Falling In Love

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I’m a five foot nine, brown haired, blue eyed, i believe to be average looking woman. I’m sitting at the local bar, waiting for my friends to get there. After a half an hour of waiting alone, they finally arrive, and they bring with them a stranger. His name is Greg. Sam and greg have been friends for a few years, and Sam knows that I’ve been..um lonely as of late. He introduces us, and we have a few drinks. Sam disappears, and I am left to deal with Greg all alone. At first I wasn’t into him, he wasn’t my type at all. But the more that I talked to him, the more that I liked him. He was a sweet guy, it seemed, and he was looking for the same things that I was. We drank the night away, and I ended up going back to Sam’s house with them. We were all sitting in the living room, talking and laughing hysterically at the chic that Sam had brought home. She was hilarious. Joke after joke and story after story. Anyhow, Greg and I were sitting on the couch and we were getting closer to each other. Sam and his chic decided that they wanted to be ‘alone’ so they went to the bedroom. We could hear soft moans coming through the door, and we laughed silently. We watched tv for a bit, then he turned and kissed me. It was the sweetes kiss that I’ve ever recieved. It was osft, gentle and needy all at the same time. I leaned into him, and he leaned into me. We kissed for an eternity, and then we fondled each other.

I only lived a short distance away, and I asked him to come home with me. I went to that bar with no intention of picking up a guy, let alone a friend of Sam’s, but what happened happened. We got to my place at five in the morning, and we talked for a few minutes. We sat on my bed, and he took my hand in his, and kissed me again. Harder than before. “I’m not looking for a one night kinds thing” he whispered into my ear, sending my body into heat. I shook my head in agreement. I wasn’t looking for anything, and here he was, dropped into my lap by forces greater than anything I’ve ever known.
He lifted my shirt over my head, exposing my ample breasts, and gently kissed his way to them. He pulled my pants down, and began kissing my belly and making his way to my pussy. I was wet, and breating heavier than I ever had before. I pulled him to my face, and told him “there will be plenty of time for that. RIght now, I need you inside of me” He took a condom from his pocket, and put it on his 8 in cock.
I’d never been with a man that big, and it seemed that the more he touched me, the bigger he got. He was leaning over me, with his cock in his hand, whispering my name. He entered me with one hard thrust, and I came almost instantly. I’ve never had a reaction to a guy like that. He continued to pound my pussy, and he made me cum three more times.
He smiled down at me, and then in perfect time, we came together at last. His release was long, and I swear that night I fell in love.
That was three months ago, and we still have mind blowing sex every chance we get. I have never had a man tell me that I was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen while he was making love to me. I know much more about Greg than I did threemonths ago, and every day, I fall in love with him all over again.

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