A Fantasy That I Think About A Lot

About a year ago, I had a fantasy about another man. I still find myself thinking about it, thinking about how it would feel to be with a man. So I decided to find out. I had found someone that has had the same feelings I had and asked him if he would like to try it. He said he wanted to see what it was like so we found a place to meet. I ran my hands down his body, feeling his soft skin and finding his soft cock. I start rubbing it and it’s getting hard so I ask him if he would like me to blow him and he said yes. I knelt down and run my tongue up his shaft; bringing my mouth around the head I can feel him getting harder.

I get into the rhythm as I’m sucking him and I can’t help but moan. My cock is getting so hard it hurts and I grab onto him and pull him deeper into my mouth. He grabs my head and helps me go faster. As I speed up he moans loudly and then says he’s going to cum. I pull away and say no, telling him I want it inside me.  Already on my knees, I turn and bend over, exposing my ass. I feel something cool and wet on my hole and then he puts the head of his cock against my hole. I take a deep breath and he pushes it into me.

I feel my hole open up and I yell out for him to stop because it hurts. He stops for a moment and the pain eases. I can feel his cock inside me and I have to say it feels so big and hard. Then he starts moving in and out of me and I can’t help but to moan loudly. I start to feel my cock leak and with every thrust of his cock it gets more intense. I bear down on the bed and yell as I shoot my hot cum all over. As I cum, my muscles contract onto his cock and he grunts with pleasure.

With every push his cock is getting so big that I feel his veins inside me. He grabs my hips and pushes himself deep inside me and yells out that he is coming. I feel his hot cum stream inside me like I do to my wife and I say, “Yes, give it all to me!” and I then cum again.

I feel his cock throb inside me and then I find myself saying I want more. I put my chest on the bed and push into him as his hands go onto my back and he thrusts into me. I moan more and more and I feel his cock sliding in and out more freely. As it moves in and out I feel his cum coming out of my freshly fucked hole. I feel like coming again so I push faster and harder into him and I hear him chanting “yes, oh yes” as he pushes hard. He is pushing so far into me that I feel his cock in my belly and that makes me cum so hard that it hits me in the mouth.

He pushes into me again and again; his cock is so hard and he is driving it so deep inside me. I ask for more, begging him to please give it to me as I want every last drop of cum he can give. With those words he screams, “Here it comes!” and then I feel it shoot inside me. I scream in joy and then drop down to the bed weakly.  I find myself crying, asking what just happened to me? How can I enjoy this so much when I have been married 10 years? But when I look up, he’s gone.


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