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It was Emma’s birthday, she was 27 and had been looking forward to going out for a real good night out for ages, she had been deciding what clothes to wear as she loved to get dressed up when she went around town.

She had been with her partner for over 2 years after meeting him at work, left her husband and got with him, they had lived together and spent time together. She often felt it strange because she could talk to him about her fantasies and there was no way that her previous partner would let her do that.

She was attractive, dark long hair with a hint of red and was simply stunning when she was all done up and ready to go out.

On that night of her birthday she had decided to wear her ‘playboy’ outfit, this consisted of a strappy top, a short pink and black skirt with her knee high playboy boots, it made her feel sexy when she got dressed up and she loved the feel of the air on her bare legs, she decided that on this occasion she would wear only those items, no knickers and no bra…..

She got ready and they waited for the taxi, she had previously told her partner about her fantasy, it was a fantasy that many people desire, more than one man and ideally she would love to watch some action between the men as-well, something that her previous partner would certainly not allow….

They got to the bar at 9ish, it was already packed as it was the weekend, they crammed up towards the bar to order drinks, these were quickly drank, she loved vodka, the more she drank the hornier she got! Her partner sent her to the bar for another round whilst he visited the toilet, whilst at the bar she noticed a guy at the front, still crammed up, she liked the way he looked, dark eyes, well built and took care of himself,
“would you like to go first?” he asked, she accepted and moved in front of him, as she did so he pressed against her from behind, being pushed by other people wanting to get to the bar, she liked it but didn’t want to admit it to herself. She knew she would never cheat on her partner but none the less the thought turned her on.

As she leaned over the bar to request the drinks the barman said that he had to change the lager barrel, which meant she had to wait longer, she glanced around to catch the attention of her partner but could not see him. The guy behind pushed against her harder, not too hard but enough for her to feel something hard in his jeans push against her short skirt, as he did no he apologised to her for pushing, but as he did so she edged her bum backwards to rub a bit more on his jeans, by this time she was getting wet.

He whispered in her ear to ask if she was with someone, Yes she replied, pitty he replied back.

Knowing that he was turned on and she was wet she turned around to glance across the bar but as she did so her hand dropped to her skirt, no-one could see as it was so bust and they were all pushed up tightly waiting to be served, as her hand dropped she brushed against his jeans to feel his harness underneath. The quick touch made her even wetter.

The drinks were then served and she had to leave the area of the bar to return to her partner, the drinks again were quickly drank and she moved dancing to the music, she had had quite a few drinks by now and was getting horny in herself, especially knowing that someone in the bar was a guy who was hard because of her…..the thought of this made her wet….

Later that night they moved onto a club, again it was packed, one of those dimly lite clubs with pounding base everywhere, but she loved it there, especially as it was a vodka bar.

She left her partner whilst she went to the toilet and to put a bit more lipstick on, the toilets were on the upper floor and there were not so many people up there, but it was still dark and the music was still pounding…

As she left the toilet to walk back down stairs she heard a voice call her “Hello again” he said, she turned around and the guy was there again, she had drank probably a few more than she should have and knew this, but none the less she walked over to him. Instantly he kissed her on the lips, wiping the lipstick away she had just put on, in a flash of her mind she knew she shouldn’t be doing this but the drink took over and she kissed him back.

“I cant do this”, she said, “my partner is downstairs and could come up at any minute” as soon as she had said this he pulled her into a door that opened and it was a pitch black store room, the door shut behind them.

The passion took over and he pushed her against the wall, it was cold as she could feel her face on it and as he did so his hands wrapped around her front and moved to lift her skirt where his fingers gently touched her moist pussy as he kissed her neck. She arched backwards exposing her fully pussy and clit to his fingers and then reached behind herself to feel his jeans.

Spinning back around to face him, her back against the wall she began to undo his jeans to expose his hard 8″ cock which she could feel throbbing in her hands, dropping to her knees she began to suck it, taking it in and out of her wet mouth, rubbing it up and down at the same time, she could taste his cum, but only a little.

She rubbed his balls and sucked them gently taking them into her mouth and as she did so her fingers touched his ass, she liked to play in that way, it tuned her on loads.

At that point he pulled her back up, grabbed her ass and lifted her clean off the floor and as he did so pulled her towards him and his cock sunk deep into her wet pussy, she didn’t move, she didn’t have too, his strong arms were pulling her on and off his cock, she was horny and very wet, she began to orgasm on his wet cock, the thought in the back of her mind that her partner was waiting for her, but in all this fun she had only been about 10 minutes. As she came on him she grabbed his neck and kissed him deeply and he thrust into her.

As she wriggled and moaned he pushed open her top to expose her breasts which he managed to ravage as he pushed in and out of her, sucking and biting her nipples, a second orgasm came and she shuddered and trembled in his hands.

Then, he pulled out and pushed her down to the floor again, holding her mouth open, as he did so he shot his creamy cum into her mouth, ensuring that it all went in and covered her tongue. She drank every drop of it, then stood up and put her lipstick back on.

As she left the room he said to her “I will see you later”..”What do you mean she asked?” “you will see….”

She returned to the bar, so wet it was nearly dripping, he partner was there waiting and she kissed him passionately pushing her tongue deep in his mouth knowing that she had someone elses cum in her mouth, as she did so she moved his hand between her legs to feel her wetness…

“Where have you been?” he asked her, “just to do my make up she replied”
“you taste strange” he said, “must be Vodka” she replied.

Although at this point she did not know what he knew…….

Part 2 To Follow…..

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