Fairs Fair

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The four of us were in my Jacuzzi after a long barbecue afternoon; the hot sun and the beer did its deeds on all of us. We were the only 4 left and were pretty tanked up, kind of giddy and sexual jokes going on. No one mentioned any sex between us at all.
Rachael went into the house to the bathroom; I went into to kitchen to get another round of beers.
Now my Jacuzzi sits about 4 feet from the rear of the house, a hallway heading from the kitchen can be seen from the Jacuzzi. Off of that hallway is a laundry room with a window in it that without the light on you can see the lit Jacuzzi very well.
After getting the brews I for whatever reason deceided to check up on my pal Glen and my wife to see if she kept her bikini top on, she was pretty drunk. So I stopped to peer out of the window. What I did see was Glen hoisting his ass up off the seat so his cock stuck out of the water. My wife, Donnas mouth was wrapped around it and her head was bobbing up and down, he was watching the hallway for anyone coming out. I watched this for a minute and was pissed off but kind of like seeing my wife suck another mans cock. I knew he was enjoying it because she does it very well.
I heard the bathroom door open and had some quick decisions to make, Rachael was coming back. I called ppsst when she got to the rooms door, she walked up to the laundry room door and said, “What’s up?” I had decided that I would deal with my wife and she would deal with Glen however she seemed fit. I said, “Check this out” and pointed to the window. She looked out at Donna sucking Glen’s cock and her eyes welled up as if to tear, I said, “What do you want me to do, go out first or what?”
She turned and started to leave the laundry room and said, “I’ll handle it” with a nasty tone in her voice. “I knew that fucker was messing around, I just didn’t think it was with your wife!”
She then stopped and turned around and quickly dropped to her knees, pulled my bathing suit down to my ankles and picked my shrunken Jacuzzi soaked cock up with her mouth. It didn’t take long to swell to its proper size, for someone I had pictured as not a cocksucker was doing a fine job. All of my 6-1/2″ were buried to the hilt, she had my cock in the back of her throat and was working muscles I wouldn’t of guessed she had.
Watching my wife suck Glen’s cock out the window and Rachael deep throating me made it a great blowjob but short to be enjoyed. I spasmed and just as my knees almost buckled, Rachael rammed my cock into the back of her throat again and I came with about 6 blasts. I didn’t cum in her mouth, I came down her throat!
She then got up off her knees and stormed out side causing Glen to pull back under water still with a hard on, Donna sat back in the seat across from him. Rachael got back in the Jacuzzi while I stood out side of it leaning on the railing, waiting to see the fireworks start.
Nothing was said, no one was confronted, I was the lucky one that now gets a blowjob form Rachael whenever I stop over Glens house and he isn’t home, maybe he gets one when he’s at my house we’ll never know for sure.

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  1. DaveyWavey

    great story!

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