Excitement in the basement

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Hes over at my house again, and I can’t help but tease him a little as we prepare to play ping pong. I’m feeling so aroused I can barely stand him being on the other side of the table, and from the look in his eyes, neither can he.
As I lean over the table, my low cut shirt allows him a wonderful view of my 36C breasts, and distracts him as I pick up the ping pong ball. I serve the ball, and he completely misses. After retrieving the ball, he walks over to me, and I set down my paddle as I see him approach, and I accept him into an embrace of kissing, gently pulling him towards the cement wall. With little warning, I shove him into the wall, and as he grunts, I dive into his mouth, passionately kissing him, our tongues attacking each other, him grabbing my butt, and pulling me closer so I can feel his hardness growing against me. We stop kissing for a moment as he pulls my shirt over my head and practically rips my bra off, and I respond by dragging his shirt off as well. He starts sucking my nipples so hard I feel like there going to get ripped off, but at the same time I can barely stand the pleasure. I pulled away to remove his pants and boxers, and with him standing there naked, I start to suck his cock, slowly at first, then faster and faster, as he watches my breasts bounce up and down. Judging by his face, he is about five seconds away from getting off when I stand up. He looks surprised, but quickly reciprocates because he knows I want us to get off together. He lifts up my skirt and pulls down my black thong to reveal dripping wetness. Pressing me against the wall, he lifts both of my legs over his shoulders and begins a rigorous licking of my nether parts, causing me to buck against his face. Noticing that I was getting out of breath, he gently stops and sets my legs to the ground, knowing that know I am at the climax of my arousal. I stand up and no sooner has he pinned my arms to the wall and shoved his still erect penis into me. I gasp, but quickly start to moan as he thrust faster and faster, the fact that my arms are pinned against the wall makes me give in to my orgasm, and as soon as he feels my pussy grasp his cock, its enough to send him into orgasm himself, and I can feel his cum shooting deep inside me. As we collapse onto the ground I hear him ask:
“So, do you want to play ping pong now?”

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