He pulled back out, and slammed it home again. Brittney screamed. Then he grabbed her legs, and held her in place as he mercilessly pounded his cock into her. Brittney’s head lolled to the side, moans of pure lust coming from her with each thrust.

Evan’s lust allowed him to pound her like this for a whopping 15 minutes. Brittney had screamed her way through two more gripping orgasms before he finally felt the stirring in his balls that heralded his own orgasm.

“You wanted to feel my cum in your cunt, slut!” he growled. “Well here it comes!”

“Yes! Yes! Fill my cunt, stud! Fill me with your cum! OH! I’m cumming again!”

Evan yelled as his orgasm hit, seizing all his muscles. Brittney came at the same time. His sperm completely flooded her pussy, leaking out the side. The sensation was so maddening that Evan could not stop slamming his cock in her cunt. He slammed for a good 5 minutes, making Brittney scream with each one. Finally spent, Evan passed out on top of
Brittney. Brittney was so wasted that she just lay there and passed out herself


Evan woke to pressure on h
is hips. He opened his eyes and saw Brittney fucking him again, but tenderly this time.

“Morning, lover!” Brittney said brightly, adjusting her hands on his hips to get a better grip.

“Morning,” Evan grunted, now feeling the sensation of her velvety pussy.

Brittney had a look of concentration on her face as she rubbed her pussy on his pubic mound. In a few moments, she stiffened and let out a coo of satisfaction as an orgasm gripped her.

“Ooh, I needed that after last night!” she said when she finished. “That was awesome! We both passed out from that, you know?

Evan chuckled. “I know.”

“I am so glad I met you, Evan. I know we will be together for a long time.”

“Yeah, about 3 more days. Then we will be in Houston.”

“Evan! Is that all you want me for?”

Evan came wide-awake at that question. “What are you getting at, Brittney?”

“What I’m getting at,” she said, “is we don’t need to split once we get there. I want to be with you.”

“What about your home there?”

“Oh. I still live at my daddy’s mansion there. He’s one of those oil barons. I’m sure he’d like to get me out of his hair.”

Evan could not believe his sheer dumb luck.

“And to prove I’m serious, I intend to suck your cock, and keep it in my cunt at night, all the way to Houston! In fact, I’m gonna start right now!” She put action to her words, and gobbled his cock.

Evan closed his eyes, savoring the feeling. Yup, he knew he no longer had to look on this move as a bore.

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